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Since we live in Florida we grill out almost every night! We have gotten very creative with different ways to cook veggies and fish! Always looking for new inspiration! That chicken Mojo with jerk butter looks amazing. Must try! Ted's book looks amazing! Just grilled steaks last weekend when it was 70s now today snow and 28 in Michigan. What the heck. Last time we grilled - that would be a couple months ago when we did rib steak and made steak salad with bleu cheese.

Right now I am just hobbling around frustrated that I can't do anything That book is just what I need to take my mind off this! About a week ago I did a slab of baby baacks and bunch of chix thighs and wings on my large BGE. Here is my version of smashed pots, BUT I like yours better. Regards Richard Fl. Table saws scare me. I nearly lost a thumb to one. Every things else on the page is dreamy. I used my grill last Sunday. That is a long time ago for me. I am starting to have bbq withdrawal symptoms.

I was drooling at your images. Just used my grill Sunday to smoke some St. Louis style ribs and turkey burgers for the week. I have one of Teds other books and would love to give this one a try. Chris, I love the idea of the plank box! If i'm not fortunate to win the draw, i'll be looking for this one in the bookstore. Grilled ribeyes on the kamado last Sunday. Was planning to try the Tandoori Chicken recipe from May Karlin's Wood-Fired Cooking tonight, but the weather has turned crappy, so Penny is going to do chicken in white wine and rosemary on the stove top instead.

I will probably end up buying this book if I'm not lucky enough to win it. Yup, that's right. I'm forced to cook inside tonight. I know David would love this book. He loves to play with his food and build things out of planks of wood. Thanks for the giveaway Chris. I grilled a couple of weeks ago on what was supposed to be a warm day, but of course it ended up freezing! I will be grilling out tomorrow for the first time this season and I;m looking so forward to it!! However, I don't think my food will look half as the pics!

Gastro grilling : fired-up recipes to grill great everyday meals

The big fat steak and potatoes look delish!!! Gilled out yesterday. Already have his previous book and would enjoy this one. I grilled yesterday. This cookbook looks tasty! Can't wait to try it out. Holy wow!!! What a post. I'm seriously drooling at all of the items. I kept scrolling back to see what I'd make but I just can't narrow it down I'm gonna have to try all of these!

The last time I grilled was this past Easter Sunday. I did a rotisserie ham on the weber gold and a lamb shank on the Traeger. You are so awesome! The mushroom looks tasty - especially with the added bacon. The beef looks perfect and those Love Potatoes have me seriously drooling.

So wish we were neighbors! It came out great! Last time I grilled was last Saturday It was excellent.

Grilled Apricot Cheesecake Quesadilla

The last time I grilled was about 1 week ago - between snow storms. Yes, this has been an awful winter! I have a Thermapen, would love a Thermopop and I do NOT have your cookboot - yet. Would love it! I am the grillmaster in our family of 2. I live in Saskatoon Canada and have been grilling the whole, long, cold winter, because there is nothing better than the taste of food coming off the BGE. The last time was Easter Sunday when I made pork loin chops, stuffed with a cream cheese jalapano, and all wrapped in bacon a chicken bomb, but with pork, because it's better.

Love the website. Comments are moderated and won't appear immediately. I was curious as to what the "Gastro" would be, since in some "pubs" it has come to mean snooty, overpriced and over produced food with gels and foams.

Gastro Grilling : Ted Reader :

Ted understands that connotation and put's it out of the way in his opening:. Gastro does not imply pretentious when I'm involved. Gastronomy means "the art and science of good eating. It's simple and the truth and unpretentious, like me and my food. Ted has had amazing grilling and BBQ experiences all over. Great times for sure, but he admits that his real satisfaction comes from grilling in his backyard and that is what Gastro Grilling is about.

Available in soft cover and kindle editions, Gastro Grilling weighs in at pages and sports some recipes. The introduction does a good job of covering the basics and grilling options. Sometimes the intro section of grilling books can drone on but Ted keeps it light with witty turns of phrase and comments. Each major section also has mini-intros with general information to supplement the recipes in that section. I like how that is put together. Ted is the kind of cook that likes to play with his food.

Much like Adam Perry Lang, Ted's recipes get the cook involved with a lot of stuff to do, which is fun to me. Things like making a salmon and shrimp stuffing for a bacon wrapped scallop or building a plank box for Love Potatoes come to mind. There is a lot of wrapping, deboning, injecting, and long marinating periods. That is my style of cooking so I ate this book up. Gastro Grilling also involves playing with toys and gadgets using absolutely vital grilling tools that's what we'll tell our spouses anyway , which is also something I enjoy.

He utilizes grilling stones, planks, and the like.

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He has a really cool way of cooking poultry using two skewers although it reminds me of the scarecrows in the Planet of the Apes. Hell, he even gets you to use a wheelbarrow if you are so inclined. The first recipe I tried was his Grilled Mojo Chicken. I didn't have a whole chicken handy so I used the marinade for a family pack of wings.

Quite tasty! Next we grilled Ted's Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms. The first time I used what we had on hand despite Ted's call for fresh , cheap pre-shredded mozzarella and pre-grated Parmesan cheese with lackluster results. The next night we used a fresh ball of mozzarella and fresh grated Pecorino-Romano for a completely different and so much better final dish. We loved this one. Alexis noted that without the bacon, you could throw this on a toasted kaiser roll for an awesome vegetarian cheeseburger option. We knew that we had to try the Love Potatoes as soon as we saw them. Rating details.

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More for the experienced BBQ enthusiast. Ted Reader is the current Guinness World Record holder for the largest burger ever grilled at lbs. Seriously, how can you argue with that? As in some of my other book reviews, review partner Adrianne Morrison weighed in. This seems apropos as she is one enthusiastic griller herself. I tend to be more the organizer of recipe and product, but leave the grilling to my husband.

This book speaks to both of those skill levels. Both versions are easy to read and meant for people who already know their way around a grill. I think we both agreed the softback is one good-looking cookbook.

I see a dinner party menu forming. This book does the same thing for the backyard grill master. Look on page 3 to find out how to buy the best charcoal and what to do with it. What exactly is Gastro Grilling Etiquette? What beverages beyond beer and wine should be served? Need more? Buy the book, just sayin. Ted is a regular guest on TV and radio and has been profiled in a variety of magazines, including GQ.

Penguin Canada. Kindle Edition. Jul 01, S Coulter rated it really liked it.


I really can't wait to get started with this book. I am inspired to try everything. I'm so happy it's bbq season! There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Ted Reader.

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