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The research suggests otherwise. In April, the U.

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The most famous study in psychology turns out to be theater, and the lead researcher is over defending his myth. Why the community that sings together stays together Singing is universal. Keep reading Show less. Why are intelligent people more likely to abuse drugs?

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Das Experiment in der Psychologie (Campus Texte : Gesellschaftswissenschaften) (German Edition)

German Dictionary. English-German German-English. Translation of experiment in German. English German Sample sentences: This experiment was conducted to research certain cerebral functions in walruses. Psychological changes develop and the situation deteriorates.

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The circumstances seem to be escalating after only a few days. It becomes clear that limits are not only being reached but being surpassed when the guards kidnap Tarek from his cell late in the night, order him to strip fully naked, shave his head bald and urinate on him. The guards become excessively aware of their power and use the prisoners' fear to make them obedient. On both sides, one person is considered dominant.

The scientists engage in a discussion whether or not to abort the experiment. Grimm suggests to put an end to the alarming situation, but Professor Thon refuses to stop the experiment until the violence has reached a maximum. Dora meanwhile returns to Tarek's apartment and discovers his participation contract for the experiment.

She surprises him by showing up for a visit day. Tarek, who was forced to clean the toilet with his own clothes, pleads to the friendly guard Walther Bosch to secretly bring her a message. Berus intercepts Bosch, however, and tells Dora that everything is all right and refuses to let Tarek see Dora.

The situation becomes critical and more violence is involved. The prisoners are being abused and their self-esteem is drastically decreased by the guards' power. Most of the violence is directed against Tarek and he is locked up in solitary confinement inside a "black box" resembling a safe. Later he suffocates to death due to his bloody nose drying up while gagged. Bosch is beaten by the other guards for his "betrayal" and is put into confinement.

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Lars, a member of Thon's team, notices this and attempts to contact Professor Thon, who is attending a conference. The guards, who are aware that the professor cannot be reached by phone, are convinced by Berus that the entire situation is a test put up by Thon's team, in order to make the guards handle an exceptional situation. They take over control of the facility and capture Lars, Dr.

Grimm and the other scientists, who are put into confinement as well, and gradually start their own prison in which they engage in brutally sadistic games with the total control. Dora comes to the facility a second time to speak to Tarek and is lured into a room by Berus, where he locks her up. The guard Eckert attempts to rape Dr.