Manual Co-Engineering and Participatory Water Management (International Hydrology Series)

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This timely book designs and develops an original, analytical framework for water law reform processes, using case studies across four jurisdictions. Addressing the four principal areas of water law - integrated water resource management IWRM and river basin planning, water rights and allocation, water pollution and quality, and water services - this book provides a comprehensive study of water law, within the context of global and regional policy agendas. Case studies from England, Scotland, South Africa and Queensland, Australia, are presented, providing comparators from both common law and mixed jurisdictions, from the northern and southern hemispheres, and from developed and developing countries.

A legislative framework is proposed for water law reform processes, and the consequences of different reform options are considered and investigated. A valuable resource for academics and graduate students in environmental law, resource management, hydrology and social science, this book is also highly relevant to policymakers, NGOs and legal practitioners.

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Other books in this series. Add to basket. Table of contents 1. Policy context; 2.

Organisational Challenges for Water Governance

Integrated water resource management and river basin planning; 3. Water rights and allocation; 4. Water pollution and water quality; 5. Governance and regulation of water services; 6. General conclusions; References; Index. Each provide an annual stream of benefits to the Nation in the form of transportation costs savings, flood damages prevented, electric power production, water supply storage, recreation, and ecosystem restoration that contribute to national economic prosperity; global competitiveness; and the health, safety, and quality of life of our citizens.

co engineering and participatory water management international hydrology series Manual

The U. This report provides an assessment of the effects of erosion and accretion upon socio-economics and the environment, and what management actions are being taken or are needed to maintain resilient shorelines. The National Shoreline Management Study The Congressionally authorized National Shoreline Management Study NSMS is the first undertaking in nearly a half century to document the physical, economic, environmental, and social impacts of shoreline change across each region of the U.

The NSMS provides government policymakers, coastal engineers and scientists, and stakeholders with information about the coastal regions most in need of resilience planning. The report provides an overview and details of post-flood recovery actions in Cedar Rapids, Iowa following devastating flooding of the Cedar River in June It also includes observations and lessons regarding U.

Introduction to the intervention cases and lessons from the pilot trial; 7.

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Flood and drought risk management in the Upper Iskar Basin, Bulgaria; 9. Intervention case analysis, extension and discussion; Conclusions and perspectives; Part III. Additional Information: Appendices; References; Index.

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