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Leonardo DiCaprio brings straight-razor reflexes and rooted emotion to the role of a deceptively rugged CIA man. Rolling Stone - Peter Travers. The result is commendably non-West-centric, but no less sentimentally conceived.

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Charlotte Observer - Lawrence Toppman. The romance seems tacked on as a way to humanize this character; there's no reason the nurse would take up with a brash, secretive American. Variety - Todd McCarthy. A mostly formulaic approach that becomes more disappointing as the yarn unwinds. Chicago Reader - J. Like Scott's last picture, "American Gangster," this is a little too slick and commanding for its own good; despite Crowe and DiCaprio's best efforts, their characters keep getting flattened by the steamroller narrative. Entertainment Weekly - Owen Gleiberman.

Most of this just seems, you know, so three years ago, so "Bourne" again. User Score. Write a Review. User Reviews. TonyM Mar 8, Another masterpiece from Ridley Scott. The U. Enrique Oct 11, An intelligent, very well crafted political thriller.

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It will obviously have many detractors, at it would be expected. Crowell and DiCaprio are both at their best. Great cinematography, excellent supporting cast. Nov 20, I liked this film a lot. Leo and Russell were excellent but the actor who stole the film is Mark Strong.

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He was exceptional. Worth a look and surely the performances should be considered and cited for awards at year end. Take a chance. You might be surprised at how good it is. Feb 22, I agree with Jess D. Mark Strong really stole this film and regardless of awards or any of that, very few reviewers even mentioned him. Anyways, as you can see from the user reviews, this film is not nearly as bad as the critics made it out to be.

This is easily Ridley I agree with Jess D. Wulfas Jan 19, I'm gonna divide this review into 5 parts: Directing, Cinematography,Writing,Score and finally Acting.

Directing - I though that directing in this movie was quite alright. But the actors in my opinion didn't seem to be on the same page, so over acted while other didn't deliver. But having said that you could definitely feel Scott's vibe during the whole movie.

Big Stars Wielding an Array of Accents, Fighting the War on Terrorism

In some episodes it even reminded me something out of "Black Hawk down", maybe there is something special about Ridley Scott and the desert scenery. But the locations looked really authentic and nice through out the movie. The whole movie had a dawn or even evening feeling. Even with this great cast the movie wasn't able to be intriguing or unpredictable.

Having said that, the whole movie felt either rushed or dragged at the times. The plot felt short, even watching it in were thing portrayed in the movie are happening right now. However i was watching this movie without surround system at home, but my impression was that the sound effects and soundtrack as whole might felt good in a movie theater. Crow either had a really bad role or it was bad casting choice, because he didn't seemed to fit the role.

This was because of his bad accent or either because he didn't have any memorable lines. Leo on the other hand did quite decent job for the movie, towards the end. I also could not say, that actors had a really good chemistry especially the female actresses didn't seem to fit with Leo's character and the idea for Roger Ferris to speak so much Arabic doesn't seem to go well with the movie. Strong's delivery was very strong and could feel his chemistry with Leo in the scenes. This movie is decent for one time sitting. But its hero is a lone ranger who operates in three countries, single-handedly creates a fictitious terrorist organization, and survives explosions, gunfights, and brutal torture.

Oh, and he falls in love with a local beauty. And of course he speaks Arabic well enough to pass for a local. This is Roger Ferris Leonardo DiCaprio , who seems to operate as a self-directed freelance in the war against a deadly terrorist organization obviously a double for al-Qaeda.

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His brainstorm is to fabricate a rival terrorist organization out of thin air, fabricate a fictitious leader, create a convincing evidence trail and use it to smoke out Al Saleem, the secretive leader of the real terrorists a surrogate for Osama bin Laden. Why will Al Saleem risk everything to come out of hiding?

Jealousy, I think. Guarding his turf.

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I can imagine a similar story as told by John Le Carre , even right down to the local beauty. But Le Carre would never be guilty of such preposterous thriller-style action. Here we have a spy who doesn't come in from the cold, crossed with Jason Bourne. The most intriguing aspect of Ferris' activities is his growing disillusionment with them. He feels one local comrade has been abandoned to face a certain death, and after he sets up an innocent architect to unwittingly play the head of the fictitious terrorist agency, he single-handedly tries to save his life from an inevitable attack.

That Ferris survives this man's fate is highly unlikely. And it leads to a situation where his own life is saved by the last-second arrival of the cavalry. The movie depends on two electronic wonderments. One is the ability of Ferris to maintain instant, effortless, cell phone contact with Hoffman, back in Washington. Wearing one of those ear-mounted devices, he seems to keep up a running conversation with his boss, even during perilous situations his boss is often distracted by taking care of his kids. The other wonderment is aerial surveillance so precise it can see a particular man walking down a street.

The surveillance POV is so stable, it's hard to believe it originates from a fast-moving high-altitude spy plane. In discussing Ridley Scott's superior " Black Hawk Down " , I questioned the infrared technology that allowed distant commanders to monitor troop movements on the ground.

Many readers informed me that was based on fact. Perhaps the astonishing images in "Body of Lies" are accurate; if so, it's only another step to locating bin Laden with an aerial eyeball scan.

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