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He learns that the teenage girl - whoever she is - may be traveling with a Chicago mobster and his son who is an environmental warrior. What can possibly be the meaning of all this? One of the strengths of this series is the well-developed characters of the Pickett family - Joe, Marybeth, Sheridan, and Lucy. But in this book, I felt that the family members' characters were being distorted and that they were cardboard figures, not fully developed people.

Moreover, the plot seemed contrived and fell a bit flat for me. I just really had a hard time believing in it or caring much about where it was taking me. There were some interesting parts of the story, including the efforts of the environmental warrior and his gangster father to reduce the father's carbon footprint on the planet to "below zero" so that the mortally ill father can die in peace. Of course, the ways in which they attempt to reduce the carbon footprint involve creating a very large moral stain, so perhaps not the best choices. At one point in the book, Box puts the argument between believers in and deniers of human abetted climate change in the voice of Nate Romanowski.

Nate reckons that he hasn't really decided what to believe because there are credible arguments on both sides of the issue. No, Nate and Box , there really aren't, and I think it was just about at this point that I began to lose patience with the book. Overall, it was in some ways an interesting read but certainly not my favorite of the series. I really enjoyed this one. This is one of my favorite series.

Another terrific entry in the Pickett series. Really enjoyed the characters and I liked the meshing of the environmental story with the personal story. Nobody writes better than C. May 03, James Biser rated it really liked it. I always love Joe Pickett stories. This one is exceptional because the antagonists are evil, one is even a psychopath, believing he is trying to "erase the carbon foot prints" of his victims.

As always, Joe protects his family. In this case he is joined by his daughter, Sheridan; and it looks as if his step-daughter April was not killed and is texting messages to Sheridan. My favorite of Joe's associates is Nate Romanowski.

A Joe Pickett Novel Series

He is also available to rescue Joe through this story. This novel is impos I always love Joe Pickett stories. This novel is impossible to put down. Dec 21, Leigh rated it it was amazing Shelves: series. It was great.

A climate for killing – The Denver Post

Or was she? A father a son are on the road leaving behind them a trail of violence and death. Joe Pickett and his family are come of my favorite characters. Through the series, they continue to grow and change. While some may be tired of them, I like that they have weathered their challenges and grown as individual characters and as a family.

Joe and his wife have gone through difficult times, worked through them and come out the other side, having had to make compromises and adapt.


And I love Nate. The girl was intriguing; a mystery in herself, she was smart, tough and resourceful—a great characters. The father and son may have been a bit over the top, but added the tension, suspense and action they story needed. As ever, he gave a very strong sense of place which adds dimension to the story. All the elements worked together with an excellent twist at the end. Aug 20, J rated it it was ok. I loved the Joe Pickett novels -- until this one.

The plot mechanics are flawless. But the book had no soul. I felt like all the characters were on auto pilot, just executing actions to advance the plot, and not interacting fully, as they have in past stories. Considering how traumatized April would be, given the fiery massacre, her escape, her being traded fr. I felt like Box has forgotten the key rule of story-telling -- show, don't tell. The Chicago ending was so abrupt, tho I did see Box getting back to showing with the characters' subtle body language over telling.

Jul 24, Nancy rated it really liked it. April died six years ago. Joe was a witness in a mistake-lade stakeout. The family mourned April as if she really was there instead of a foster child. So - who called on Sheridan's phone saying she was April? This, combined with several important deaths in "Blood Trail"; leaves Joe and family upset to say the least. On top of this, a Chicago mobster is on the run in Wyoming, accompanied by a young girl and his pretty sure he's crazy son.

Murders happen wherever this trio lights. A very good book April died six years ago. A very good book in a great series. One of the best so far. Jul 14, Su rated it did not like it. Oh so boring. I kept reading thinking it might improve, but no luck. The author is a long time mystery writer, but this is my first and last attempt at reading his works.

The characters seemed so stilted and some of the story suspended belief. In a mystery, I feel everything should be both believable and doable. Aug 25, Knewmyer rated it liked it Shelves: , kindle-library. Not my favorite.

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This book seemed too contrived, the characters fell flat. Dec 02, Chris rated it really liked it. Being the 9th book in the Joe Pickett series, for me there were more unanswered questions in the plot. Unfortunately at the time I could not get the early titles However, this series has captured me. The writing is great and I'm on it - hook, line and sinker.

In Joe Pickett's world Love Joe. It is very important to read the Joe Pickett series in order. Each book builds on characters and storylines introduced in previous books. This one was no exception and was a great book.

I almost gave it 5 stars. Exciting, edge of seat thriller. Nov 28, Joe rated it really liked it. This was one of the better Joe Pickett books in my opinion. Mar 05, Jill Manske rated it really liked it. Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett is temporarily assigned across the state. While away, he receives a panicked call from his wife that someone calling herself "April" has been texting their daughter, Sheridan.

Who is Joe Pickett?

April, the Pickett's foster daughter, was killed in an FBI raid on the commune of a religious survivalist group. But did April somehow get away? The texts get more and more worrisome, as the girl calling herself April talks about "bad things" that the two men she's traveling with have done. Joe, renegade cowboy that he is, begins his own investigation, pulling in Nate Romanowski and a friendly FBI agent. It's well-written and gripping. Dec 23, Ed rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Crime story fans.

Shelves: crime-fiction-mystery-thriller , reviewed. Box is one of those authors who know how to keep a story moving without losing track of the characters or straining believe-ability. He does it by keeping the plot simple and not introducing a lot of sub-plots or extraneous description, leaving something for the reader's imagination but cleaning up any loose ends so the reader isn't left wondering what happened.

Below Zero (Joe Pickett Series #9)

In this, volume 9 of the Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett series, Joe has been banished to the Baggs District as punishment for going over the line in a previous dust-up - something he does quite regularly. He chases down and captures someone known as the "Mad Archer", a poacher who likes killing animals for sport even dogs and eagles.

As he works this case he discovers that his daughter, Sheridan, is getting text messages from their step-sister, April, who everyone thought died in a fire years ago. The messages are concerning and Joe asks for leave to see if he can find April. The story switches back and forth between April and her companions, possibly her kidnappers, and Joe. Once the chase begins in earnest, the narrative moves quickly and becomes very exciting.

The conclusion and epilogue are satisfying and believable. As you might imagine not everything is settled, this being a series, but I was happy with the way Box tied things up. I recommend this book, even if you haven't read previous books in the series. Box does a good job of giving the reader enough of the backstory to make this novel understandable. Mar 15, Frank rated it really liked it Shelves: crime-thrillers-mystery. Another good entry in the Joe Pickett series. In this one, the Picketts received a message that their foster daughter April called to talk to their daughter Sheridan.

Could it really be her given that April was supposedly killed several years earlier in the events of Winterkill? Joe, who is on assignment as ranger in the town of Baggs, gets a leave of absence from the governor to try to track down the person claiming to be April. It turns out the girl has been taken by a Chicago mobster and his Another good entry in the Joe Pickett series. It turns out the girl has been taken by a Chicago mobster and his errant son who thinks he can change the world by wiping out people or things that contribute to the global warming problem.

He also takes Sheridan along on this mission. Some of the action takes place on a ranch near Devil's Tower, Wyoming -- a very interesting place I have visited a few times. Overall, another strong recommendation for this one. Nov 03, Ed rated it liked it Shelves: game-warden-ranger , action. Pickett is a Wyoming game warden who has a penchant for attracting trouble. Now his daughter Sheridan is getting text messages from someone claiming to be April.

This novel starts with segments from the point-of-view of a Chicago gangster and his enviro-terrorist son - and I found it far-fetched and tough going. Things greatly imp 9 in the Joe Pickett series. Things greatly improve when Joe's falconer friend Nate Romanowski gets involved in the latter part of the book and Joe and Nate have to pay cat-and-mouse with a hostile FBI agent. Joe Pickett series - Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett is forced to relive the tragedy of his foster daughter April's apparent death six years earlier when his daughter Sheridan starts receiving text messags from someone claiming to be April.

The nightmare rachets up a step when whoever is sending these messages is discovered traveling with suspected environmental terrorists. Nov 17, L. Kent rated it it was amazing. Really good as usual. Love the characters and settings. Enjoyed the re-read as much the first time. Quite the page-turner! This was yet another re-read. The thing that I enjoy most about Box's Joe Picket series is the way the countryside, animals and landscapes are bought alive.

The storylines are pretty good too, with unexpected twists coming along sometimes at unexpected times! The language is pretty basic at times and I'm not sure some of the characters would always use the actual words written Really good as usual.

Meet C. J. Box: #1 New York Times Bestseller

The language is pretty basic at times and I'm not sure some of the characters would always use the actual words written. I'm sure the characters would actually use swear-words too, but this is not a problem for me! This is a far-fetched but exciting story. I am glad that I read the previous novel in this series immediately before this one as it really helps to understand some of the supporting characters. Basically Joe is trying to find a teenage girl who is travelling in a car with a murderous gangster, who is dying of cancer, and his son, who is obsessed with global warming.

It's a real page turner until Joe finds the teenager but I found the last part where Joe and Nate actually track down the gangster This is a far-fetched but exciting story. It's a real page turner until Joe finds the teenager but I found the last part where Joe and Nate actually track down the gangster and his son a bit of an anti-climax. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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