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Patterson claimed that James Closs apparently mistook him for a police officer because he asked him to "show me your badge," according to the complaint. He said he fired through a small decorative glass window James Closs was looking out of, hitting the man, the complaint reads. He then aimed the shotgun at the doorknob and blasted his way inside, the complaint states.

The young girl told investigators "she heard a gunshot and knew her father had just been killed," according to the complaint.


She said her mother called , but before she could speak to a dispatcher the intruder broke down the bathroom door, the complaint reads. Patterson told investigators he searched the house for Jayme and broke down the bathroom door when he found it locked and barricaded from the inside, according to the complaint. He ripped down the bathroom curtain and found Jayme and her mother hiding in the bathtub, "Denise with her arms wrapped around [Jayme] in a bear hug," the complaint reads.

Jayme told investigators that the violent stranger "told her mother to put tape over [Jayme's] mouth, which her mother did, and then Patterson shot her mother," according to the complaint. Patterson claimed that when Denise Closs struggled to tape her daughter's mouth, he put down his shotgun, took the roll of black Gorilla brand duct tape from her and completed the task himself, wrapping the tape over Jayme's mouth and completely around her head, according to the complaint. Patterson then picked up the shotgun, aimed it at Denise Closs' head and pulled the trigger, according to the complaint.

He told investigators that he dragged Jayme out of the house and across the yard, put her in the trunk of his car and drove off, passing police cars with their emergency lights and sirens on apparently headed to the Closs home, the complaint states. Patterson told investigators he was at the Closs home for about four minutes. When he reached his house in Gordon, Patterson said he took Jayme into his bedroom and cut the tape off her, according to the complaint. Jayme told investigators that her kidnapper ordered her to "take off all her clothes" and that he put them in a bag, according to the complaint.

Patterson told investigators that he gave Jayme a pair of his sister's pajamas to change into and then burned her clothes, the duct tape and his gloves in a fireplace in the basement of his house, the complaint states. He also told investigators that he created a space under his twin-size bed that sits about two-and-a-half feet above the ground, according to the complaint.

He said that when he would leave the house, he would place plastic totes, barbells and free weights around the bed so that she couldn't escape. The suspect made Jayme hide under his bed when his friends and relatives, including his father, were over and threatened that "bad things would happen to her" if she didn't do what he said, according to the complaint.

Jayme told investigators that Patterson "would make her stay under the bed for up to twelve hours at a time with no food, water, or bathroom breaks," according to the complaint. She said he once hit her "really hard" in the back with the handle of tool used to clean window blinds when she tried to get out from under the bed, the complaint reads. Patterson confessed that around Christmas, he left Jayme at the house and under the bed for 12 hours while he went to visit his grandparents, according to the complaint.

As he held Jayme in captivity for 88 days, Patterson, according to the complaint, kept up on news reports of the crime and the search for the missing girl, the complaint states. He "stated he basically assumed he had gotten away with the killing of James and Denise, and kidnapping [Jayme] since he hadn't been caught for the first two weeks," according to the complaint. He told investigators "he never would have been caught if he would have planned everything perfectly," reads the complaint.

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Jayme told investigators that when Patterson left the house on Thursday, he told her he'd be gone for five or six hours, according to the complaint. She put on a pair of worn men's New Balance sneakers and made her break for freedom, ending nearly three months in captivity. All rights reserved. Play Courtesy Lindsey Smith. Interested in Jayme Closs? Jayme Closs. Add Interest. ABC News. Courtesy Lindsey Smith.

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Horrific details emerge in Jayme Closs kidnapping. Prosecutor says charges to be dropped against woman who lost pregnancy in shooting.

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Former NFL quarterback shot after argument with girlfriend's ex, police say. July 4th fireworks donor lobbied President Trump on tariffs and won a reprieve. Jarring images of border cells surface ahead of July 4. Russia says submarine on which fire killed 14 is a top secret vessel. Just this week, police said Oliva is not a suspect. Unlike Oliva, Murat had no criminal record and no convictions at the time he was falsely fingered as a suspect.

In fact if anything, Murat participated in the investigation as a volunteer translator, far more than can be said about the McCanns who were [like the Ramseys] less than co-operative with the local authorities , to put it mildly. In fact on the evening Madeleine vanished, the only people not looking for the little girl were Kate and Gerry.

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Murat formed an important part of the false tip-offs extravaganza during the crucial first days of the investigation. False tip-offs hamper hunt for Madeleine — The Guardian. At the time, Murat won a record settlement of pounds. As long as the crime remained unsolved, suspicions hung like a cloud over Murat. If a stranger abductor wants to steal a child, the easiest way to do that is in a public area like a beach or a park.

But more important than imputing the typical profile of a stranger abductor, is looking at the behavior of the parents following the abduction. He continued going to the same school, and security protocols at the school were casual, to put it mildly. No nightmares. Not much concern that his sister had been killed in the basement. From BBC :. All the pictures of the McCanns in the aftermath were taken as they went to drop off their other children at the creche first thing in the morning, so that they could concentrate on attending to the PR surrounding Madeleine.

That is reserved for the idea that all evidence to the contrary , Madeleine is still alive. McCann team tests car for traces of Madeleine — Telegraph []. Detectives ask: Where did the car go? Michael Wright Rogatory Interview — 16th April So much of this case is about precisely that — appearances and PR. From News24 :. Kate and Gerry McCann thank supporters and say they will never give up hope in the search for their daughter 12 years after she vanished — Daily Mail.

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Madeleine McCann still alive — and could be minutes from where she disappeared, claims ex-detective — Belfast Telegraph. New Netflix documentary claims that Maddie McCann is alive — news. Like Liked by 3 people. If I were John and Burke, Kate and Gerry, I would be absolutely worn out with the effort it takes to cover up the truth for the rest of my life. Like Liked by 2 people. Like Liked by 1 person. But it seems parents that are suspected of killing their children or charged even years after the child went missing or died are still together.

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The Two Faces of Chris Watts — what does it mean? So I just let him go. He refused.

Do you believe that? He found Watts busily cleaning his house from top to bottom.