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I simply love this post.

How to Be a 'Good Enough' Parent

I shared it on my personal profile. There are far too many mommy wars. Be well! And then I ended up bawling at the affirmations. Total: 8. Comments I simply love this post. I needed this soooo much! I thank God for you!!! Enter your email address below to join the 5 day email series Little Hearts, Big Worries with resources and hope for parents. Find ways to fuel your mind, body, and spirit. Cue the zombie memes and comeback anthems: It looks like Toys "R" Us may be on the brink of announcing plans to open a handful of new stores in the U.

The plan would reportedly include about six stores that would be only 10,square feet a third of the size of the old big-box stores plus an e-commerce site. A spokesperson for Tru Kids told Motherly there was no official comment on this news at the moment.

Billie Eilish ~ Bad Guy (Lyrics)

But Bloomberg's reports came after Barry had reportedly pitched this plan at an industry conference last week. Dolls and Little Tikes, confirmed to Bloomberg that he had been pitched the idea. The toy industry, and those of us consuming its goods, have been anticipating something like this since February, when Tru Kids Inc. That includes Toys "R" Us stores that still exist elsewhere in the world.

That's when Barry began promising that his company was brainstorming new ideas for its comeback. All Toys "R" Us stores in the U. This left nearly 20, employees out of work, and sent many toy manufacturers in disarray. Interestingly, the closures didn't just mean parents bought their kids' toys online or at other stores. This is presumably because without a giant toys-only wonderland before them, people were somehow more restrained in their buying habits. Other factors, such as a declining birth rate and the rise of video games, have been blamed for the slowing of toy sales.

Wouldn't it be nice if it were just because we were wasting less, and kids were whittling their toys from sticks in the backyard? The people bringing Toys "R" Us back from the dead know some things have to change. According to Bloomberg, the new, smaller stores, will include adjustments to modern buying habits. There will be an emphasis on experiences, including play areas in the stores. Products might also be sold on consignment, so Toys "R" Us won't pay the makers until they sell the toys to consumers.

How manufacturers burned by the company's bankruptcy will react to that idea remains to be seen. Will nostalgic Toys "R" Us kids—and their kids—flock to the reincarnated stores? They may have to get over this plot twist, first. Disney, is this secretly promotion for ToyStory4?! But let's be honest, if they have the latest L. When the beauty subscription service Birchbox landed in mailboxes in it changed the way we shop for beauty products and it changed the lives of its founders, Katia Beauchamp and Hayley Barna.

The Harvard Business School classmates embarked on a mission to make shopping for beauty easier, and while Barna stepped away from the businesses, Beauchamp remains CEO of Birchbox. The company is a leader in the beauty space and Beauchamp is a leader at work and home, running a company while raising four kids. On the latest episode of the second season of The Motherly Podcast , Sponsored by Prudential, Beauchamp tells Motherly co-founder Liz Tenety about how motherhood was the best thing to happen to her work life.

I found myself in a better headspace with more perspective, a little more chilled out, more creative and also just recognized.

You can’t be a perfect mother. So be a ‘good enough’ mother. - Motherly

Like I just had a lot of clarity. I felt kind of enlightened," she explains. Her personal experience as a parent and a business leader has taught Beauchamp that parents are such an asset to a company, and that's a message that she is trying to spread within and beyond Birchbox. Now as a mother of four herself, Beauchamp understands that the common assumption that motherhood slows a woman's ambition is often so wrong and that in many cases, having kids makes parents more ambitious, more driven and more determined. She believes that when parents become parents, they may aim even higher at work and employers need to recognize this and see parents as assets.

For Beauchamp, this means "supporting parents through that and also treating them like they are whole people who can still have ambitions and having conversations that don't presuppose what they need but respect that they have needs. It means offering parental leave and helping parents onboard again when it is time to come back. It means recognizing the humanity of employees and changing not just the way this generation buys beauty products, but the way a generation works, too.

To hear more from Birchbox co-founder Katia Beauchamp, listen to The Motherly Podcast , sponsored by Prudential, for the full interview. This Mother's Day, we had big plans to get dressed up and go to a nice brunch, but we woke up to rain. Not just a sprinkle, I'm talking pouring rain with thunder and lightning. And guess what? We stayed in our PJs and snuggled and watched back-to-back movies instead.

But by midday, my kids had that glazed over look in their eyes. You know the one, where you can practically see their tiny brains vaporizing? So I pulled a Kiwi crate from KiwiCo out of the closet and huddled around my kitchen table with my 5-, 6- and 7-year-old, creating a hydraulic inchworm. The directions were easy to follow and the materials were exactly what my kids are obsessed with Pipe cleaners!

Plastic tubes! Water droppers! We spent the next hour laughing, tinkering and critically thinking together.

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And it was awesome quality time —way more beneficial than some stuffy brunch where I reminded them to sit up and use their manners times. Upon finishing our crate's assignment , each of my kids was crazy proud to have helped create this hydraulically-powered inchworm thing-a-ma-jig that actually worked!

So much so that they continued playing with their creation and all the fun do-dads that came in the crate for another hour. Bonus: Each crate comes with a fun booklet of cartoons, word searches and similar additional experiments to try. And guess what was gone?

If Goldilocks tried various parents, here’s the one she’d choose.

Those brain-drain eyes from an earlier in the day. Founded by a mom of three who wanted to engage her kids with hands-on projects—but often fell short of doing so because of lack of time and the ability to gather together materials! Dreamed up by a team of designers, each project is reviewed by experts to make sure they're churning up the maximum possible benefit to your kiddo's development. When the coloring books are full, a sunburn is setting in and your little one needs some true mental stimulation, this is the super-fun kit that you can break out of the closet—and become the world's most fun mom ever by doing so.

KiwiCo has crates for ages 0 to ! Yes, you read that right! So whether you need to keep your baby, toddler, or kid entertained, there's something for everyone. KiwiCo offers a variety of subscription options from just one month to an annual subscription and you can cancel at any time no fees! Want to test the goods before signing up? Check out the brand's store, where you can buy one-off kits like a cape-making crate or "fun with flight" option that builds a kite.

Regardless, if you're a parent who often feels like you're falling short in the at-home education department this summer and year round, too , then trust me when I say you need KiwiCo in your life! Motherly is your daily momlife manual; we are here to help you easily find the best, most beautiful products for your life that actually work.

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