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Her supporters see her case as an important precedent, an escape to those in hopeless situations. She never had a moment of doubt that she wanted it to end.

Changing minds on the right to die - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

This was her message to the world. This month, annual figures from the bodies that review euthanasia cases in the Netherlands showed an 8. But had dementia, up from the previous year. And 83 had severe psychiatric illnesses — up from 64 in The review bodies found that in However, Dutch prosecutors have recently opened criminal investigations into four cases, and last year an investigation began into a year-old woman with dementia who had requested euthanasia before her illness became severe.

Confused and agitated, she had to be restrained by family members to allow a lethal injection to be administered. It houses the Levenseindekliniek — End of Life Clinic — a last resort for those who have been refused euthanasia elsewhere.

Euthanasia, Living Will and assisted suicide - Social, Ethical & Legal considerations - Right to die

Brouwers came here after failing to convince her own doctors and psychiatrists that she met the criteria for euthanasia. Her case was also reviewed by a multidisciplinary group at the clinic. She was young but had already been suffering for a long time. The Levenseindekliniek has 62 doctor-nurse teams working part-time, but is on a significant recruitment drive to meet the spiralling demand for euthanasia.

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In , the first year it was open, the clinic helped 32 people to die. Last year the figure was Is that a slippery slope?

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Much of the demand was coming from the baby-boomer generation, he added. God and religion are less dominant in their lives. They want more autonomy. But every case is unique. Brouwers spent the days until 26 January saying goodbye to friends and working on a television documentary that was broadcast after her death.

A woman’s final Facebook message before euthanasia: ‘I’m ready for my trip now...’

On the appointed day, two doctors from the Levenseindekliniek were present as Brouwers swallowed the liquid medication prescribed for her. She was cremated a week later. Within the Netherlands, it was a huge news story. She had huge support on social media.

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If it becomes a societal norm that a person who has a psychiatric condition can opt to die, that is a problem. Many who see their parents or grandparents in the grip of advanced dementia wish to opt out of such a bleak end-of-life scenario for themselves.

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  • Not all doctors agree. Last year a group of took out a newspaper advertisement saying they would refuse to euthanise patients with dementia who were unable to give verbal consent, even if the individual had signed a declaration of wishes in advance. Yet some want to go even further. Pia Dijkstra, an MP and member of the centrist-liberal D66 party, has proposed a law allowing anyone over 75, without a diagnosis of physical or mental illness, to request euthanasia.

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    Changing minds on the right to die

    Voluntary Euthanasia - Volume Issue Description The euthanasia debate has been brought under the media spotlight in recent years, following a number of high-profile cases in which terminally-ill patients have campaigned for a change to the assisted suicide legislation. Please Note This book has been printed with an incorrect barcode.

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