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There was one scene in particular that had very little dialogue but was perhaps the most beautiful piece of cinema ive seen all year. Im not an emotional person by any stretch, but it nearly had me bawling. There's alot of negative reviews saying this film was "too serious" or too "scary" for kids Those reviews are more a reflection of a generation of over-protective parents who want their kids to grow up in a bubble than they are a reflection of the quality of this film.

It is rated PG, and as such, there are some scenes that might be intense for kids under 7, but to be honest, most kids under 7 wont appreciate the best parts of movie anyways. Rest assured, there's nothing in this movie that wasn't in Bambi or Land Before Time. Not every movie is supposed to be silly.

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A good film invokes every emotion Just because it made people cry, shouldn't make it a bad film. If your kids find animals preying on other animals too offensive, then at worst it provides a good opportunity for mom or dad to talk about what happens in nature In fact the film provides a great opportunity to create discussion on lots of topics Id rather my kids watch this and take some meaning from it, then some dumbed down movie about talking cars or a Michael Bay explosion fest.

This title contains: Positive Messages. Positive role models. Helped me decide 1. Had useful details 1. Adult Written by pekoorb November 26, Emotional rollercoater I agree with all of the reviews about the amazing animation. It was stunning. However, we were hoping for a fun, light-hearted movie for kids ranging from 2 - 10 years old. Instead, it was much more about overcoming fear and was hugely emotional and intense death, bullying, separation from family, being attacked. My husband's sleeve was soaked from my 10 year old's tears, the 2 year old was terrified, and I could hear the 5 and 8 year old crying throughout the movie.

If you want silly and fun, this is probably not what you are looking for. I appreciated the message of recognizing fear and still being brave in spite of it. However, it felt really heavy for a PG movie made for kids. Read my mind 2. Parent of a 7 year old Written by carobear December 14, Thankfully, we did go see it and loved it. Is it for younger kids under age 6? Probably not, but as with anything else, you know your child best. I would say it's similar to both the Lion King and How to Train Your Dragon 2 in both parental death and somewhat violence.

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I don't understand why these animated movies seem to always kill off a parent, but other than that I thought The Good Dinosaur was very enjoyable, and my 7 year old loved it. There are some parts mentioned in many of the other reviews you should be aware of, especially if you have a younger or sensitive child.

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None of them were an issue for us, and none of them were nearly as bad as I felt many people made them out to be. Overall, this was a wonderful movie with a great message about friendship and facing your fears. Highly recommend! Adult Written by Austin Mom November 28, Nothing to recommend about this one We took my 9 year old daughter and 7 year old son to see it. The movie is very sad, and my 9 year old daughter cried at 3 different points in the movie. The movie has a lot of violence and some cruelty. The main characters are continuously faced with threatening situations throughout the whole movie.

It had very few funny parts, and it just wasn't that interesting. Usually when we leave movies, my children chatter happily about the movie for a while after we leave. This time, my son had no comment at all on the movie, and my daughter talked about how it made her sad. Wish I could re-wind the clock and not see this one.

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Too scary for preschoolers and sensitive kids! My teenage son and I went to see this movie tonight. The preschooler and her mother sitting next to me left 30 minutes into this movie. The little girl was scared and couldn't stop crying. I heard other crying in the theater, as well, so, yeah, it's scary. It is also a great movie and one with a real boo-hoo crybaby ending at least for me. Not for little kids The movie was ok.

Definitely not for young kids. I wish I waited until the movie was out a bit longer and waited for the reviews. It was very disturbing to hear the little ones cry and then the parents made them stay to watch the rest. Good animation, but too scary and too sad. The previews are very misleading. My six year olds were not impressed, in fact very disappointed.

Helped me decide. Adult Written by LindaA. April 24, Disturbing Violent Non-Kid Friendly Movie I viewed this movie before showing it to my kids because I know a lot of movies put out for kids are really for adults.

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I felt this movie was unnecessarily violent and harsh. The first 10 minutes start out quiet and then quickly turns into raging storms, death and a panic-stricken dinosaur screaming for his mom. I think any child could be traumatized after watching this movie. The characters were also very ugly and scary looking, not something pleasant to watch. I do not agree with Common Sense Media's 5 star rating, this film is definitely not a family movie.

Read my mind 1. Adult Written by cdandola April 12, Not really a family film Incredibly frightening and depressing and NOT an enjoyable family film. I had to stop it as they were very scared half way through and I watched the rest alone. I feel sorry for parents stuck at the cinema. Sorry Pixar but I don't find this a deep and meaningful film - there was no positive message that I found and it was almost entirely devoid of humor. I will be advising parents to avoid it.

Such a let down after some of the great films from Pixar! Adult Written by The probably pa April 8, Dissapointing This movie was disturbing. I was expecting a nice and funny movie, But it was not. I think my kids need therapy now. All of them except my oldest were crying at the same time in several different locations of "The Good Dinosaur".

I don't think that should be the name of this movie.

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It should be called, "The Beat-Up Dinosaur". There was hardly any plot or story arc--it was just disaster after disaster. There were some funny parts and cute parts, but I would not suggest this for younger children. Adult Written by Reviewer42 April 5, I watched one third of this movie with my nose wrinkled, thinking it had to get better. When I realized it wasn't, I turned it off. I did finish it the next day, just to see how it turned out and was still disappointed. Other than the absolutely stunning scenery and one touching scene in the middle, I feel that this film has nothing going for it, from the badly-animated dinosaurs Arlo looks like he is made of gelatin with absolutely no bone structure , to the oddity of herbivore dinosaurs growing corn and raising chickens which they clearly won't be eating, nor the eggs , to the fact that there is vegetation all around and Arlo is weak with hunger but will only eat berries, to the carnivorous dinosaurs who herd long-horned bison??

The bottom line is, whether you will like this film or not depends on your viewing preferences. Overall, I felt that the whole idea of the "good" dinosaur was lost. I understand he was angry about his father's death and blamed Spot, but I felt it was carried out too long and too far.

Even after accepting Spot, there was little evidence of Arlo being "good. Alas, no. The writers instead chose to throw in a scene of boy and dinosaur getting drunk and hallucinating, then waking up with hangovers. Truly a "good" moment wasted. There were other moments which I felt were a perfect opportunity to show Arlo earning his title as the "good" dinosaur that were also wasted.

NOTE: One thing I found disturbing to watch as a parent was a child - a very young child - being strangled in a rope trap. I felt that scene was carried too far. It was enough to see him struggling to get free. Instead, he was strangled to the point of passing out as Arlo looked on.

I didn't have as much trouble with other scenes of Spot being in peril, mostly because it was clear that he was about to be rescued, but having to sit there and watch a child being strangled was not appreciated. I also didn't appreciate Arlo telling Spot, "I should have killed you while I had the chance" and "I'm going to squeeze the life out of you.

But as it is, "The Good Dinosaur" will not be a part of my home movie library, nor will I be watching it again. Parent Written by Kicklighter February 11, A Disgrace to Science and Wonder, It's Pixar's Worst Movie Ever Made Disney Pixar has been going pretty much downhill ever since they made boring movies, Cars 2 got a lot of negative reception for the emotion being treated wrongly, but later they revived with the good movie Inside Out, which was finally the first time in a long time that Pixar has made a really good movie, but then they went south again with this.

The emotions and characters are the positive aspects of this movie, just like Inside Out, it has realistic emotions, some parts are happy and some parts are sad, which is realistic, yet we get to see characters spend time with each other, but there's a major flaw, it doesn't even capture what happened back in those prehistoric days, The meteor misses Earth, yet in real life, it obviously HIT Earth, and the dinosaurs in this movie live on, while in real life, THEY'RE EXTINCT! It's like saying a bear is cute when it ISN'T! This movie is so bad that while many people hated Cars 2, this movie makes Cars 2 seem like a masterpiece.

It looks like these dino friends will be going on adventures that could take them anywhere.

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When Duddle explained the inspiration behind the stories he creates in an interview, he made it sound like he just lets his imagination run wild. It's the Gigantosaurus theme song. Don't miss the premiere January 18 at 9a on DisneyChannel! The show will air on Disney Channel at 9 a. We were not paid to write this story. The products and services mentioned below were selected independent of sales and advertising. However, Simplemost may receive a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer's website.