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Next page. Complete Series. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser. Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Triple Six The Lightkeepers Book 2. Random Acts: Prequel to the Lightkeepers Series. The Other Girl: A Novel. Last Known Victim. Dead Run. Editorial Reviews Review "Erica Spindler pulls out all the stops with the beginning of a supernatural series that is not to be missed!

Learn more about Erica online at www. Not Enabled. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention erica spindler new orleans lightkeepers series wait for the next exchange for an honest next book books in the series mad dog love this series highly recommend looking forward zach harris arc for my honest book in the lightkeepers dee dare dog dare series so far zach hollywood book and cannot wait third book. Showing of 40 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase.

Dear Ms. Spindler, please read up on the correct usage of plural possesive on names that end in "s". It should have been " Nichols's office" meaning that it was only one Nichols who was in the office. You had quite a few names that ended in "s" and all of them were incorrect. I'm surprised that you not your editor picked up on these mistakes. Also the headings of the chapters went back and forth between February and November. Which month did it take place in? One chapter started as February 14th and the next chapter said November 14th with a time later in the day.

The characters were great and I love this series but I expect the grammar to be correct as well as the intended timeline.

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This was my favorite book in the series so far. It had everything you could ask for. It was fast paced, exciting, a little romantic, and the best characters. I will not give anything in the book away, but this is a must read for the Lightkeeper fans, or anyone else for that matter. I love the series! This time I read it from the beginning so I understood it better.

Once I started reading this latest Lightkeepers book I couldn't put it down. I love reading and I highly recommend this book to all. Can't wait for the next book. I've read so many books by Erica Spindler and loved them all. These supernatural suspense novels are not my favorite genre but I really am loving this series. Erica Spindler wrote an amazing book. Great story line and I loved the main characters. Can't wait for her next book. Look forward to this series continuing with Dare and Harris. Let the good times roll fighting evil. Keep going! Just finished Fallen Five and loved it as much as the prequel and the other two books in series.

Looking forward to Book 4. See all 40 reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Set up a giveaway. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? May 05, Julie jjmachshev rated it it was amazing Shelves: reads. I just finished this book. I had to take a few minutes to absorb the story, the ending, and come back to the real world. This is a weighty story.

It's about love, murder, revenge, power, lust, forgiveness, innocence, and absolution. All this in pages of engrossing reading. I couldn't put it down DON'T pick up this book if you're looking for a light-hearted, humorous romance like her Vegas vampires series. This book will make you think I'm still thinking! Gabriel is damned. Once an angel, now a demon and a smoking hot one too.

He is bound to New Orleans for losing himself in the addictions of flesh, alcohol and drugs. His living hell is his demon lure that causes women he touches to become obsessed with him and never be happy without him. After a relationship that ended in a murder while he was under the influence, he's been left wondering if he could have fallen so far as to kill. So for more than years, he's cut himself off from everything and everyone Sara is the great-great-grand daughter of Gabriel's murdered lover.

She's trying to solve the mystery of why the women in her family are violently murdered in a similar manner after bearing a daughter. She's also wondering if, and when, her time will come. View all 7 comments. Feb 20, Laurena rated it it was amazing. This is the first book i read of this author,and im always a little nervious getting invested in a book by a author iv never read before. I really enjoyed the story between Gabriel and Sara and was glad with how things worked out between them. The murder mysteries were a little intense at times and I wasnt sure how they would work out but I dont think the story wouldve been as good without them.

The sex scenes were HOT. Probably some of the most intense that I have read. It might have had something to do with Gabriel being a fallen angel whos touch would cause you to become obsessed with him! View all 3 comments. Sep 17, Kathy Davie rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , paranormal. Second in the Seven Deadly Sins paranormal-romance series.

The Story Overwhelmed by the misery humans endure, Gabriel, assigned as a Watcher over humanity, attempts to drown the despair with absinthe and opium becoming addicted to avoidance. As a consequence, God tosses him from Heaven sentencing him to an everlasting demonhood, part of which Gabriel assuages by taking a mistress, Anne, in When Second in the Seven Deadly Sins paranormal-romance series.

When said mistress is murdered horribly, Gabriel swears off women and his drugs of choice retreating into a solitary existence. Until he learns of another murder. Committed exactly the same way. In the early 21st century. Desperate to learn if there is a connection. To learn if he had killed Anne, Gabriel teams up with the daughter of today's murdered woman to discover the true killer never dreaming just what that connection is.

My Take A major weakness here is Gabriel's being unable to touch a woman without her becoming addicted to him. A simple brush of his skin against hers is enough. Okay, that's fine. It's the counterpoint to his addiction. But it falls apart with Sara. He's constantly touching her and, while she does seem to fall in love with him fairly quickly, it doesn't appear to have anywhere near the same effect. Eventually, McCarthy claims that it's because Sara is so strong.

McCarthy should have been playing this, creating tension with it instead of just brushing it off.

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Nor does McCarthy give us a good reason for Gabriel taking up with Anne. We hear all about his trials with the absinthe and some about the opium as well as his need to create but there really isn't much about why Gabriel "needs" Anne. The idea behind the true crime book Gabriel wants to write is to demonstrate two things: how important forensics is in solving a crime and that people are still a necessary tool in addition to the forensics.

However, this premise is just an excuse to bring Gabriel and Sara together.

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The story explores addiction, Sara's and Gabriel's. The weaknesses which led to their relying upon their individual crutches and how they resolve them. That said, I did enjoy the story! Exploring New Orleans, delving into its midth century history, the developing attraction between them, and the approach Gabriel takes to building his true crime story. The Cover The is kinda weird in a kinky sort of way. A woman is dressed in a slinky mint green backless dress, blonde hair cascading partway down her back with a wings tattoo at the small of her back, embracing the statue of an angel whose back is to us May 15, Wendy rated it liked it.

Gabriel was an angel sent to Earth to guard humans but what he never thought was that he would be sucked in by the despair and sadness humans are capable of feeling. He ended up falling victim to that same despair and the only thing that could make it go away temporarily was absinthe. That was years ago.

Now it's modern New Orleans and he, of course, is still around. Immortal, but a fallen angel. He's kicked his absinthe addiction and has been cleaned for years now. But something he can't es Gabriel was an angel sent to Earth to guard humans but what he never thought was that he would be sucked in by the despair and sadness humans are capable of feeling. But something he can't escape is the death of his mistress, Anne, that many years ago. She was murdered with him right in the room passed out on absinthe. Unfortunately then, all signs pointed to them, there was a trial but he was never convicted.

All those years, he's agonized over who murdered Anne and why which is why he's become a true crime writer. Now he wants to try to solve her murder with today's technology. Sarah Michaels lives in fear of a curse that seems to follow her family. All of the women in her family have been brutally murdered, starting with her great grandmother, Anne. After going through the ordeal of her mom's murder and the trial, she's fled Florida to New Orleans in hopes of uniting with Gabriel to solve the murder of Anne Sullivan.

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Hoping that maybe solving that murder will help solve her own mother's. What Sara doesn't know is that Gabriel knew Anne and was even a suspect. What neither of them expect to find is an attraction towards each other. But before they can try to have a relationship together, they must try to go back in time to try to solve the murder of Anne and hopefully of Sarah's mother as well before she ends up being next.

I've always been a fan of her "lighter" books so I was a bit wary about reading this one. The premise for this book sounded great but as I read, it began to drag a little. It annoyed me how whiny Gabriel sometimes seemed and I think it's ridiculous how he practically waited years to solve his girlfriend's murder - uh, a little too late. I liked Sarah, she had her demons but she was willing to face them to be able to move on with her life. She was a nicely-developed character and I enjoyed reading about her. There are some very sexy scenes in Fallen and the chemistry between Gabriel and Sarah seemed real enough, although I felt something was missing.

The end seemed a bit rushed to me, especially how after the "villain" was finally find out and what followed after. Overall, Fallen was a good and enjoyable read. Dec 30, Lauren rated it liked it Shelves: paranormal-romance , new-orleans , flashbacks , southern-comfort , tortured-hero , angels-nephilim. Fallen 3 Stars Series note: Fallen can be read as a standalone as aside from the setting of New Orleans and the reappearance of a secondary character from book 1, there is no connection between the books.

The romance has potential but never really gets going and the characters, while interesting in terms of their struggles with addiction, ultimately fail to evoke any emotion or caring. The mystery is interesting and the excerpts from newspapers, police reports and trial excerpts add a realistic t Fallen 3 Stars Series note: Fallen can be read as a standalone as aside from the setting of New Orleans and the reappearance of a secondary character from book 1, there is no connection between the books.

The mystery is interesting and the excerpts from newspapers, police reports and trial excerpts add a realistic tone to the description of events and the investigation. Nevertheless, the ultimate revelation of the killer is anti-climactic and the motive ambiguous and vague. Moreover, the ending is unnecessarily drawn out and the paranormal elements are superfluous. Will probably get around to reading the last book sometime but it is not a priority.

Feb 10, Darcy rated it liked it Shelves: , angels , pnr. Gabriel and Sara are seriously damaged people who seem to share a connection although each on hides that connection. As they work together on a book they start to see each other as the person they can't see themselves and the secrets come out. While each one tries to deal with them an old enemy comes backs, one neither knew they had. Once they deal with the trouble they find just exactly what they are looking for. May 22, Bree Klassen rated it liked it.

Well it wasn't what I expected. It was so slow in the begining and it almost made me want to give up on it. But I pushed through and yes it turned out okay. I did like the murder mystery part of it. By the end I really wanted to know who did it and i didn't expect the outcome to be what it was. May 09, Amy rated it liked it. It took me a little longer to get through.

There were a few slower segments in the middle of the book. At two-thirds of the way through it picked up and kept me interested. Aug 20, CJ rated it liked it Shelves: books-i-own. I cannot finish this one. It isn't a bad story; I just cannot stay awake reading it. I don't know why. Dec 22, Chelsea Kumer rated it it was ok. I only made it through about pages of this book, then started skimming, then gave up altogether. This book moves very, very slow and I was just plain bored.

Gabriel doesn't know whether he committed the murder or not because the drugs caused him to forget many events. In the modern day, the now sober immortal writes true crime novels and continues to pursu I only made it through about pages of this book, then started skimming, then gave up altogether. In the modern day, the now sober immortal writes true crime novels and continues to pursue the long cold murder case.

He comes across a recent case that parallels Anne's murder, and contacts the victims daughter about investigating and writing a book on the case. Sara is herself a recovering addict, struggling to make peace with life after her mother's death.

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What Gabriel doesn't realize is that Sara is Anne's descendent, and the women in the family have a long history of being murdered. Sara dives into both investigations in hopes that she won't be next. The romance aspect of this book had potential. I liked the concept of two former addicts finding strength and understanding in one another.

Like everything else in the book, however, the relationship doesn't seem to progress at a natural pace. Gabriel is apparently cursed when it comes to women, so he's afraid to touch Sara. In my opinion this was a pretty lame road block for the author to throw up. The murder mystery unfolds through newspapers, letters, and documents put in the book.

They slowed the plot down even more and were at times repetitive. The murder issue is not complex, and the description of it's solution could have been told in pages if you took out the filler. I realize that her addiction was to sleeping pills, not alcohol or the like. But is it really a good idea for a person with an addictive personality to try something so potentially addictive. Why would she think that was necessary? If she wanted to know what the substance was capable of, couldn't she ask someone who's done it.

Bare in mind, Gabriel HAS done absinthe at this point Sara is unaware that Anne's lover and Gabriel are the same person , so you would assume that he would discourage Sara from trying it. But he gives it all of two seconds thought before he breaks out the bottle. This book might have been great, but in the end my impatience got the better of me. I would only suggest reading this if you are found of slower, milder, less complex paranormal stories. I also want to point out that the connection to the first book is pretty weak or was up to the point where I read.

Don't look to this book for complex world building or fantasy. Oct 24, Gemma rated it liked it Shelves: paranormal-romance. Ok, this was a really strange book. The premise was intresting and it started off really well, but then it just seemed to slide downhill slowly, till it reached a pretty average ending. The characters were intresting and i was really invested in their journey, but it got to a point I lost intrest The story is about Gabriel, a fallen angel who is unsure if he killed his lover about a years ago.

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Since then he has been condemend to life on earth and that Ok, this was a really strange book. Since then he has been condemend to life on earth and that every woman he touches ends up obcessed with him. Sara has lost her mother who was murdered in almost the exact same way, years later. She ends up working with Gabreil on a true crime book about both murders. The book's pretense is to compare the cases and see how forensics have changed the way the police investigate cases, but each character has a hidden agenda.

Gabrile to try to know for sure if he did or didn't kill his lover. Sara to find out why the women in her family keep being murdered in that way. She is Gabriels lovers great great grand daughter. As is predictible in these books, the hero and heroine are instantly attracted to each other, but the nice twist is the fact that Gabriel cares for Sara so much he doesn't want her to become a drone like all the woman.

For a while this provides intresting tension, but again it gets to a point where you lose intrest, or at least I did. My favourite scene is when, in an effort to replicate the affects of absininth the drink that Gabriel was addicted back in teh 's and was completely out of it on when Anne was killed Sara drinks some and loses practically all inhobitions. All I can say is that was the best scene in the whole book This would have been a two star book, had it not been for how well written the piano scene was and the character development up to a certain point.

Showed such promise and especially after My Immortal which was a far better book Jul 30, Gwen Mitchell rated it liked it Shelves: romance-paranormal. This book marks Ms. McCarthy's second foray into more serious, 'darker' paranormals, on the theme of the seven deadly sins cool!

So - let's see here: We have a fallen angel, recovering addict piano player-slash-painter who hasn't had sex for eighty years. And a self-conscious young heroine fleeing the tragedies of her past while trying to unlock the mystery of a family cur This book marks Ms. And a self-conscious young heroine fleeing the tragedies of her past while trying to unlock the mystery of a family curse and related murder.

And yes, it was just as angsty as it sounds. I loved it. Other reviews for this story have consistently had two issues. First, they think it's slow and don't like the internal angsty monologues and expositions. Secondly, they find the ultimate conflict and resolution i. I strongly disagree with the first, and only sort of agree with the second. If you try to read this book as an urban fantasy, or anything other than a romance, it won't work.

To me, the main antagonist in the story was Gabriel's all-consuming guilt. There is enough of a story and mystery surrounding the death of Sara's ancestor to keep the plot moving along, but this one is truly a character journey. Each of them are hunting for the truth, wanting each other, but unwilling to 'take the plunge'.

I enjoyed the depth of both characters, and Ms. McCarthy did a successful job of interchanging viewpoints without confusing or annoying me - a real feat. Stylistically, I enjoyed the interspersed newspaper clippings and court reportings, which added depth to the story.

The tension was great, the angst better. If the climax was anti-climactic, I didn't notice. If you want an emotionally engrossing angst-filled romance, this one's for you. Dec 03, Christine rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , paranormal , fantasy. Gabriel St. John is a demon, trapped in the city of New Orleans, cursed by his own sins. Sent as an angel to help humanity, he fell under the influence of alcohol addiction, and now if he is with a woman, she becomes hopelessly addicted to him.

He hasn't touched alcohol or a woman in 75 years, but a new temptation enters his life. Gabriel writes true crime novels, and this time, he has decided to tackle a crime he believes he may have committed in