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Finally, he'll check to see if the chimney is straight. The inspector will make a note of whether the soffit and fascia are wood, plastic or aluminum, and if there are any loose or missing sections. He will also inspect for visible rot or paint problems.

How to Choose a Home Inspector

He's going to want to ensure that the gutters slope downward, toward the downspouts. He'll look for peeling paint and rust on the gutters and downspouts, as well as loose sections and leaks. The home inspector is going to check that walls are straight both vertically and horizontally, that they are free of cracked or loose plaster, are unstained, and have no evidence of previous repair. He'll investigate the windows to find any problems with paint, caulking or rotted wood.

He'll note the approximate age of the windows. An inspection will be done around your porch or deck, looking for cracking or flaking masonry, paint problems and rotted wood.

Top 10 "Common" Home Inspection Findings

The inspector is also going to want to know if any settlement or separation from the house has occurred. Floors will be checked for deteriorated or cracked tile coverings, stained wood, and sloping or sagging. Basements will be investigated for evidence of water penetration, while foundations will be searched for any bowing, bulging, or other obvious irregularities.

Home Inspection - Inspecting A Bathroom

The inspector will check to see that all fixtures are secure and without cracks. He willl note the condition of tiles and caulking in the tub area and will make sure all faucets are in working order, with sufficient water pressure. He will look for rot and staining under counter tops and randomly check the operation of cabinet doors and drawers. The ceiling will be checked out to make sure that none of the plaster is cracked, sagging or loose and that there is no evidence of stains.

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The inspector will make note of the type, style and age of the heating and cooling systems in the home, when they were last inspected, and if there is any visible rust or corrosion. He will also check the size and age of the electrical service to the home and whether the outlets are grounded. He'll look to see if the wiring is safe and in good condition and whether any upgrades have been made. Dana Sparks has been a professional writer since As a staff reporter, she has written hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles, and she is also the author of two published novels.

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