Manual Tolkiens Cauldron: of Cam and Gog Magog

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tolkiens cauldron of cam and gog magog Manual

All of which is in the Public Domain. Like his other stuff the 2of4brif is also -in the public domain. A large number of names are also included: The 4, -female names and the 3, male names from the MWords package. The 70 level also included the 5desk list from version 4.

LST, is herewith formally released - into the Public Domain. Anyone is free to use it or distribute it in - any manner they see fit.

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No fee or registration is required for its - use nor are "contributions" solicited if you feel you absolutely - must contribute something for your own peace of mind, the authors of - the ENABLE list ask that you make a donation on their behalf to your - favorite charity. This word list is our gift to the Scrabble - community, as an alternate to "official" word lists. Game designers - may feel free to incorporate the WORD. LST into their games.

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Please - mention the source and credit us as originators of the list. Note - that if you, as a game designer, use the WORD.

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