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Lotty becomes Mrs Harrison's personal maid. Along with their loveable pup Mr Jack's who I instantly fell in love with his cheeky nature who Lotty also has the up most pleasure looking after. Oh my what an adventure Lotty and Mr Jack's is about to embark on. I adored Lotty, she is such a loveable character. She's strong, heroic, kind, witty, and she truly did make this book extra special. Her past is a sad one but she is so grounded it was a joy to see her have fun.

Yes this is suitable to middle grade readers, but I do believe any age would appreciate the fantasy adventure. I think it's a beautiful, fun book for bedtime reading, alone reading, group reading and would make a wonderful book for teachers to read as there is so many extensions and topics you could discuss from this adorable story. Such as Orphans, Adoption, adventure, history etc Oh I'm excited just thinking!! Suzanne has created whimsical, loveable, fun characters that simply spring to life on the pages.

The setting descriptions are beautifully written. The writing style was very suitable for the target audience, it's warm, engaging, fun and entertaining, It really caught my attention, it was fluid and captivating. The pace was simply perfect, flowed beautifully with enough anticipation and suspense to keep the reader hooked.

There was plenty of exciting Twists, mishaps, mayhem, witty narrative friendships and loveable characters. A wonderfully uplifting, vivid rich tale that stole my heart. It was simply a joy to read. Thank you to Rachel Random Resources for this copy which I reviewed honestly and voluntarily. Nov 28, Jessica Belmont rated it it was amazing. This is an epic Middle Grade adventure that I found charming and downright exciting.

The surprise were plenty and the action kept me on the edge of my seat.

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I haven't read a good pirate story in a while, and I was not disappointed in this. Lotty is a fantastic main character and her friends really make this novel relatable and engaging. I'm really impressed with Suzanne Lowe's writing.

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She's created an interesting plot full of friendship themes, adventure and humor. This kept me hooked from the ve This is an epic Middle Grade adventure that I found charming and downright exciting. This kept me hooked from the very beginning to the end, and I want more. Highly recommended. All opinions are my own. Nov 27, Donna Maguire rated it it was amazing Shelves: books-read , book-reviews , childrens-books , kindle-read. This was a really enjoyable story that children and adults will both love!

It is well written, flows very well and has some excellent characters. The story is easy to read and follow and the author has had a great idea to come up with the book and I am really glad that I was introduced to the author and given an opportunity to read the book.. Nov 24, Christina Reid rated it liked it.

RTC as part of the blog tour! I always love reading middle grade books, because they take me back to my childhood and how visual some stories are. In this book, that as what happen too. I loved it because of all the ingredients that made this story a great adventure novel. Lotty is the main character and she's a very relatable character and I like that this book as a powerful young girl as a main character.

We follow Lotty's life as she leace the orphanage and starts her life on the sea, and all the journey after. She's a gir I always love reading middle grade books, because they take me back to my childhood and how visual some stories are. She's a girl that is finding her role in the world and follow all her dreams, and with that wondering, she brings some personality treats to view. Her wittiness, her strength, the kindness and the loyalty to her friends. We are taken on an adventure, with an intriguing plot in a fast paced storytelling that had pirates, friendship, humor and action, brilliantly written that made me stay at the edge of my seat during all the pages of this novel.

Besides that, the story had some amazing descriptions, dialogues and narrative that made the book so visual and emotive. And that paced and all the components of the storytelling are what made this book so perfect for any audience. Overall, I liked the book a lot and I wish I had more books about Lotty and all the fun and entertaining characters that she meet along the way.

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I highly recommend it to everyone. Oct 08, Grady rated it it was amazing. She earned her BS in Sports Science and has worked as a library assistant, personal trainer, photographer and barista and has gathered experiences through her association with Australian Army Reserves, climbing Mount Everest, descending into a pyramid at Giza, flying in a hot air balloon over the Valley of the Kings, parachuting from a plane at 12, feet, and sitting on the edge of an active volcano on Tanna island in Vanatu!

One without adults or any rules.

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This was a scenario that my own two teenage daughters would often discuss and theorise about at the dinner table. I wanted to set the story in Australia, somewhere that is quite isolated and a unique setting for most dystopian stories. Someone who learns that even though you may not have full control of your life, you can still be strong and resilient.

I also wanted to include some humour and fun in the book. My own two daughters loved reading about pirates and watching movies about pirates when they were younger, however there were rarely any stories about young women as pirates. I wanted to change that.

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Girls can have as many adventures as boys can and that includes being a pirate! I felt alone and afraid. It must be early morning because it was still dark and the air felt cold. Quickly darting my eyes from side to side, I realised with relief that I was still in my bed. I could hear the others breathing rhythmically. Nobody else was awake. Sitting up slowly, feeling a little unsettled, I hugged my knees in tightly to my chest shivering in the crisp morning air. I'd had that same strange dream again - the one where I hear screams and gunfire.

Even though I knew it was only a dream, it felt so real. I hugged my knees tighter. What did it mean? I'd had the same dream four times now and all in the last month. Maybe I was going mad! Why did I keep dreaming the same thing? My name is Charlotte, and I'm an orphan. I live in a dark, musty dump of a place called Sevenoaks Home for Children.

Not much of a home if you ask me. I'll give you a few examples. First off, we have to share beds. Not a room, that would be okay. I mean actual beds. I share a bed with three other girls. Not nice. Every day, instead of going to school, we are put to work cleaning, sewing or weeding the garden for most of the daylight hours and get fed limp old vegetables and stale bread for our efforts.

Not my idea of home. I bet you don't have to share a bed or get fed stale food in your home, do you? To be honest, I don't mind the sewing, but I really, really hate and detest the weeding. There are these tremendously big blackberry bushes with huge thorns that grow around the edges of the yard. Every few days, we take it in turns to crawl under the bushes, trying not to get spiked, while we pull up these obnoxious weeds that grow underneath. The weeds look so cute with their little green leaves and delicate yellow pom-pom flowers but don't let that fool you. They also have these teeny-weeny little prickles on their stems that you can hardly see, until you've got one lodged in your hand.

Then, you really know about it because they sting like mad and itch for days afterwards. Don't even think about complaining about it because you will just get laughed at and sent right back out to the garden and the blackberry bushes again. I know, I tried it. At least, I think I was two. Nov 26, Lucy-May rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-fantasy , kindle , middlegrade , owned , reviewers-copies. Nov 25, Laura Reading rated it really liked it Shelves: what-an-animal.

This is the second book I have read this week with a surprise reveal at the end. They were nothing alike but I enjoyed them both. This book is suitable for upper elementary school readers through adults. While there is tragedy, the story is a clean adventure.

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Pirates must mean treasure. Cannibals on a deserted island has a dangerously Gilligan's Island appeal. The story begins with an orphanage, as in Annie or Stuart Little. It is a tale of friendship, survival and new opportunities. Written in This is the second book I have read this week with a surprise reveal at the end. Written in present tense, we ride along as Charlotte unexpectedly must start life over. Oct 29, Kristen rated it it was amazing Shelves: upwork. I bought this book for my niece who loves pirates, because brother loves pirates, but it gave her plenty to imagine and enjoy.

I often found her nose stuffed into the book and a few times she even had to tell me about everything that was going on with Lotty. If you are looking for a book that is filled with adventure for you brave girl, I found this to be right up her alley. Oct 25, Heidi rated it really liked it Shelves: childrens , first-reads-and-review-copies. I received a copy of this in order to take part in the blog tour. This has not influenced my rating. Review to follow. Oct 14, Jessica rated it it was amazing. Geared towards young teens, this book about Lotty and her dog Mr.

Jacks will charm you quickly. Pulling on your sympathy as Lotty gets kicked out if the orphanage and you will be rooting for her as she survives a shipwreck, encounters pirates, discovers treasures and so much more. Lotty is a great main character and she is very well written and well rounded. This adventure is full of humor and thrills, life lessons and loyalty inspired courage. One great thing about this book is that the main ch Geared towards young teens, this book about Lotty and her dog Mr. One great thing about this book is that the main character is strong, smart, courageous and a girl.

This girl and her merry band of sidekicks will keep things bright and the adventures and troubles they get into and overcome are varied and many.

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I am passing this book along to my year-old niece as she loves adventure stories. I think that this will be a great book for her to enjoy. Oct 09, Valery rated it really liked it. The Pirate Princess and the Golden Locket by Suzanne Lowe is the second book by the author, but with a different slant. Her first book, Seventeen, featured a more Dystopian element and was aimed at the teen age group. Geared toward a younger audience than the first book, Lowe writes about a young girl protagonist Lotty and her dog, Mr. With few pirate books being written with a female pirate, this book is a novelty, and fills a niche for young girls looking for pirate adventures of their The Pirate Princess and the Golden Locket by Suzanne Lowe is the second book by the author, but with a different slant.

With few pirate books being written with a female pirate, this book is a novelty, and fills a niche for young girls looking for pirate adventures of their own. Whimsical, cute, with plenty of adventures to go on, this book is great for young girls to get a taste of adventure with a strong girl protagonist. There will be pirates! There will be ninja! At least one, anyway. There will be a car that drives underwater! Vector the Crocodile is seen dreaming about his good life as a detective, as well as how it has shaped him up over the years, but is suddenly interrupted by a visit from Echo the Dolphin.

After introductions are made, she explains that she was looking for Princess Undina , fearing that she may have been kidnapped as the princess stopped checking in with both her father and mother. They later received a note demanding money for her return but no one came to collect the ransom when it was delivered. Vector believes that the culprit may have been a "wannabe opportunist" and decides to go ask around at the last place Undina was seen, Spagonia University. However, Echo reveals that she had already been there and was told by the professor there that she may have gone to Empire City.

Vector then suggests looking there but Echo reveals she had already visited the city and found a clue leading to a businesswoman who apparently knew Undina well. Vector then suggests contacting the businesswoman but asks Echo if she had already done that, to which she confirms. The businesswoman told Echo that Undina decided to tour the world on her own. Echo would then look into reported sightings and was informed by an anonymous tip that the princess was last seen in Westopolis and the ransom was sent by pirates.

Vector gets slightly worried to hear this and decides to head to the docks, only for Echo to reveal that she had already been there. Growing impatient and exasperated, Vector asks the lieutenant why she needed the Chaotix 's help, to which she replies that she did not know the city and that the dock workers knew something but did not want to say. Echo also reveals that she had found their "advertisement", though Vector was surprised to see it for himself.

Echo then tells the crocodile that the king and queen would be very generous with payment if they assisted. This excites Vector just as Espio and Charmy walk in. Charmy is delighted to see that someone found his advertisement and asks if Echo was a new client. Vector confirms this and says that their first order is to check out the docks once more but with leverage this time. Vector then orders Charmy to check the couch cushions for spare change so that they could hire a cab but Echo reveals that she already has a vehicle.

At the docks, the Chaotix and Echo meet the dock workers who refused to say anything about the princess' predicament.

Vector shows the worker named Daryl a printout of changed timestamps for a missing cargo they failed to transport. Paranoid, Daryl reveals that they had taken a dangerous shortcut near an island called the " Knives " and out of the blue they were robbed by pirates, accompanied by Echo. As losing cargo to pirates did not bode well with their business or their insurance, Daryl had a friend make some alterations to their records. Surprised, though satisfied, the Chaotix and Echo left with their new information and Vector generously gave Daryl the printout but reveals that he made copies, much to the latter's horror.

Echo congratulates Vector on his discovery, though Espio warns the crocodile not to get full of himself as they did not even need to interrogate anyone. The Chaotix find out that Echo's car could also drive underwater and since they could not afford a boat, they decide to use it. On the journey to the Knives, Echo tells a story of why she is not eager to go back to Spagonia. Charmy then asks if the windows will break, to which he is answered with a no and Espio states that they would not drown but be crushed by the change in pressure before so. Echo quickly explains that the car has a pressurization field and she had Air Charms in the glove box.

After Charmy taunts Espio, Echo expresses her worry for Undina's safety and reveals that she was not chosen as the priestess to the surprise of everyone in Meropis and even with her sheltered upbringing, the dolphin believed she may be very scared. Vector tells her not to worry as Undina sounded quite resourceful and Charmy reminds her that Daryl had stated that she looked okay. Echo then questions why the pirates would make an offer and then suddenly go back on it, to which Vector replies that the princess may have become a pirate herself.

Echo does not believe this and Espio informs them that they were approaching the Knives while hoping not to get wrecked.