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A descendant or member of the same family became Chamberlain to Robert, Duke of Normandy. He received from Robert the Castle and honor of Croy. Gray instead of Grey is almost universally used in the different branches in the United States. This is detail between different branches of the same family all apparently descended from one parent stock and one origin.

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John, Lord of Gray, whose son Anschetil de Gray was one of William the Conquerors companions in arms at the battle of Hastings, and was recorded in the Domesday Book a record complied by a royal commission set up by William in , as lord of many manors and lordships in the counties of Oxford and Buckingham. Anschetil de Gray had two sons, both named John. In that year he gave Rhuthun to Reginald de Grey. In Owain, a Welch leader, was having a dispute with another Reginald de Grey, and captured Reginald.

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Owain received 10, marks L6, ransom for him. Not an insignificant sum!! From the Charleton family it passed by marriage in to John Grey. It remained in the hands of the Grey family until the Marcher Lords were abolished in By an Edward Grey was one of only three remaining powerful Marcher Lords. Among the names inscribed at Battle Abbey, after the Battle of Hastings, as being worthy to be remembered for valiant services rendered, was J. The first of this line was a son of Gray in Chillingham, Northumberland, England, who came to Scotland in the reign of Alexander II, about , and gave his allegiance to that King, receiving possessions in Roufield shire of Roxburgh.

His issue has continued in Scotland. The Grays in Ireland, usually described as Scotch-Irish, are doubtless the descendants of that branch of the family. The Grays were closely allied with the Royal house of England and were near the throne. Albans, Burkes Peerage says: "The family of Gray is of great antiquity in Northumberland. Sir Edward de Gray married daughter and heiress of Henry heir apparent of William.

The tragic fate of their daughter, Lady Jane Gray, who reigned briefly as an unwilling Queen, has attracted the attention and enlisted the sympathies of the world. The story of her pure and beautiful life and of her heroic death will long illuminate the pages of one of the most eventful periods of English history. The Grays were not restored to their rights and court favor until the accession of James I, Since then they have repeatedly distinguished themselves in politics, literature, and the learned professions and still continue prominently represented among the titled nobility in England, Scotland and Ireland.

In modern times they have contributed poets, statesmen and military commanders in the British realm. Joshua, baptized November 25, , buried January 20, He was re-elected unopposed in and In he raised a reg. The title of Baron Grey of Codnor is a title in the peerage of England. The Lords Grey of Codnor are senior lineal representatives of the noble house of Grey, and as hereditary peers are eligible for election to a seat in the House of Lords.

The first Baron Grey of Ruthyn was son of a younger son of the 2nd Baron Grey de Wilton, and Sir John Grey of Groby, descended from a younger son of the 3rd Baron Grey de Ruthyn, was the ancestor of the last known male-line branch of the ancient Greys, who held and lost the titles of Marquess of Dorset and Duke of Suffolk before being created Baron Grey of Groby and then Earl of Stamford before extinction in He succeeded his father as Lord Grey of Wilton in ; and identified himself with the Puritans.

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Grey took part as a volunteer in the Islands Voyage of He was anxious to command a regiment; and when Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex went to Ireland as Lord Deputy in March , Grey was one of his followers, and received a commission as colonel of horse. Soon after his arrival in Ireland Essex asked him to declare himself his friend only, and to detach himself from Sir Robert Cecil but Grey declined on the ground that he was indebted to Cecil. Henceforth Essex and Essex's friend Southampton treated Grey as an enemy. In a small engagement with the Irish rebels foug.

Its name, initially having been difficult to comprehend in the English language, was variously transliterated as Grey, Grai, Greye, Gray, etc. In the Middle Ages, the Grey family was first ennobled as Barons Grey of Codnor, of Ruthyn and of Wilton later being elevated as viscounts, earls, marquesses and dukes. The Egerton, later Grey Egerton, later still Egerton baronetcy, of Egerton and Oulton in the county of Chester, is a title in the Baronetage of England held by the senior patrilineal branch of the Egerton family.

One of the earliest English baronetcies created, Sir Roland Egerton left many male descendants in remainder to his title. History Egerton arms Background The baronetcy was created on 5 April for Sir Roland Egerton, whose family were established by the 13th-century in Cheshire.

Le Clerc held three knights' fees for the county, owing the King their service as and when summoned to war. His second son named Philip le Goch translated from the brythonic as 'the Red' was lord of the manor of Egerton, Cheshire. The late 15th-century head of the family, Philip Egerton of Egerton, married Margery, daughter of Sir William Mainwaring; he died in at the hei. Anchetil de Greye c. The defenders eventually surrendered and most of them were then summarily executed on the orders of the English commander, The 14th Baron Grey de Wilton, the Lord Deputy of Ireland.

This unleashed a rebellion that lasted three years. On 10 September , a squadron of Spanish ships under the command of Don Juan Martinez de Recalde landed a Papal force of Spanish and Italians numbering men comma. He saw much service as a soldier.

II, pp. III, pp. IV, pp. Douglas Richardson, Plantagenet Ancestry, pp. III, p. Douglas Richardson, Royal Ancestry, Vol. II, p. Lady Mary Grey c. Some weeks before, on 25 May , Mary Grey, still a young child, had been betrothed to her distant cousin Arthur Grey, 14th Baron Grey de Wilton, whose fat. Thomas Grey may refer to: Sir Thomas Grey constable died c. The peerage was created in for the Whig politician Lord Robert Grosvenor. Both Lord Robert and his elder brother Lord Thomas were in special remainder to the Viscountcy of Grey de Wilton and Earldom of Wilton created for their maternal grandfather in , and on the latter's death in Lord Thomas succeeded as second Earl of Wilton.

Lord Ebury was succeeded by his eldest son, the second Baron. He represented Westminster in Parliament as a Liberal. His grandson, the fifth Baron, served as a government whip from to in the government of Neville Chamberlain. In his eldest son, the sixth Baron, succeeded as eighth Earl of Wilton on the death of his cousin the seventh Earl. The H. Historically, this branch of the Grey family was seated at Ruthin Castle in Wales. The Marshals failed in the male line and the hereditary right descended in the female line through the Hastings family to the Lords Grey de Ruthyn, later Marquesses of Hastings.

The male line failed again and an equal right in the female line descended in to the Earl of Loudoun Abney-Hastings and Lord Grey de Ruthyn Clifton. Spencer House St James's, London, one of the last surviving true town houses still owned by the noble family that built it, the Spencers. Note the Percy Lion atop the central facade. In British usage, the term townhouse originally refers to the town or city residence, in practice normally in London, of a member of the nobility or gentry, as opposed to their country seat, generally known as a country house or, colloquially, for the larger ones, stately home.

The grandest of the London townhouses were stand-alone buildings, but many were terraced buildings. British property developers and estate agents often market new buildings as townhouses, following the North American usage of the term, to aggrandise modest dwellings and to avoid the negative connotation of cheap terraced housing built in the Victorian era to accommodate workers, see Terraced houses in the United Kingdom.

The a. Baron Darcy de Knayth is a title in the Peerage of England. It was created in for John Darcy or D'Arcy with remainder to his heirs general, allowing daughters to inherit. He also successfully petitioned for the termination of the abeyance of the Barony of Conyers in his favour, and both baronies were considered new creations, with remainder to his heirs male.

He was called to parliament as Baron Darcy and Conyers.

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The two titles remained united until the death of the fourth earl, when the earldom became extinct, while the baronies were claimed by his daughter, Lady Amelia. Lady Amelia was briefly married to the future fifth Duke of Leeds, and the sixth and seventh Dukes held the baronies. Lady Katherine Percy 18 May — c. Ancestry Ancestors of Lady Katherine Percy Henry de Percy, 3rd Baron Percy 8. Henry Percy, 1st Earl of Northumberland Mary of Lancaster 4.

Henry Hotspur Percy Ralph Neville, 2nd Baron. He served as High Sheriff of Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire in —39 and of High Sheriff of Herefordshire in —53, undertaking military service in Flanders in He lived at Shirland in Derbyshire, married three times and his son, by his second wife, was Reginald de Grey, 1st Baron Grey de Wilton.

He was accordingly an ancestor of many of the noble houses with the surname Grey. He died in March References Burke's Peerage and Baronetage , s. This Andrew is said to have had several sons; one whereof was Alexander Gray, who was bred a merchant in Aberdeen, and made a considerable estate. He got a charter under the great seal, upon the resignation of William Gordon of Schives, Alexandro Gray burgen. He was a man of fine parts, and in great favour with king James the IV.

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Robert, who was killed in the service of his country at the battle of Flowdon, anno , without issue. Gilbert, of Buttergask, who carried on the line of this family, of whom afterwards. Margaret, married to sir William Keith of Innerugie, to whom she had two daughters, his co-heiresses. Elizabeth, married to William earl Marishall. He got another charter of a great many lands containing an entail, viz.

He was a man of good parts, and much in the favour of king James V. He married Barbara, daughter of Patrick lord Ruthven, by whom he had five sons, and five daughters. When queen Mary was under sentence of death, he was sent ambassador extraordinary to queen Elizabeth of England, to interpose in her behalf; and though his embassy was not attended with success, yet he acquitted himself with honour and reputation.

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Patricio magistro de Gray, dated anno He was in great favour with king Charles I. Frances, married to captain MacKenzie, son to the bishop of Murray. He was a man of great sagacity, singular worth and merit, and highly esteemed by king Charles I. He was fined in an hundred thousand merks by the parliament at St. There was afterwards extorted from him, by way of loan, the sum of ten thousand pounds sterling, which was never re-paid.

The master was likeways a great loyalist, and strongly attached to the interest of the royal family. James's, the 7th day of February, Patrick ninth lord Gray, died anno , and was succeeded in his estate and honours, by his son-in-law,. Gules, a lion rampant, within a border, ingrailed, argent. The peerage of Scotland: containing an historical and genealogical account of the nobility of that kingdom, Illustrated with copper-plates. By Robert Douglas, Esq;. Douglas, Robert, Sir, He left issue three sons.

Sir Hugh de Gray. He was succeeded by his eldest son, II. He died about , and left issue a son and successor, III.