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At the end of the Civil War, much of the conquered Confederacy lay in ruins: cities such as Atlanta and Richmond were utterly destroyed, the few railroads across the region were torn up, and plantations and farms that had once produced bountiful cash crops for export were burnt to the ground or abandoned. Union troops occupied the land, enforcing the deconstruction of Confederate political structures, the removal of the rebellious Southern elite from government participation, and the liberation of the black population from almost three centuries of bondage.

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With these new rights, black Americans soon expanded their social and political power, electing the first black US Senator Hiram Rhodes Revels in and establishing the first public schools in the South for African-Americans. But what looked like progress from the perspective of African-Americans and Northerners was interpreted as anarchy and upheaval by many south of the Mason-Dixon.

Hunt is solid as Zamperini, and Patterson puts in a notable performance as Cynthia.

Red Dead Redemption 2 - The Aftermath of Genesis, You Can't Even Kill The Bear

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Redeeming the Aftermath

Josh Terry. Like that?

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  • When you find the deer, approach as slowly as you can until you have a clean headshot. To get enough force out of the arrow you will have to draw the string back and hold it, but if you hold too long, your aim will waver substantially. As its head is coming up, activate Dead Eye, line up and shoot.

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    Find another deer and kill it with a clean kill as described above, without spooking it. Mount up and go back to Charles, who will be loading the first deer you brought down. Follow him back to camp, being sure to avoid a bear attack along the way. Drop the deer near him, then skin the deer when prompted to end the mission.

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