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Keep your sense of style, just modify it for the crowd that frequents your space so that it can be accommodating as well as aesthetic. Plants are natural air fresheners , which is an automatic bonus when it comes to decorating ideas. They also add natural color. A global perspective is something to be appreciated, and the home that reflects this outlook is refreshing. Even the most informal of us might enjoy keeping a tablecloth on the table for more than just dinnertime.

This is such a quick way to change up the look and feel of a space — inside or outside — that includes a table. You can get a lot of mileage out of this simple decorating idea. Choose a vibrant color or a soft, muted tone, and paint the back side of your bookshelves. Deep charcoal, navy, even black walls have the potential to increase the fresh, dramatic feel of your space while maintaining neutrality. Inky, moody, deep-dark walls punctuated with white trim or lighter furnishings can really pack an aesthetic punch in a super sophisticated way.

Not only do finishes such as sheepskin, cowhide, or faux fur textures provide a soft and distinct addition to the space, but they also provide a nice visual break from other smoother finishes. This has been a popular decorating trend for several years now, because white tends to feel light and airy and spacious. But before you jump in and paint everything white, take care to assess your space — does it have enough natural light, for example?

If not, your white walls will feel more like an uninspired institutionalization than anything else. Sometimes we might forget that decorating is FUN! Choose a bold, bright, vibrant piece with unabashed confidence. Use art that is bright and colorful. Your genuine decorating will help others to feel at ease in your space as well.

INTERIOR DESIGN: How to Make Your Home Look Expensive On A Budget

What use to be considered somewhat of a decorating faux pas is now a sought-after trend: tone on tone. This means that your walls and a furnishing or two might do well to be practically but maybe not exactly the same shade, for visual interest and mystery. Think outside the box with your decorating , especially when it comes to saving on real estate in small spaces.

A dining chair provides a comfortable seat in the living room, but it takes up much less space than a traditional club chair or recliner. Ideally, none of us would ever have clutter. But realistically?

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Maintain plenty of space between, for example, seating pieces and tables. Wallpaper is a gorgeous decorating option, but it can feel overwhelming sometimes, perhaps, either visually or economically. If you absolutely would never wallpaper a room, consider using wallpaper on a smaller scale. Hang just a patch of it somewhere, in a strategic spot where it looks like art. Herringbone pattern is a classic, adding an element of historical flavor and stylistic aesthetic to any space.

You could consider herringbone pattern on your wood floors, for example.

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But for smaller scale decorating ideas, try incorporating herringbone pattern via your artwork or backsplash or accessories. Brushed nickel has served the design world well for a number of years, but the movement is now toward the warmer and subtler golden brass in fixtures and hardware. Part of the fun of this decorating idea is that stainless steel, in many ways, has become everyday. But this softer brass metallic is chic, warm, AND unexpected.

Nothing kills natural light more than heavy, dark draperies. Light, sheer, gauzy curtains allow for light to filter through but still maintain a sense of privacy. When the curtains reach the floor, that keeps the airiness grounded with a touch of sophistication as well.

String art is an artistic merging of several different worlds — rustic wood can serve as the foundation, industrial style is introduced with the nails, and farmhouse or cottage style is hinted at with cotton string. But when these elements combine to create a picture or word that is meaningful to you and complementary to your space and style, string art is a fantastic decorating idea. This beautiful hue combines both serenity and sophistication, keeping a toe-hold in the organic, earthy realm while being at home in the more silvery of spotlights.

Regardless of your style, you can always find ways to incorporate a variety of natural materials and textures into your space. The possibilities are endless, really. Stone, brick, tile, leather, bamboo, rattan , jute, wicker, and wood in any form or on any surface will help your space feel welcoming, organic, and comfortable. While painting the exterior front door might be relatively easy to swallow, consider taking this concept a step further with this decorating idea: paint your interior doors as well.

Maybe not all of them, but you could easily choose one or two doors strategically to infuse with color for a punchy, freshened up interior. Old boxes, particularly old wooden boxes or luggage, have a vintage charm that is hard, if not impossible, to replicate. They give any space a sense of history and presence…and if you play your cards right, they can double as valuable storage. The best way to make your space feel larger and more spacious is with natural light. Large windows , glass doors, sheer window treatments, or no window treatments altogether are all ways to use natural light to your decorating advantage.

If you feel safer with typical neutral walls and large furniture pieces, you can still infuse your space with a lovely sense of color and vitality in other areas. Area rugs are a prime place to introduce color and pattern without detracting from an otherwise neutral-focused space. Throw pillows and blankets also add pops of color to boost the energy of peaceful neutrality.

This is especially true when the bold pattern is of something inherently softer, such as a floral theme. The contrast between the two is engaging and attractive. Consider reupholstering a part of your furniture in a bold pattern, or use the pattern on a throw pillow or area rug. Acrylic chairs, a glass-topped table , or even plexiglass shelving is a visually lightweight and contemporary way to bring a modern flair to your space.

Unique designs and patterns are part of bone inlay, and these pieces tend to give off a well-traveled, globally accountable vibe.

11 Wall Decor Ideas for Small Homes and Apartments | Architectural Digest

This decorating idea is as classic, probably, as the black and white color combination itself, but it should be stated. Hang some geometric print wallpaper or DIY a geometric planter; whatever you choose, your space will feel freshened up right away. This accommodation will make your home a more functional and comfortable place to be. Especially when the moody palette is combined with different colored metals and glossy marble and something like velvet upholstery, the combination is luxurious and approachable both. More Cheap Decorating Ideas.

DIY Art We all have blank walls, but not everyone is an artist and few of us have the budget for one-of-a-kind works. Close Close Previous. All Cheap Decorating Ideas. Decorative Pushpins Read More Next. Decorate with Tape Read More Next.

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      Home Decor Ideas

      Here are some simple ideas to get you started. Studies show that gardening and plants can have a range of positive effects on us. Create an inspiring work spot for kids by updating their desk with a new theme. With stationery, desks, stools, rugs and more it has everything you need to update you.

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