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Luxury hotel Sofitel boasts one of the best views of the city We're not even exaggerating here. Sofitel's loo is not so much a toilet as a powder room: golden drapes frame the floor-to-ceiling windows, from which you can see all the way out to the Dandenongs , as well as the Royal Botanic Gardens , the Shrine of Remembrance , the 'G and even out to the sea.

If you can handle dragging yourself out of bed well before dawn then the flight really is worth it. Unsurprisingly there are not a lot of people around at sunrise, and drifting over the city in the dawn light feels surreal. Lune Croissanterie 's croissants earned the venue the top spot on Time Out Melbourne's best patisseries list, and they were dubbed "the world's best" by a writer for The New York Times.

Not a bad gig for brother-sister team Kate and Cameron Reid. As with many celebrated Melbourne eateries ahem, Chin Chin , such high accolades often mean crowds. The lines snake out of the door nearly every day, in fact. But does Lune really cut the mustard? In short, yes. Created in a climate-controlled lab, Lune croissants are almost mathematically perfect: crisp and golden with visible layers of delicate pastry.

Don't miss: The plain croissants are the OG, but we're also particularly fond of the almond croissant. It's less than an hour's drive from the CBD. The cellar doors of the region's famous wineries are open every weekend, and the winery restaurants are becoming some of the most sought-after dining destinations out of Melbourne. Seriously, do not miss this. It's actually the last single-screen cinema of its kind in continuous operation in Melbourne.

Beautiful gold curtains frame the screen, and the entire experience feels like you've flashed back to old Hollywood. The theatre boasts a program of new and classic films in 35mm, 70mm and digital formats, and it's a cultural hub for movie fans, with double features, remastered classics, new and independent movies, film festivals and special events. A restaurant from cooking genius Heston Blumenthal that landed at Crown Melbourne in You could think of it as gastronomic past meeting gastronomic futurism.

Look, we get it. There are often stunning costumes, elaborate set design and so much drama at the opera. OK, it seems obvious, but most visitors have never even seen a tram, let alone ridden on one. The tram network branches out from the city centre.

Atlas Obscura: An Explorer's Guide to the World's Hidden Wonders

Well, a glass-bottomed section of the pool actually cantilevers out over Flinders Lane, meaning you can spy all the tiny ant people scurrying along while you're submerged in water. After an upgrade in late , the rooftop pool deck is looking as fresh as ever. You don't have to be a guest of the hotel, though you do have to pay. Grab a spritz and your beach towel, and you'll be golden. Climb the stairs at vertical laneway Curtin House and you'll find a private booth bar to the left and an excellent band space to the right.

Don't miss: Heading upstairs to super popular Rooftop Bar for a drink among the city's rooftops. You can feel the weight of the past as soon as you step into the grounds and look up to the gothic spires of the convent. It's also an excellent place to roam, explore or just relax on the green hills and amongst the gardens. If you want to take photos without people walking through your shot, we suggest waking up early.

You can take a stroll around the park and take in the natural landscape and historic sites, which are located throughout the gardens. This Spanish Mission-style conservatory was opened way back in March Pro tip: make sure your nasal passages are clear — the smell is incredible. Westgate Park, located on the edge of the city in Port Melbourne, turns a delicious shade of pink every summer. It happens in late summer and the colour can intensify as the water evaporates in the summer heat. Melbourne is a coffee city , we know this. Founder Nolan Hirte is dedicated to bringing customers closer to the origins of their daily joe, and you can really taste the coffee love.

On the other hand, diehard curd lovers should prepare to be impressed.

A girl's adventure in food and travel around the world

Um, have you seen the photos!? The Aurora Australis, like its northern sister, is very difficult to predict. Patience is key here. As close as you'll come to a true secret garden, the Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens is located deep within the Dandenong Ranges. Take a walk through the park and see the awesome canopy of mountain ash trees or take a picnic by the picturesque lake and quaint boathouse. In spring, the park is full of colour with flowering azaleas and cherry trees, while in autumn the park turns golden with the changing colours of the maples and beeches. The distillery itself is an airy and open warehouse space within easy walking distance of the city.

The bar at the front is open to the public try a whisky and tonic — you can thank us later and a great space to catch up with friends. It is whisky-focused, as you'd expect, with Starward as well as other Australian spirits available and a few craft beers. You can taste it at its various stages along the way too, as well as seeing up close the state-of-the-art equipment and hundreds of barrels ageing the precious liquid.

A tennis ball-sized parcel of meat, cabbage and just the right amount of spice and served two ways: fried or steamed. The South Melbourne Market dim sims are probably the best dim sims in the state. Don't miss: The potato focaccia, which Twomey has perfected to contain both a strong, exterior crunch and light, interior airiness. A boat hire service out of Docklands that lets you take a five-metre-long boat out on the Yarra River. Boats come equipped with a built-in picnic table in the middle, meaning you can have lunch and drinks on the river. A venue within Melbourne Museum , Bunjilaka was developed to empower Aboriginal people to interpret their own cultural heritage for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

Here you can celebrate the vibrant cultures of Indigenous Australia with exhibitions about traditional performances, storytelling rituals and artworks. It's a museum must see. As the name suggests, Californian redwoods are indigenous to coastal California and the southernwestern corner of Oregon in the US. Redwoods were planted down the coast in the Great Ocean National Park in the s as well as a collection in the Warburton Valley. These trees are distinguished by their extreme height they can reach up to metres tall and their somewhat horizontal branches.

The grid-like plantation in Warburton includes over 1, trees, all up to 55 metres tall. Every February Melbourne kicks off its Chinese New Year celebrations, which often include traditional live music, food, firecrackers, street performers, martial artists and the traditional lion dance down Little Bourke Street aka Chinatown. Chinese New Year and Lunar New Year is for many a time to get together with friends and family to wish for good luck and a prosperous year ahead.

As Melbourne's Asian communities celebrate, everyone is invited to join in the festivities all around the city. One of Melbourne's best small theatres, Arts House is where you can go when you don't have the dollars to catch a mainstage show. Going to a smaller theatre will no doubt reward you with cutting-edge, locally made theatre for at least half the cost. Committed to contemporary performance in all its guises, Arts House presents an innovative year-round program of national and international works, including theatre, dance, live art, digital and visual art.

Afternoon tea at the Windsor is a strictly traditional afternoon tea complete with ribbon sandwiches, warm scones and an ever-changing array of pastries. A kayak ride right through the centre of the city thanks to Kayak Melbourne. Street food and Michelin stars might not seem the likeliest of bedfellows, but Hawker Chan sure makes it work. Sounds simple, but sometimes simple dishes are the hardest to perfect. This alpine region is great for skiers and snow bunnies in winter, and in the warmer months the resort is an ideal day-trip destination for bushwalking, mountain biking, cycling, trail running, leisurely picnics and nature walks.

Lake Mountain has dedicated toboggan slopes that are great for beginners. But Melbourne still puts on quite the show every NYE. It's one of the only times where you don't need to ride an elevator for a beautiful city vista. Don't miss: A show while you're there! It's one of the city's best concert halls. It's one of Melbourne's most eclectic suburbs.

The black-and-white cuties are there all year round, but the best viewing is in summer after sunset. It was built in the s, and it certainly lets you know it. We reckon the fanciest-looking entrance is via Collins Street, though the grandeur certainly smacks you in the face if you sneak in from Block Place. With the high, domed glass ceilings, extravagant cornices and an ornate tiled floor the Block is like a set from Harry Potter.

Even the arcade's retailers fit the wizarding world brief with fancy chocolate shops, old-fashioned tea rooms, jewellers, watchmakers and more. If you do, staff will also offer you a free sample choccy. You'll learn fascinating stories about Melbourne's seedy past, including tales of murder, brothels and a centuries-old unsolved mystery. The Tan is encircled by the beautiful surrounds of the Royal Botanic Gardens. Experienced guides, who have low or no vision, escort you into a pitch-black room and help you sit down, find your cutlery and find your wine and water.

Have you ever stopped to consider how much you rely on your eyesight to do something as simple as enjoy a meal out? From finding your wine glass to loading your fork to making eye contact with your dining companion, your eyesight makes eating out simple, and indeed almost automatic. A Gold Rush cocktail is an essential sweet-and-sour salve made from lemon juice, honey and a healthy glug of bourbon.

Had we not, the remainder of this journey would have never taken place. Yup, justified. If anyone really wants to examine our cheap world cruise budget, the table below gives a complete breakdown of every travel expense we incurred over the day cheap world cruise. But the above figures are expenses, as we technically paid less! And it was our high-cost transpacific cruise, on the Volendam, that really rose the budget. There are regularly cruises making this Pacific crossing for significantly less than what we paid to cross the ocean.

Additionally, we splurged a few hundred dollars extra for two cruises to have a stateroom with a window to look out during our voyages. We traveled through the most expensive countries in the world and our daily costs reflect that. It would be easy to plan an itinerary through cheaper countries, which would significantly lower costs. In Asia, Singapore is the common connection for repositioning cruises. Meanwhile, in Europe, instead of passing through the budget-busters of France, Switzerland, and UK, there are two other much more economical approaches.

Barcelona is a very common hub for repositioning cruises and Spain along with Portugal is the most budget-friendly country to travel in Western Europe. Otherwise, the cheap destinations throughout Eastern Europe are another good idea, and you can sometimes find repositioning cruises, to or from Athens.

Nusa Penida Guide: What You Need to Know Before You Go - Girl Eat World

We often have a bad habit of fast travel, racing around a country while packing in as much as we can. The cruise prices regularly fluctuate based on demand, cancelations, promotions, and a variety of other factors. Often waiting until the last minute within a month or so can be a smart move to get a rock-bottom deal. In other instances, it turned out to be a bad move. Booking last-minute can be risky. Cruises can unexpectedly sell-out or increase dramatically in price, even at the last minute. One wrong move or a sold-out cruise can break apart an entire itinerary being strung together.

There are a lot of moving pieces that form one giant puzzle. Therefore what we did, and recommend, is make refundable reservations on whatever repositioning cruise fares around the world look attractive at any time. Even though we only took four cruises, we had actually made eight reservations. We ended up canceling four reservations for completely different cruises similar routes that we never took. We received full refunds. It was nice to lock in those rates as contingency plans while keeping an eye on the prices of other potential cruises.

So we certainly held that reservation and were really happy we booked the refundable reservation when we did. Meanwhile, we had cruises booked from Singapore to Europe that we ultimately canceled because a better deal had suddenly emerged. We would watch the cruise prices every day to see if fares have changed. Some people check the stock market on a daily basis.

I check cruise prices. There are pay sites that will actually monitor this for you and send you emails. But I simply prefer to bookmark the cruise fare pages and make it a 1-minute morning routine to see if rates have changed. I make notes on the bookmarks to remind me of what the cost was and what promotions they were offering, so I can easily recall and compare how rates may have changed.

Above, you can see my bookmarks and the crazy notes that help me keep track of it all. Being the data geek that I am, I also make spreadsheets. Once the cancelation period rolls around, we would make our best guestimate as to whether the rates may rise or fall. If there were other cruises embarking on similar routes at similar time frames at similar price points, we might feel comfortable with canceling our booking and holding out for a cheap last minute rate, knowing that we had multiple options to watch and consider.

The most crucial component to employing this strategy is to ensure you are well aware of the cancelation periods of cruises that you may end up forgoing so that you can cancel on time and get the refund. Each cruise line has their own appeal, novelties, strong points, and drawbacks. Any cruise is a great cruise to us if the price is right. Most people do have strong preferences towards certain lines and can be much pickier.

We understand that. Celebrity and Norwegian tend to be favorites, for different reasons. But if attempting to piece together a cheap world cruise, we advise simply booking the cheapest possible segments that fit your itinerary! Most cruises will be at similar rates between different booking sites. But there can be some variances. Some cruise booking sites do sometimes offer stronger promotions than one another.

Or call a travel agent. We find their search functionality to be the most flexible. Often they also have the most attractive rates and promos too, which is why we used them to book two of our four world cruise segments we embarked on. We prefer the convenience of online booking. Both sites allow you to see the total price, cabin availability, and you can complete the entire booking transaction online yourself.

Both sites do tend to have attractive rates and promos. As such, we booked our transpacific cruise on Priceline and our Norwegian Bliss transatlantic on CruiseDirect, as they respectively had the best rates and promotions at the time of booking. Instead, your exact cabin location is assigned to you a week or so before the cruise departs.

On the upside, you have an off-chance of potentially getting an upgrade. You also are guaranteed to be paying the lowest possible rate within the category you book inside, outside, balcony. It does happen. To catch these repositioning cruise deals to form a cheap world cruise, you have to be keenly aware of where cruise lines are shifting their fleet during the changing of the seasons. It is also possible to find rogue cruises that buck these trends.

The reason for this unusual timing was because it was a brand new ship Norwegian Bliss that was on its way to being moved to Alaska for the summer. So we were able to take advantage of that! By carefully scouring through every potential cheap repositioning cruise option, we even managed to find two cruises lined up in Singapore on the exact same day. So we cruised from Hong Kong to Singapore on the Celebrity Millennium and were able to step right off to get on the Costa Victoria for the remaining voyage from Singapore to Italy.

It took a lot of planning, but when it finally happened, this was such a beautiful sight! Pursuing a cheap around the world cruise can be accomplished by piecing together repositioning cruises in either direction. But which way is better?

Top 20 Europe Facts

If you were to begin in the US in the Spring, the likely option would be to begin on a transatlantic from the East coast and head west. We took a westward route around the world and find that direction to be ideal. You skip a day jumping the International Date Line while crossing the Pacific, which is interesting. But the beautiful part about a westbound itinerary is the frequently rolling back the clock, which gives you hour days! To truly show how this can be done on the extremely cheap, here are some cheap repositioning cruises that you can book right now for your own cheap world cruise using a westward approach.

Each of these are very cheap transpacific cruises that will get you from Vancouver to Tokyo at very low rates with stops along the way throughout Alaska and Japan:. Spend the winter traveling throughout Asia. You can enjoy colder winter climates like we did in Japan, Korea, and China. Or breakaway to cheaper and warmer climates by catching a cruise or even a ferry or two to get down to Southeast Asia. Bask on tropical beaches and stay at inexpensive resorts throughout Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Malaysia, before ultimately a catching a repositioning cruise from Singapore to Europe in February.

Currently, you can book this exotic route from Singapore to Italy sailing across the Indian Ocean and through the Suez Canal. There are other cruises making this route but they are currently priced quite expensive. This cruise is a great rate for the month-long voyage:. After arriving to Italy, enjoy the summer in Europe traveling by rail.

Head to Eastern Europe to get out of the Shenzhen Zone and to linger in cheaper countries to help keep your budget down. Eventually, make your way to the west where you can catch a final transatlantic back to North America. Cruise back across the Atlantic Ocean to complete your trip around the world without flights. There will likely be several cheap cruises making this journey across the Atlantic in the Fall and prices will likely drop from current rates.

At the present, this is the cheapest Fall transatlantic that you can lock in, which is an attractive rate and includes an overnight in Lisbon:. To keep costs low and actually accomplish a cheap cruise entirely around the world, there are so many critical strategies to success.

Single supplements are usually imposed on solo travelers on cruises. Use Internet on land. See what we packed here : Ultimate Packing List. This all takes a bit of planning and strategy to organize, which all leads to an adventure of a lifetime, cruising around the world without flights! For example, along the way we sent out some Christmas gifts to family, bought wedding presents and shipped a few baby gifts, none of which has anything to do with our travel cost. Hence these were omitted from our budget. Tip : In ports with lengthier stays, do laundry while ashore. Only one ship we were on, the Volendam, had self-service washing machines.

Otherwise, we actually brought laundry with us onshore in places like Thailand, where it only costs a few dollars to have your clothes laundered for you. We also have a US-based T-mobile phone data plan that includes unlimited 2G worldwide coverage in almost every country. During this cheap cruise around the world, we also needed a few different visas to legally enter some countries. Other countries have a more complicated and bureaucratic approach, which can take some advanced planning to sort out.

One interesting aspect about cruising is that some countries actually waive the required visas and associated fees for cruise passengers as a way to lure cruises to come there. That fee and the process is completely waived for cruise passengers. This is yet another way how cruises can really save! Yet not all countries are quite that nice. Meanwhile, a visa was also required for India and the cruise was charging a very inflated rate hundreds of dollars to procure.

It was still a hefty price to enter the country for only a single day, yet it could have been much more had we not gotten it ourselves. The other visa we required was the toughest and the most costly: China. We spent many hours over the course of serval days at the China embassy in Seoul to secure this ourselves. Again, there are services that can do this for you very effortlessly. But they charge fees for their convenience. Visas are always cheaper if you go through the hurdles of obtaining them directly.

It is not a one-time trip cost. Bottom line : Research any required visas for any countries being visited. Plan accordingly. Another worthy expense that we strongly urge for any worldly adventures is travel insurance. If you were to encounter any sort of major disaster along the way, travel insurance will have you covered.

Whether a nasty car accident or a violent earthquake, travel insurance can cover your foreign medical expenses and help get you home. Unexpected emergencies are our primary reason for having this coverage while traveling. But travel insurance has many additional benefits such as rental car insurance, petty theft, minor medical issues that may arise, trip cancelation, missing passports or credit cards, and so much more. Tip : We found they give the lowest rate when getting a 6-month plan. The per-day rate becomes higher when getting longer or shorter coverage. Check rates here.

Thankfully during our cheap world cruise, we never had any major incident requiring us to use the travel insurance we purchased, despite being hit by a typhoon in Japan. But we have used it on previous trips to cover rental car damage, illness, and lost luggage, in which we found the claims process was efficient and just. We find that to be a very cheap way for such a luxurious and effortless way to travel entirely around the world without flights! Otherwise, bon voyage! I m glad I am rich enough to not have to worry about all these and still enjoy everything, plus more.

Your conclusion strikes me as odd. This cruise around the world was such an awesome experience, that was not at all miserable for us. Yet we prefer to make our money go further and make smart financial decisions that enable us to travel indefinitely at a fairly young age. Thanks for the suggestion to make more money! As we continue to travel, we are indeed hustling hard to do just that. Happy travels!

So awesome you pulled that off! I always recommend people visit in the shoulder season, since the weather is usually quite good still but there are WAY less tourists and everything is cheaper. Glad you were able to take advantage of that for your trip. So I really enjoyed reading about your voyages. Plus, that tip about having the case of beer sent to your stateroom was brilliant! Kudos to you for researching and executing such a lengthy itinerary! Our dogs at home keep us from taking lengthy cruises, but maybe in the future retired?

You have inspired me! This strategy is brilliant. I was thinking about wedging this travel in between selling a house and before buying another…. I am curious how much you think you spent…all in; including the land travel. Always glad to provide a bit of travel inspiration to show how such an extravagant experience can be an affordable reality! Many people could pursue something like this in retirement. That would perhaps be the easiest way. Personally, we take a more unconventional route.

We live a nomadic and minimalistic lifestyle with no home, no car, and very few possessions. Hence we have almost no expenses other than travel. Meanwhile, we work online which brings us income and fuels our travel expenses. So this is also a way that someone could have the time and money to do something like this, as I hope we have proven it can indeed be a reality. Hey you two look great together. Thank you. My question is about Costa cruise lines. In your experience, how justified is this? As far as I can tell, the complaints come down to safety and rudeness by the crew.

Personally, we enjoyed our experience with Costa overall. We had read many of those overly negative reviews which made us very reluctant to book an entire month cruise. So we came aboard the Costa Victoria with low expectations, which were easily exceeded. Coming from Asia, we absolutely loved all the Italian food.

We never tired of it and found the cuisine to be excellent. And we loved all the Italian flair found throughout the ship. We were clearly in the minority as non-European passengers. I think there were only a few dozen Americans total. Explore Life Cycles. Explorer Tales. Explorer Travel Guides. Exploring British Values. Exploring Great Rivers.

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