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A visual tour will be made through the rooms and. Sometimes we will stop to enjoy a magnificent painting or a delicate object, and at other times we will just let the photographs tell their own story. Sketch by Vincent van Gogh made in on the corner of the Prinsessegracht. But the history of the. While most Dutch cities originally had city walls, The Hague did not. The story goes that the reason for this was that The. When the money was available, genuine outside threats had disappeared and city walls had become obsolete.

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The very well preserved row of magnificent eighteenth. He was one of the group of contractors that was involved in. The construction of the house was completed in This harmonious appearance is partly thanks to a building code which was issued by the municipal. The middle bay, in particular, is an impos-.

The relatively plain double entrance doors are framed by Ionic columns. The fanlight is decorated with. The first buyer was Thomas King , later 5th Baron King, who at the time was a partner in. Historical etching showing a panorama of The Hague in great detail with Prinsessegracht on the far right.

Lestevenon In a sense, the house became the home of a diplomat for the first time, as Lestevenon later. Perre and Mr. Although Citters is listed as the last occupant in the population register, which runs until. Dubbing Suerdfeger became downstairs front room was decorated entirely in red.

Blue was the predominant colour in the grand hall, as it was. In both rooms large Smyrna carpets covered the floor. One of the upstairs bedrooms was known as the. Bylandt As was the fashion of the time, the house was sometimes used as a winter residence. During this period he installed all kinds of modern conveniences, such as central heating, bathrooms.

At the auction, the house Knoops owed money. This company soon managed to sell the monumental property to the Republic of Turkey, which was looking for a new residence for its Ambassador. Finally, on 1 November , it became the property of the last. Several years after he bought the house, however,. Turkish Republic, is dated 22 March Prinsessegracht Since then this stunning, historical property has remained the official residence of the Turkish diplomatic mission.

It is like walking into a time machine; you are transported from a busy 21st century city to a tranquil home from the 18th century. A beautiful marble floor welcomes the guests at the entrance of the house. Wherever the floor in the ornamental sitting rooms is not covered with carpets of the highest quality, the finest wood is visible, laid in a herringbone pattern.

Crowning the wooden stairwell in the central hallway is an attractive, octagonal plastered dome surrounded by windows that beautifully plays with light and shadow. The space is divided in a front and back. The doors and the wainscoting are decorated with deftly carved, asymmetric. In contrast to the other rooms, the front room has the only fireplace crafted entirely. Other fireplaces in the house seem to be made of marble, but on closer inspection the sides turn out to. The airy and highly subtle rococo style suggests that this front-room can be dated to around One perceives a difference in style when entering the spacious late Louis XV, or rococo style, room at the rear with matching furniture.

Between the windows overlooking the garden, we encounter a wooden cupboard adorned with a painting of putti male infants and playing children. It is the painted panels by Johann Heinrich Keller however that lend the room its rich and sumptuous ambi-. The opulence of the room is matched by the carved frame adorning the mirror over the fireplace, which depicts a richly filled basket of flowers and two cornucopia,. This most stunning room in the Residence is situated on the ground floor, giving on the. Prinsessegracht 29 is the official Residence of the Turkish Ambassador, but it is also a private home.

The private rooms are located on the first floor. They virtually replicate the layout and size of the downstairs rooms, but their decorative finish is more restrained. All these rooms are executed in a fairly sparse and austere Louis XIV-style. On the second floor we find the guest quarters.

These beautifully furnished rooms offer the guest a home away from home. It is an adventure to look up and down, from the magnificent ceilings to the wooden floors. The dining room is a particularly pleasant room. The large wall-covering paintings are like windows to another place and time, showing pastoral scenes that evoke the feeling that we are enjoying our meal in a peaceful Italian setting.

The walls of. The goddess of love holds a child in each arm and hovers effortlessly against a backdrop of threatening thunder clouds. This painted ceiling, which.

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It is surrounded by a finely crafted moulding. The mehowever show the extent of 18th century craftsmanship. As early as the start of the 17th North of Europe. In , Luraghi became a citizen of The. It is uncertain whether Luraghi was personally.

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In the former office of the Ambassador, we discover black and white overdoor paintings with similar scenes. In one we see cupids working. In the other we see women trying to steal the bows and arrows of peacefully sleeping cupids. This work was placed later, and can possibly be dated to the seventeenth century. The paintings of the Turkish Residence are of a remarkable.

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They are not mere illustrations to entertain the guests but are instead key to the homely atmosphere of the house. In one we see cupids sharpening their arrows. In the other we see women trying to steal the bows and arrows of sleeping cupids. The Turkish Residence also houses paintings that are part of the collection of the Embassy itself. Especially the paintings by Halil Pasha , which adorn the walls of the residence and show seaside landscapes, are of an extraordinary tranquil beauty.

Halil Pasha studied in Paris for eight years, before returning to Istanbul to teach art at the War Academy, of which he later would become the principal. The painted decorations, which comprise four wall panels and four overdoor pieces, were all painted by Johann Heinrich Keller Keller was born in Zurich but had settled and worked in The Hague since Keller was one of the leading artists in The Hague during the midth century.

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  • Turkish ambassador to Kyrgyzstan storms out of iftar dinner in protest of Gülenist attendees.
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In addition to landscapes and portraits, he also produced a multitude of decorative works such as wall panels and ceiling, chimney and overdoor pieces which were featured in many houses in The Hague and other cities in the provinces of Holland and Zeeland. The dining room is almost a gallery. Every wall is covered with large scale panelled paintings. The painting representing Venus and Adonis surmounting the mantelpiece is. It was probably relocated from another house to its present home in the early years of the 20th century.

The other paint-. Two are cm wide and two are cm wide. They portray idyllic landscape. These so-called capriccios were an. Keller based three of his. The four dessus-de-portes, or overdoor paintings, show Venetian cityscapes, copied after prints by Michele Marieschi. The artist compensated for the. This group of works by Keller is the only one still in situ - in the actual place they were intended to.

During the. A flood in early necessitated a major renovation of the left wing of the building. Water caused serious damage to the dining room, including to the magnificent wall paintings, and the two bedrooms on the first and second floors. The first thing to be done was to remove the wall paintings from their original positions and transport them to two.

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While the structural restoration of the building was taking place,. This special technique of using soft-grit abrasive does not harm the original structure of the wood. Subsequently, the panels and frames were filled. Ambassador Can Dizdar mentioned that there were sure to be many areas of mutual interest where the Ismaili Centre, the Aga Khan Development Network, and the Turkish Embassy would be able to work together.

The opportunities for cultural collaborations between the Turkish Embassy and the Ismaili Centre were discussed and the ambassador agreed that there would be opportunities to partner in relation to such events.

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What I saw and heard today definitely opens up new horizons in the minds and hearts of the mankind. More Events. Important Links. The Ismaili Imamat. IJN Editorial Staff. Related articles. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Community Calendar. Learning program hosted by the Denver Kollel at three locations. With breakfast. Aish, 8 a. Kollel West Side, 8 a. Sinai in Cheyenne with potluck non-dairy sides.

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At Garland Park. Held at a private home. Other dates: July 5, 6 p. Ptluck Shabbat dinner, followed by Friday night services with shared stories of mountaintop experiences. At Beth Evergreen. Series with Cantor Marty Goldstein exploring the basics of Kabbalah and its impact on Jewish history. Outdoor pool parties at the JCC. Rocky Mountain Jew. IJN Columnists.

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