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Rich duff — the needles, leaves, and cones that fall from trees and decay into rich humus on the forest floor — creates an indescribable, earthy smell and provides sustenance to a variety of wildlife. Just under your feet, decay feeds regeneration. Rainforest extends from the edge of the coast up through the coast range, all of which is prime territory for fungi. This is because mushrooms sprout up in the same patches of ground every year, so hunters are hesitant to give away their hard-won knowledge.

Consulting maps and satellite images, and looking for remote roads that traverse wild forest, can yield unique off-trail experiences. Lightly used hiking trails are also a great place to start, not only because mushrooms are easier to find but also because of the calm, natural solitude such excursions afford.

People who go out hoping to encounter edible mushrooms on their first try may be disappointed. Mushroom hunters are content to be in the forest, encountering its smells, sights, and sounds. By engaging in the hunt, your relationship to the forest changes. Looking up, the forest entirely surrounds you. Timing can be tricky. In general, the best season for finding mushrooms in the Pacific Northwest is between September and November. However, different mushrooms fruit at different times, and even mushrooms of the same variety in the same location will fruit on their own time from year to year, dependent on weather and other factors.

To be honest, anyone visiting a Pacific Northwest coastal forest in any season should be prepared for at least some rain. In September, visitors are more likely to enjoy some sun, but a lack of precipitation could mean there are few mushrooms. Many others can make you sick.

Yet while the risks of eating wild mushrooms can be quite serious, people are too often scared away from hunting. Several mushrooms are easy to safely identify. Some basic caution and preparation can help to keep you safe. Your best defense against mushroom poisoning is a good guidebook and, if possible, help from a more experienced hunter.

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Its beautiful photographs and anecdotes from mushroom enthusiasts are a joy to read. The Oregon Mycological Society , based in Portland, is one of many organizations and resources for learning about mushrooms.

Their annual fall mushroom show is a great place to learn and experience mushrooms, and could be a good event to plan a trip around. Finding mushrooms at farmers markets can also be a great way to see, smell, and taste edible varieties and chat up experienced foragers.

Breathing life into study and practice - RAIN

Some mushrooms, like the Matsutake, can best be identified by smell, so encountering it at a show or a market can help to make identification much easier. Chanterelles are an iconic edible mushroom and can be found on the forest floor all over the Pacific Northwest. Their wavy, conical shape is unique and different from the archetypical round-capped mushroom.

They have a subtle, elegant, earthy, and an occasionally almost fruity flavor. Cream of Chanterelle soup is a classic recipe. However, you may prefer to eat chanterelles on their own with just a little butter or oil to enjoy the subtleties of their flavor and texture.

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The cauliflower mushroom looks, from a distance, like a cauliflower. Up close, its slightly yellow flesh looks more like egg noodles. Unlike the Chanterelle, Cauliflower mushrooms grow from the wood near the base of conifers, especially pine. As the largest mushroom on this list, it ranges from cauliflower-sized up to an incredible three feet in diameter. It should be cooked thoroughly to moderate its chewy texture and can be added to a variety of dishes.

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Reserve a party or stop by Wacky Indoor Bounce for walk in play every day of the week! We have fond memories of getting lost in adventure, swimming in the sounds of quarters dropping, people laughing, and the cacophony of blips and bleeps in the air.

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When home video games started looking more and more like what you could get from an afternoon at the arcade… people stopped going. The sounds. The atmosphere. The friends. We started The Coin Jam because we miss the arcade. The Coin Jam Court St. A great place to bring the kids to jump!

Oregon Garden Natural Resource Education Program

Kids need at least 60 minutes a day of exercise, and this place has you covered. The Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum is a one-stop learning, exploration, and fun area. First opened in as the Evergreen Museum, the museum is the brainchild of Captain Michael King Smith who wished to honor veterans and keep the interest alive for air-crafts and space exploration. Since that day, the collection has been growing and the exhibits have been expanding to include a variety of space and aviation related artifacts. See birds of prey , the porcupine exhibit, a bobcat and more. Check out our collection of desert dwellers in the Desertarium.

Visit with living history characters at the Miller Family Ranch. Explore High Desert history and culture in our permanent exhibits.

Enjoy watching the river otters in their newly renovated Autzen Otter Exhibit. The Museum is set on beautiful wooded acres just south of Bend. We have a lot going on at the Museum this fall including new exhibits, lectures, kids camps , special events and more. A non-contact sport, Ultrazone appeals to people of all ages, in all walks of life, and at all skill levels. Ultrazone is played in a huge square feet arena built on two levels with incredible special effects.

Step inside Ultrazone and experience movable walls, popping lights, eerie glowing rocks, a room of reflections, ramps, and mazes. Unknown challenges lurk around every corner. Putters and Strike City Bowling in Eugene offers laser tag, bowling, miniature golf, video games and more. And be careful not to step over the edge of the universe in the deep-space hall of mirrors.

Growing up in Eugene, this was one of my favorite places to visit. While they, unfortunately, are no longer in Eugene, Wunderland is still very much alive and a great place to enjoy classic arcade games! Have any places you love to visit in Oregon? You can also tweet That Oregon Life thatoregonlife! Log in to leave a comment. Your Privacy is protected. That Oregon Life. World Naked Hiking Day is Awesome. But is it Legal? Facebook Comments.