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MtHa, exchange. Mtpa, measure. MtciiTb, to knead. MtCTO, place. CMtCb, mixture. OTBtri, answer. CBopt-Jb, reed, pipe. CBtmiu, fresh. CBtTb, light. CBtTUTb, to illuminate. CBt44, candle. TtHb, shade. TtCBbiu, narrow. TtCTO, dough. TtmBTb, to amuse. Two words only do not follow this rule, viz. Also in the prepositional case of nouns which end in and e : Ex. In the first and third of these examples the letter n appears in all the cases.

And likewise in all words derived from these verbs : Ex. The participles and gerunds, and also all words derived from these verbs, likewise maintain the letter lb : Ex. Likewise in nouns adjective formed from these adverbs : Ex. In such it stands for ik : Ex. The former gives a hard articulation : Ex. In such cases it must be observed that all nouns of the masculine gender take 5 after the sibilant letters above enumerated : Ex. The same remark applies to the patronymic nouns : Ex.

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Proper Use op Separate Words. In all other instances it is written separately : Ex. But if these prepositions do not form adverbs or conjunctions, and govern some one case or another, then they are written separately : Ex. In all others it is written separately : Ex. The Romans were as famous as the Greeks. Copulatives may connect — 1 Two nouns substantive: Ex. Likewise adjectives with substantives : Ex.

I Copulatives, or hyphens, serve also to connect words which are disjointed by being- carried on from one line to another, and of this mention is made below. Disjointing of Words. Contraction op Words. Contracted words must end ordinarily in a consonant : Ex. PAGE j. A New Volume of Sermons. Crown 8vo. With Map. Second Edition. Post 8vo. The Result of a Life. Demy Svo. A Life's Decision. Crown Svo. An aid to the study of Scientific and Comparative Juris- prudence.

Ancient and Modern Britons : a Retrospect. Peter and Paul. Second Edition Enlarged. Square Svo. Evenings with the Saints. Six Lectures. Small crown Svo. With 7 fuli-page Illus- trations and a Railway Map of Mexico. In which the equivalents for English Words and Idiomatic Sentences are rendered into literary and colloquial Arabic. English Constitution, New and Re- vised Edition. Lombard Street.

A Description of the Money Market. Eighth Edition. Essays on Parliamentary Reform. Demy 8vo. The Principles of Colliery Ventilation. Second Edition, greatly enlarged, crown 8vo. Small 4to. With 20 Illustrations. New and Cheaper Edition. Small With Exercises selected from the Bible. Crown 4to. With numerous Illustrations by Photogravure. An Ethical Study. With Enghsh Wording. Translated and adapted from the German by C. Kegan Paul, M. Stone, M. Third Edition. Eurney Prize Essay. Small crown 8vo.

With Appendix and 16 Illustrations. Small , 2s. With a Preface by his Eminence Cardinal Manning. Second and Cheaper Edition. With 18 Illustrations. Demy 8vo, lbs. Large crown 8vo. With Critical Remarks and Suggestions with reference to those of England. AVith Frontispiece. New and Cheaper Edition, Crown Svo.

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Scenes in Muham- medan Africa. With Route ulap, and 8 Illustrations by A. F, Jacassey. An Inquiry into the supposed Mutability of Animal Types. English Grammar for Beginners. Simple English Poems. Enghsh Literature for Junior Classes. In Four Parts. Parts I. C — Political Studies. Robertson, M. Edited by. Uniform with Robertson's Sermons. With Steel Portrait, 7 j. Library Edition. A Popular Edition. In I vol. The Fight of Faith. Sermons preached on various occasions- Fifth Edition. The Spirit of the Christian Life. Theology in the English Poets. Fifth Edition. Post Svo. Christ in Modern Life.

Sixteenth Edition. First Series. Thirteenth Edition. Second Series. Sixth Edition. Five Discourses. Fourth Edition. The Christian Policy of Life. A Book for Young Men of Business. With two Illustrations and a Map. Part I. General Introduction. With a Preface by the Rev. Norkis, D. With a Chapter on Pleasure and Health Reports. By Charles Thornton Forster, M. With Frontispieces. By William E. Second Edition, demy 8vo.

A Story, i vol. Translated by Dr. With Figures. Henry James A. Crown 8vO. Seventh Edition. A Special Edition for Schools, is. The Childhood of Religions. Eighth Thousand. Crow-n 8vo. A Special Edition for Schools. Jesus of Nazareth. Small crowTi 8vo. Cole D. Edited by the Very Rev. Dickinson, D. Fitz-Roy — The Peruvians at Home.

Edited by her Daughter. With Index. Cheap Edition. With one Portrait. Joseph Jackson. The Economic Revolution of India. Crow-n Svo. AVith a Preface by the Rev. Edward Thrixg, M. Small crown Svo, Sir George W. New Edition, Demy Svo. Tales of Ancient Greece. New Edition. Sir G.

Third Edition, in i vol. Samuel D. Ninth Edition. The Larger Hope : a Sequel to ' Salv.

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The Genesis of Evil, and other Sermons, mainly expository. Samuel — continued. Balaam : An Exposition and a Study. An Argument and a Challenge. With Illustrations and Maps. Danish Parsonage. By an Angler. Darkness and Dawn. The Peaceful Birth of a New Age.

Tliird and revised Edition. Edited by his Wife. Prayers, with a Discourse on Prayer. Edited by George St. Sermons on Disputed Points and Special Occasions. Sermons on Daily Life and Duty. Three Books of God. Nature, History, and Scripture. Sermons, Edited by George St. JK — The Voyage of the ' Jeannette. Edited by his Wife, Emma de Long. With Portraits, Maps, and many Illustrations on wood and stone. Cope R. Doing and Undoing, A Story.

By Mary Chichele. Studies in Literature, 17 8 7 7. Large post 8vo. A handy book for general readers. With 74 Illustrations. Edited by Professor Mahaffy, with nearly 3, Illustrations. Education Library. By Oscar Browning, M. Old Greek Education. By the Rev. Mahaffy, M.

By Joseph Landon. By Oliver Wendell Hol. Enoch, the Prophet. The Book of. Archbishop Laurence's Translation. With an Introduction by the Author of the ' Evolution of Christianity. Edited by F. Cornish, Assistant blaster at Eton. Sixth and Cheaper Edition. With Four Illustrations. By An Old Resident. With Frontispiece. Eliezer — Scripture Onomatology. Being Critical Notes on the Septuagint and other versions. Frank Leward. Edited by Charles Bampton. Large crown Svo. A Nanrative of the Campaign in Belgium, With Maps and Plans. Genesis in Advance of Present Science.

A Critical Investigation of Chapters I. Being some Chap- ters on the Employment of Gentlewomen. The Remedy. Fifth Library Edition. Cabinet Edition, crown Svo. Social Problems. Glossary of Terms and Phrases. Edited by the Rev. Percy Smith and others. Medium Svo.

Second Edition, revised. Edited by his Widow. With Steel Engraved Portrait. Large post Svo. Seventeenth Century Studies. A Contribution to the Hisiory of English Poetry. Baring M. Ivanoff's Russian Grammar. Cheap Edition, with Portrait, Large crown 8vo. A Tale of Six Weeks. Foundation of Death.

A Study of the Drink Question. Ernst — The History of Creation. Translation revised by Professor E. Ray Lankester, M. With Coloured Plates and Genealogical Trees of the various groups of both plants and animals, 2 vols.

The History of the Evolution of Man. With numerous Illustra- tions. A Visit to Ceylon. Freedom in Science and Teaching. With a Prefatory Note by T. Huxley, F. By Anna C. Ogle Ashford Owen. Sister Dora : a Biography. By Margaret Lonsdale. By the late Charles Kingsley. English Sonnets. Collected and Arranged by J. London Lyrics. Home Songs for Quiet Hours. Canon R. A Political Study and Criticism. A Char- acter-Study. Arrows in the Air. Speech in Season. Thoughts for the Times. Unsectarian Family Prayers. Crovvn 8vo. Complete in 12 vols. Mosses from an Old Manse. The Marble Faun.

American Note-Books. French and Italian Note-Books. With Map and 60 Illustrations. Square 8vo. Edited by Matthew Henrv Lee, M. Crown Svo, 2s. Life and Letters. With an Introduction by Sir W. Gull, Bart. CroAvn Svo. Philosophy and Religion. Selections from the MSS. Edited by Caroline Haddon. Edited by Margaret Hinton. Twelve Years of a Soldier's Life in India. Being Extracts from the Letters of the late Major W. With a vindication from the attack of Mr. Bosworth Smith. Edited by his brother, G.

Hodson, M. Work, Travel, and Recreation, W ith 3 Maps. Eighteenth Edition. Every-Day Meals. Translated and Enlarged by Julius Mater, Ph. Household Readings on Prophecy. By A Layman. With a Commentary and Introductory Essay. Charles F. With 53 Illustrations and a Map. Translated and Edited by Montagu Lubbock, M. Third Edition, Revised. Vaughan — Rahel : Her Life and Letters. Henley — The Gallican Church and the Revo- lution.

JOEL Z. With Portrait. With 3c Illustrations. Translated from the Gaelic. With Preface by the Right Hon. John Bright, jNI. The Red Line Edition, fcp. The Cabinet Edition, small 8vo. In Quinquaginta Linguis. Demy Svxi. Small crovjn 8vo. Fifteenth Cabinet Edition, in 2 vols. All Saints' Day, and other Sermons. True Words for Brave Men. A Book for Soldiers' and Sailors' Libraries. Eleventh Edition. Third Edition-.

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CrowTi 8vo. A New Edition. Letters from an Unknown Friend. By the Author of ' Charles Lowder. Letters from a Young Emigrant in Manitoba. Contain- ing an Answer to the Hibbert Lectures of With Illustrations. By the Author of 'St. Buy ticket. About the film "Seven pairs of unclean" The plot of the picture is based on the events that occurred at the very beginning of the Great Patriotic War.

News on the topic Sobibor Tanks We will not say goodbye Witnesses T T Indestructible How do you account for that? One has to take all the facts into account. He didn't take into account the fact that there might be difficulties with the passport. You have no right to accuse me of not taking care of the house. He was accused of murder. I'm not accustomed to such treatment.

He can't accustom himself to strict discipline. My headache is getting worse. My tooth aches. The water here has a high acid content. She suffers from acid indigestion. Why don't you want to acknowledge that you're wrong? They haven't acknowledged the receipt of the letter. Have you sent out acknowledgments of the gifts? He was grateful for our acknowledgment of his fine work.

Please send me an acknowledgment of this letter. She acquainted us with the new regulation. I couldn't invite him; we're not well acquainted. I have no acquaintance with court procedure. She is an old acquaintance of mine. I'm very happy to make your acquaintance. I know her, but I'm not acquainted with the rest of the family. We acquired the property when our uncle died. After playing tennis all summer I've acquired considerable skill.

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There are acres in a square mile. Walk across the bridge. The restaurant is across the street from the hotel. That was a very kind act. I don't want to miss the first act. Now is the time to act. He acted on your suggestion. It will take an act of Congress to change that law. Don't act like a child. He is a man of action. He proved that actions speak louder than words. Where did he see action?

He leads an active life. With all these social activities, when do you get a chance to study? You don't actually believe that story? She works here but her office is actually on the second floor. Add it to my bill. Add water to the soup. Add up this list of figures. The addition is correct but there is an error in your subtraction. We need many additions to our staff. This additional work will take about two hours more. In addition to my other worries, this has to happen.

Do you need anything in addition? My address is How shall I address this letter? Tonight we are going to hear an address by our chairman. The president of the university addressed the students yesterday. How should he be addressed: "citizen" or "comrade? Adjust your tie! I can't adjust myself to the climate here. The manager's business is to adjust all complaints of the customers. The adjustment of the machinery was taken care of by engineers.

She made a quick adjustment to her new job. They complained about the city administration. During his administration a great many new laws were passed. The administration is opposed to these new taxes. The administration of a new drug curbed the epidemic. I was admiring the view. I admire his wit. How much is the admission? He made a frank admission. Ask for me and you will be admitted. When were you admitted to the university? I admit that I was wrong. This child has been adopted. I can't adopt your view. Adults only. There are classes in foreign languages in our adult education project.

There is an advance in price after six o'clock. What advances have been made in medicine recently? Could you advance me some money? Let me know in advance if you are coming. You have an advantage over him. This procedure has advantages and disadvantages. I wish to take advantage of your offer. Take advantage of every opportunity. Don't let people take advantage of you. We did this under very advantageous conditions. Do you like adventure stories?

It may prove to be a risky adventure. The store is advertising a sale. They are advertising for a cook. Where can I advertise for a used car? Her clothes are the best advertisement for her dressmaker. The play ran a big advertisement in the newspapers.

He's connected with advertising in Los Angeles. She works for a big advertising firm in New York. My advice to you is to leave immediately. It may be advisable to go later. I don't need advisers! He was appointed adviser to the board. The aerial on our radio needs fixing. The town was subjected to an aerial attack. He handled the affairs of the company badly.

The dance was the most brilliant affair of the season. She had a very unhappy affair. The damp weather affects his health. He always affects indifference when you mention her. Her husband's success hasn't affected her attitude toward old friends. I wasn't a bit affected by the news of his death. Everyone knows of his affection for that dog. She smiled in response to his affectionate glance. He's a very affectionate father. He can't afford to have his reputation hurt. Don't be afraid! Come any time after nine. What happened after that?

Will you go after the mail? You are right, after all. After all, he's your boss. I'll see you the day after tomorrow. Is there anyone to look after the children? I'm leaving in the afternoon. Come and see me afterwards. He waited until ten and left shortly afterwards. I hope to see you again. He forgot it again. Never again will I make that mistake. Try once again. He read the letter again and again. He tried to talk to her time and time again. Lean it against the wall. Are you for or against the proposal? What is your age and profession?

We are living in the age of invention. He has aged a great deal lately. He will come of age next year. Your agent has already called on me. He is an insurance agent for a New York company. I was here two months ago. He left a while ago. Do you agree with me? We have agreed on everything. The two statements don't agree. She has an agreeable disposition.

Is everyone agreeable to the plan? Two big powers have signed a secret agreement. I'm in complete agreement with everything he said. I hope my partner can come to an agreement with you. Look ahead of you. Go straight ahead. Are there any detours up ahead? Go ahead and write your letter; I'll wait. Go ahead and tell him if you want to. I'd appreciate any aid. Let me aid you. Is your aim good?

What is your aim in life? What do you aim to be? The air in this room is not good. Would you please air the room while I'm out? I want to go by air, if possible. What was that alarm for? Set the alarm for six. The noise alarmed the whole town. Do you sell alarm clocks? Don't be alarmed; he's not hurt badly. These houses are all alike. We treat all visitors alike. Is he still alive? I kept the fire alive all night. I've been waiting for you all day. That's all. Did you all go? I can't do this all alone. All at once something happened.

If that's so, all the better. It's all the same to me. I'll be there before eight, if at all. How many are there in all? I'm not at all tired. Once and for all, let's get this over with. Allow me to help. How much will you allow me for this? How much should I allow for traveling expenses? You have to allow for human weakness. I live on an allowance from my family. Very well, we'll make allowance in your case.

Why does he always make allowances for her conduct? You make no allowance for his youth. Do you live alone? Can you do it alone? Let me alone. A fence runs along the road. How much money should I take along with me? You've probably seen that already. Give me some sugar also. You may also come. The skirt didn't fit so I had to alter it. I'm tired of altering my plans every time you change your mind. I'll be there, although I may be late. This is altogether different. I don't understand it altogether, but I'll try to do what I can. Are you always busy? She's always smiling.

Must I always go through this? He has no ambition. He's hurt! Call an ambulance! He was an ambulance driver in the war. I am an American citizen. He is an American. Is your wife American or Russian? You're among friends. They quarreled among themselves. Just among ourselves, I don't think he's going to succeed. We need a large amount of coal. What does the bill amount to? Why do you keep saying there's ample time?

That amuses me very much. I saw an amusing comedy last night. Are there any amusements here? I've become very interested in ancient art. Oh, that's ancient history! The room had only a bed, a table, and a chair. Measure each angle of the triangle. Let's not discuss that angle of the problem. What are you angry about? Don't feed the animals. Do you have any farm animals? They just announced that on the radio. Shall I announce you? They just announced their engagement. What's your annual income? His annual visit is always looked forward to.

I don't like this room; may I have another? Please give me another cup of coffee. They hated one another. What is your answer? Please answer by return mail. There was a larger crowd at the concert than we had anticipated. I couldn't anticipate that that would happen. The attendants anticipated all our needs.

I've been anxious about you. I'll take any job you can offer me. Any policeman can direct you. He may come at any time. Do you have any more questions? Will anybody be at the station to meet me? It might rain but I'm going anyhow. If anyone calls, take the message. Is there anything for me?

Take anything you like. It's raining, but we'll go anyway. I didn't want to go anyway. I don't want to go anywhere tonight. The house stands apart from the others. I keep this bottle apart from all the others. Take it apart if necessary. Set this apart for me. How do you tell them apart? We want to rent an apartment in the city. What kind of apparatus do you have in your gymnasium?

Where do you keep your gardening apparatus? The physics laboratory has the best apparatus I've ever seen. It's quite apparent that you don't want to do this for me. The chairman made an appeal for contributions. That kind of story appeals to me. The lawyer decided to appeal the case. The defendant was granted an appeal. The novel has general appeal. The paper appears every day.

He appears to be very sick. He appeared suddenly. Try to improve your appearance. At least make an appearance for a few minutes. After all that candy, I have no appetite left. I have no appetite for detective stories. Your application has been received. If you have a headache, cold applications will help you. He's working in the field of applied chemistry. Apply a hot compress every two hours. This order applies to all citizens.

I have an appointment to meet him at six o'clock. She's been very happy since she got her appointment as a teacher. I appreciate what you've done for me. Everyone expressed appreciation for what he had done. She has a deep appreciation of art. The approaches to the bridge are under repair.

We are approaching the end. Is it all right to approach him about this matter? I wouldn't like to do anything without my parents' approval. I don't approve of his conduct. Has this plan been approved? The bridge has a tremendous arch. A very beautiful arch was erected at the entrance to the fair. How did you get into the army with fallen arches?

What's the area of the park? What area is he working in? I argued that taking the train would save us a lot of time. No matter what we say he finds some cause to argue. You can't argue me into going there again. That's a strong argument in his favor. I don't follow your argument. The problem of how to reach land arose. He broke his arm yesterday. This chair has only one arm. This is an arm of the White Sea. Were they armed?

Do you have any arms in the house? The tanks are heavily armored. Our arms are far superior to the enemy's. All men able to bear arms were mobilized for defense. The students were up in arms at the new restrictions. In this city you need a license to carry arms. All the able-bodied men were under arms.

How many kilometers is it around the lake? I have around twenty rubles. Are there any soldiers around here? It's somewhere around the house. The store is around the corner. I was aroused during the night by the fire engines passing our house. His strange actions aroused my suspicion. Who arranged the books on the shelves? Everything has been arranged. Have you completed all arrangements for the trip? How do you like the latest arrangement of that song? The arrangement of the furniture was very inconvenient. They made arrangements for his lecture at our college.

The police made two arrests. Why have you been arrested? He's been under arrest for three days. The arrival of the ambassador was considered a hopeful sign. There isn't enough room for the new arrivals. When will we arrive in Moscow? Don't wait until we arrive. Did they arrive at a decision?

This building contains many works of art.