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I talked him into it? The coach interrupted him:? You talked yourself into it, you diving fool!? Wish all of us ever experiencing stage fright always had such a compatriot to talk us into the right frame of mind! In fact My sight-reading abilities, for instance, are really, really good. Sometimes I let nerves get in the way of the production of beautiful vocal tone, however! I want a companion on hand at all times like the old team member in this story! I couldn't find Snip the Tailor as part of an anthology, but I did find it as an individual book.

It's by Miriam Blanton Huber Nisbet, French, Ltd. Sorry, don't think this is what you're looking for. I found a reference to Snip the Tailor in Index To Fairy Tales, Myths, and Legends - 2nd Supplement, but I don't think it's the book you're looking for since it appears to be a school reader. Note: Wonder-story books reading foundation series. A good number of other tales were included in the reader. Byrd Baylor, The Chinese Bug , Could this be it?

Illustrated by Beatrice Darwin. Wilbur, Richard, Digging for China , This picture book poem has illustrations by William Pene du Bois. Doubleday, I also vaguely remember a very small picture book about digging to China with illustrations and possibly the writing as well by Joan Walsh Anglund. Hope this helps. A little earlier than the 's, but The Little Carpenter by?? Samuel Raynor, Series: New and true books for the young, no.

Here is a link for Chinese Folk Tales. None of the books listed were the book I am looking for. I may have purchased it through a school book fair?? I'm just not sure. Please keep looking, thank you. Not a solution, but could it be an anthology of Japanese fairy tales, rather than Chinese? The first story described sounds like the Japanese story The Crane Maiden , about an old woman who takes in a crane during a winter storm, the bird turns into a beautiful girl, and the woman raises her as her daughter. This is definitely an anthology of Japanese folk tales that you are looking for, not Chinese.

The thief falls onto the wolf and each believes the other to be the "terrible eek. The date for Compton's retelling is too late for the anthology that you are looking for, but it sounds like basically the same story. A lot of the details are different than the book described, but it's the only thing that came up in my database search of kangaroos and wars! They were known throughout the world as the "Stoppers of the Great War". Lady Adelaide, a boxing kangaroo, helps to defeat the German army, thus becoming a heroine of the Great War. Alfred P. Morgan, Boys' Book of Science and Construction.

Another possibility is N. Stout: Boys' Book of Mechanical Models, Windsor, editor, The Boy Mechanic Book 3 , They consist of articles with diagrams for building all kinds of things. Book 3 is subtitled " Things For Boys To Do" and has instructions for an aerial cableway, miniature tank, motor car, parcel delivery bicycle, etc. Hope this helps - just discovered your wonderful site tonight!

Tomie de Paola, Bill and Pete. A possibility. Picture books about a crocodile and his bird friend who claims to be his 'toothbrush'. C I thought it might be this, but when I look at it, it doesn't seem to have the geometrical artwork that I think I have seen on a smaller book around here. This is picture-book size, with bold illustrations throughout. Kissin, Rita. Zic-Zac, the crocodile bird; a good neighbor story from the Nile. Messner, , Junior Literary Guild. Zic-Zac and the Crocodile. Griffith, Helen, Alex and the Cat , Just a possibility - but Alex the dog thinks that being a cat is preferable to being a dog.

The life of a cat does not require as much as that which is expected of a dog. Meader, Stephen, Bulldozer , I think this is it. I remember the part where the hero es? Meader, Stephen, Bulldozer , , copyright. It is definitely Meader's Bulldozer.

Series: Girl From the Coffee Shop

I am a librarian in New Jersey and we have a collection of Meader books. Merritt Parmalee Allen , Mudhen. It is a long shot, but it is the only book of boy stories featuring one character that I know. The Mudhen played a lot of tricks, too. Robert Newton Peck, Soup series. Just a possibility - I can't identify the episode, but I've only read one or two of the books.

Could this be an episode in one of Robert Newton Peck's Soup books? I know there's a chapter in Soup where he ties people up with rope, including his Aunt Carrie, which earns him a thrashing. The episode described sounds like something Soup would do. J amie Gilson , 13 Ways to Sink a Sub. I seem to remember the incident with string occurring in this book, where 4th-grader Hobie Hanson and his friends try to make their substitute teacher cry. Gilson wrote several books about Hobie and his school friends.

Although it was published in There are fire breathing Cockatrices and a Gryphon. Three cousins called Peter Penelope and Simon journey to the land of Mythologia where flowers never die and there are four sunsets a day. I think you have the title correct. Try this: Henry Schindall. Appleton-Century-Crofts, Let me know if you want it You answered my query C , but I think you chose the wrong book.

I contacted a bookseller who has the book for sale and he said it definitely takes place during the Revolutionary war. I specifically remember that the period is the 's because the guy never tells the girl what side he is fighting on. The book takes place over the 4 years of the Civil War.

The Revolutionary War lasted 8 years. John Lawson, The Spring Rider. There's a young girl and, I believe, her brother. I am the original stumper requester- the book has an elf that they call a brownie apparantly brownies and elves are the same thing and one is grandpa and he falls asleep on a shelf, another loses his glasses, Mrs.

Claus bakes cookies for the elves, they feed the reindeer and on brownie spill red paint. Sparkie with George Hinke illus. There are a couple of things that don't match. No Brownie. Gran'pa Elf just won't wear his glasses. Everything else matches. The illustrations are vibrant busy oil paintings by Geo. At the end Santa returns to find that their cat has had kittens. Sparkie , Jolly Old Santa Claus , When I said that I was going by the 's reprint, which said it had the original story and all the original illustrations!

Still I had a sneaking suspicion that it was revised because I vaguely remembered some things such as the spilled paint and the elves going to bed which were not there! Nearly all the elves have been renamed, except Grampa. Claus in the kitchen with making cookies and when the work is all done she serves them cookies. If this is the book beware of the reprint!

It is not the same but still very charming. There are sections missing and some new ones added. This sounds quite a bit like a book that I just recently refound for my son who was born in , so the right time frame. There is a lot going on in the pictures including pretty much every thing you mentioned. I think it was originally written in Finnish. The genre is defintielty not in the children's section! It's definitely adult fiction I am starting to think it's probably in an anthology of short stories.

This has some similarities to the short story "The Unknown Masterpiece" by Honore de Balzac , but I don't think anyone paints cats. In Balzac's story, a young painter persuades his beautiful girlfriend to pose for an older man, a painter who has gone mad over a masterpiece he has been working on. It's a great story and the poster would probably enjoy it. Here are some more details: The trap that the people designed was a large hemisphere suspended from a pulley.

I think the people wore pointy hats and rode horses. Could this be Color Kittens , the Little Golden book? This does sound like The Color Kittens, except that there were only two of them Hush and Brush , and I don't recall the colors as being pastels, necessarily.

As I recall the story, Brush and Hush were trying to create green paint, and came up with pink and orange before they finally got the recipe right. They then fell asleep and had dreams about some other colors before waking up, getting pouncy, and spilling over all of their buckets, thus creating all the colors in the world.

Myers, Dragon Takes A Wife. There was an early edition of this book that might be what you are looking for. I totally remember that quote, also had the book in question. There was more than one in the series but the character boy dragon was called dennis the dragon and at least one of the books was named dennis the dragon.

I think the first one was about him going off to school. This sounds like the story of the foolish fir tree who wished for leaves of gold, glass and lettuce. See this website. Thanks for taking the time to send in this suggestion. The gist of the tree story is the same, but the book we're trying to find was prose. Any other thoughts would be appreciated. Bailey Carolyn , short story in collection - little fir tree? I tell my own version of this story. The tree is not a Christmas tree, however, just a fir tree in the forest.

It wants to have pretty leaves instead of ugly needles. Then when given a chance to wish, it tries for something even better than the broadleaf trees. It gets crystals and the wind destroys them, gold leaves and a man picks them. Then the tree decides to go with the original idea of green broad leaves, but a goat eats them.

Finally the tree realizes that it is best to be happy with one's self. The story in the collection is entitled The Pine Tree and is the same referred to by Caroline Bailey. This version is not a Christmas tree by a pine tree in the forest that wishes for gold leaves, then glass, then green leaves and is finally happy with the original green needles. Ursula K LeGuin, Catwings series??? Boegehold, In the Castle of Cats? I'm pretty sure this is one of the Cosgrove "Serendipity" books - not sure which one, but sounds very, very familiar.

B everly Nichols, The Mountain of Magic. A caterpilar that was scared of becoming a butterfly hatches out, and flies furiously to warn them. I think he dies of exhaustion. I told my sister the name and she said that sounded familliar, but we may be confusing our information?? We both really only remember the pictures in this book, so we have little other reference to go by Thank you so much for your help. Knopf, Hard Cover. Weekly Reader. Nice black and white illustrations. A classic kid's story of a family who inherits an apartment house in Palm Glade, Florida and the strange tenants and hurricanes that they have to deal with.

But again many thank yous for any attempt at finding this book for me! Hopkins Apartment" or something of that nature I'm still in search of this colorful thing and actually have found pictures of a wall painted with the same illustrations in the book i'm trying to find,,,but still no title I don't think yours is the same Blount, Iva M. Was your aunt from San Antonio? Iva M. I did check with UT Austin library research. They say my aunt's poem is not listed in this book so I guess it isn't the book I'm looking for.

But thank you for your trouble. I appreciate it. The Sigmund Press, Washington high school, Dallas, Texas. Booker T. Washington High School Dallas, Tex. Bellerophon Quill Club.

Erotic romance and romantic erotica

Denton, Tex. Govindan, Santhini, The ice-cream dragon and other stories.

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Harper Collins This may be too late a date, but I'm sending it because of the title. And Balban the Lion who hiccups.. If not, you can meet them now as they inhabit the magical world of this book. Nesbit's ' The Last of the Dragons and some others '. Smith, Dorothy Hall ed. It may be this one on the solved list , if the story of The First Christmas Tree is a bit garbled - in that one the woodcutter father gets lost in the snow, and is guided home by Christmas lights on trees.

It has colour illos and a peach? However, it could also be The Santa Claus Book, if the recollection is of the story Susie's Christmas Star, with the little girl following her own footsteps in the snow along a street. That one is Golden Books, , and also on the Solved list. Christmas Ideals.

This book sounds very much like one of the Christmas Ideals. I was a child in the 50s, and read my grandmother's. She bought them every year. They are now softcover magazine format, but they used to be hard cover. Some booksellers specialize in them They would have color as we well as line and monochrome illustartions, stories and poems.

They repeat a lot, so the individual story could be repeated later. Pine's Mixed-Up Signs features a similar idea: Mr. Pine makes new signs for the town, but he can't find his glasses, so he puts them up randomly all over the city, to comic effect. Now back in print. See the Leonard Kessler page. You suggested that the solution to my query might be Mr. Pine's Mixed-up Signs , but Kessler's illustrations didn't look familiar at all. The book format, as I remember, was bigger than an easy reader with full-page spreads and much brighter, less sketchy illustrations than were pictured in the "Purple House" book.

So, unless the illustrations were very different in the "Signs" book, this isn't it. But, thanks anyway! Eastman, P. Philip D. I hesitate to mention this book because it is an easy reader so it isn't "bigger than an easy reader" and the illustrations are in four colors turquoise, yellow, black and white and may therefore not be "colorful" enough.

The plot: Sam the owl befriends Gus the firefly, who can make shapes in the air by keeping his light on and flying about rapidly. Sam teaches Gus to make words that look like neon signs. After a short period of innocent fun, the mischievous firefly uses his newfound talent to crash cars, confuse airplanes, and cause a stampede towards the local movie theater he writes the words "COME IN!

The angry cook catches Gus in a jar and begins to drive the firefly out of town. His truck stalls on a railroad track just as a train approaches. Sam the owl smashes the jar and liberates Gus, who prevents a collision by writing "STOP" in front of the oncoming train. All is forgiven and the two friends depart. Arnold, Tedd, The Signmaker's Assistant, If you're absolutely sure that the book is from the s, this can't be it, but it meets all the other criteria. This book is larger than an easy reader and full of big, colorful street scenes.

Norman, a young boy who cleans brushes at the signmaker's shop, decides to make a few signs of his own when the signmaker isn't around to supervise. Norman has a great deal of fun at the townspeople's expense, but realizes he has erred when they become angry and tear down every sign in the town, old as well as new. Chaos ensues and the townspeople chase the signmaker into the woods. Norman apologizes and peace and order are restored. Even if this isn't the book you're looking for, it's a worthwhile read, so check it out! Actually a particular sign I remember is more like a big billboard and something on it - a picture or phrase- is defaced in a humorous way.

Possibly traffic signs are changed as well. Very colorful pics, busy and funny - sorry I can't remember more.

trixie and me Manual

I remember the cover was salmon-colored, but I think that was just a library binding - now why can I remember that detail, but not more important ones? Thanks for the guess. NY Harcourt Kind of a longshot, but the date is right. It is all fantastic nonsense, carried out with perfect harmony in the good read-aloud text and the details and atmosphere of striking color illustrations. The double-spread scene showing the Dopplers enjoying their new canals will occupy a small child a long time.

In this story the whole town is turned topsy-turvy great green hooligan vine town, a really fun book. Zilpha Keatley Snyder, The Changeling. I could be wrong, but I know I read this book back in the 70's. I don't, however, remember the plot. NY Atheneum This does sound like part of the answer but only part - the main characters are two young girls, Martha Abbott and Ivy Carson, but Ivy's young sister does play a part, and there is a memorable picture of a dark-haired girl crouched under a bush.

The Carson home is large and dilapidated - the girls also explore the ruins of a burnt-out house. However I don't recall anyone called Luci or fleeing from a danger. In that one a very ordinary English family has one different daughter, called Melusine, who seems to have witchy powers and can ill-wish people.

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At one point the children hide behind a hedge while a girl who let Melusine's guinea pig die is bucked off her horse. The house they live in in the country is rather old and dilapidated. At the end of the book they seek the vicar's help in driving the evil spirit from Melusine through a night of prayer, and after that she is called by her middle name, which is Joy. Boston last name , The Children of Green Knowe , s. I think this may be the book you are looking for.

The first in the series of the Green Knowe books. I wonder if this could be The Dagger and the Bird? Two children, Luke and Bridget shortened to Biddie search for their younger brother who's been stolen by fairies. If the poster has reversed the names in memory, but remembered that one name was shortened, it could fit. If it's a Christmas story, it's one that has been told in many versions.

The Lutheran church put out a book and video called Red Boots for Christmas. It's also been called The Cobbler's Gift. The cobbler in these stories doesn't always show kindness, though, until the end in Red Boots for Christmas, he is a bitter, selfish man. He is visited by an angel who says that God will be visiting him he goes around cleaning up, making a special meal and trying to find a gift for God in the meantime, assorted poor people come to his door and are either helped or not helped, depending on the version.

In the end, he is upset because God didn't come then God or the angel speaks to him and says that the needy people coming to the door represented God, and that was the point. He then offers the "child" a place to sleep a straw mat and then a breakfast. The "child" thanks him for his kindness and tells the cobbler that whatever he does that day he will be successful at and do all day long.

When the cobbler arrives at his shop he begins to repair the shoes and proceeds to do so all day long, making a lot of money. The greedy shopkeepers see this and ask him how this has come to be, so the cobbler tells them of the "childs" "wish". The wife tells the husband to find the "child" so that they can benefit the same way. The husband finds the "child" and takes him in for the evening providing him with a wonderful dinner, a feather bed to sleep in and a wonderful breakfast.

As the "child" leaves he tells them the same as the cobbler. So the shopkeepers rush to their store and clean out cabinets and drawers to hold all the money tey're going to make. Instead, all they do is empty boxes all day and they make no money. I saw this story in a small book, like a Golden Book in the early seventies, but I don't know who the author was or the name of the story. I have looked for it for quite some time.

I actually have three suggestions for this one. The first is the book Candy Land , which was a part of the Little Color Classics series and had a number of color plates of illustrations. No author was listed for it, but the illustrator was Hildegard. It was about a little girl named Betty and her friend Brunny who was a bear, not a boy and how they visited a land made of candy.

It was published in and has a similar story a girl named Lily visits a fantasy land of candy , but I do not know if it was ever published with color illustrations. Finally, there is In Wink-a-Way Land by Eugene Field , published in - it definitely had color illustrations and a picture of children picking candy from a field on the cover, but I do not really know the story. Hope one of these is what you are looking for. Baum, Frank, Magical Monarch of Mo.

Sounds like it could be a chapter out of the Magical Monarch of Mo , written before s. In one chapter one of the princes is banished to an island made entirely of candy. I have a few suggestions for you since they were offered to me as solutions to my stumper. I think President Smith turns out to be a good president the book is sometimes cited in bibliographies of utopian fiction , though. I don't know anything about the Goldsmith book beyond the title and fact that it's set some twenty years in what in was the future.

Have you looked through the Anthology Finder to see if anything looks familiar? Check out the Big Golden Book of Poetry I remember the dog and cat got in a fight and there were bits of fabric all around when they finished fighting. This might be it.. If the collection included The Owl and the Pussycat , it would not have been a book of poems by Field , since that one is by Edward Lear. The Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat is properly called The Duel, and it has been included in many collections of childrens' poetry. Here are some possibilities - who knew there were so many Christmas horror books out there??

And I'm thinking the first books may all be the same book with different titles. I don't have it in front of me, but here is what I remember. Ozzie is a fun-loving boy who irritates the adults around him with his incessant jokes, riddles and pranks, and his obsession with board games. When he gets into serious trouble at school, his parents think about sending him to a military academy, and Ozzie decides to run away.

While climbing down the trellis outside his window, he falls into The Big Joke Game, a life-size board game that he must win in order to return to earth. With his "guardian devil" Bub at his side, Ozzie has many strange experiences and gains a degree of maturity before the book concludes. Fun and interesting without being preachy or heavy-handed.

See the Solved Mysteries "B" page for more information. Could it be any of these? Evers, Alf, The deer-jackers. Macmillan, George, Jean Craighead. On the far side of the mountain. Puffin, c Crowell c My book is not any of the Jean Craighead George books, as she is one of my favorite authors I probably should have mentioned that in the original email. Its also not The Deer-jackers.

I also remember that the money that could be earned from the Ginsing somehow solved a problem-maybe in keeping the land that the cabin was on. I remember it well. I don't own a copy at this moment, so I can't give copyright date. The story of two boys who seek a the lost cabin of a "Sang Hunter" wild Ginseng hunter and the treasure of fine roots he left behind. The book features the lyrics of a mountain ballas about the Sang Hunter's ghost " I don't know if these will be right, but two books came to mind, although both seem a little advanced for fourth grade.

No Promises in the Wind Irene Hunt is about 2 brothers from Chicago during the depression, who run away and survive on thier own. Where the Lilies Bloom has several brothers and sisters living and surving on thier own by gathering herbs to sell, particularly Ginseng, they however live in the Appalachians not the Catskills. Don't know if these will help, Good Luck. Just a guess. Sorry, no ideas about the specific craft book, but I might point out that Canadians where I live anyway usually spell Mommy with an o, not a u. So maybe your book was a British import?

I think you may be right, this book must have been a British import. Eva Knox Evans, Araminta. This sounds like a story I read in grade school, that was in one of our readers. I remember the little girl walking through the city. I don''t remember the author or title, but I'll keep looking! Cars and Trucks ,c, no author, Illus. Richard Scarry. It shows the front cover of all their books. I hope this helps. From what I have learned about the book I seek, at least I was able to input that info on another stumper that describes the exact plot of the book I am searching. Unfortunately, the book I found was British, with fussy illustrations and too recently published.

The book I need about an undersea tour was likely American, published in or , with illustrations that were more heavy black outlines and bold colors within.

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  5. I was able to find Priscilla and the Prawn on the Internet, look at its illustrations, and was able to determine it was not the book, but I did relate that book info to stumper L , a quest for something that sounded identical. Won't give up on my book, and am desperate! Thanks for your site!

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    • Le rêve américain dun enfant dAfrique : Livre II dune auto biographie en 6 volumes (Graveurs de mémoire) (French Edition)!

    Hewson, Isabel Manning, Land of the Lost, Could it be this one, from the Solved list? The time is right, and there is an undersea kingdom, though I don't know whether it is only for crustaceans. Re stumper C, someone has posted a response, but the suggested book, "The Land of the Lost" by Hewson is not the book, as that book deals with fresh water, originates above ground, and the book I am seeking takes place completely in the ocean, with marine animals shrimp families, crab families, etc.

    I remember that each marine animal family had its special color silk pillow on which to sit. Lewis, The Silver Chair. Eustace Scrubb and Jill Pole are transported to Narnia where they must rescue Prince Caspian, who is under a spell and being held prisoner in a land deep underground.

    Not sure if this is the one -- they don't "swim through the earth" per se, but that phrase reminded me of the mayhemic scene in which they are trying to race to the surface. Aug 27, Jessica Figueroa rated it really liked it Shelves: arc , netgally. If they hook up and things done end well it wont look good when they go on tour.

    Asher knows he shouldn't but he just cant stay away from Trixie. Trixie finds herself attracted to Asher the skater boy who is a drummer that shes doing an opening act for. The only problem is that he h 4. The only problem is that he has a girlfriend. Trixie isnt one of those girls who will just sleep with anyone and she refuses to hook up with a guy who is a cheater.

    Rocking her curves is sweet, sexy and steamy. I loved this that book was a fun, easy and quick read. I loved the chemistry between the two. I loved that Trixie wasn't an easy girl who will just hook up with anyone. I loved that she was smart. I loved that there was more than one point of view, between Trixie and Asher.

    I liked that Trixi wasn't overconfident about her looks. I liked that she wasn't perfect or stick thin, when you you read the book you can see that she has insecurities which make her character feel more real and likeable. I loved that not only was Asher was a band member he really wasn't into the two hooking up thing that is so cliche for band members in books. There was more to him like he was into skateboarding, and was sort of romantic, but can have a naughty twist.

    I liked that he was considerate of others like when the opening act was playing he didn't want to call attention to himself, he wanted to make sure all eyes were on the act so he wouldn't be rude. He also wanted to make sure he took care of the girls he was hooking up with but I don't want to say more and ruin the book for you.

    I just realized that this book is by the same author of Me, Cinderella? This is the second book I've read from Aubrey Rose and look forwards to seeing her other books as well as any future books that come my way. Overall I loved this quick and steamy read. Sep 09, T. McKay rated it liked it. When he meets Trixie, he's smitten by her curves - but she's the lead singer for the opening band: strictly off-limits. When their paths collide - lit 3. When their paths collide - literally - they're forced to look temptation in the face and ask themselves: What do I really want?

    I found this book a good read. There was a good story line to follow and the characters seemed realistic with their doubts about everything. You can tell that Asher has wanted to be single for a long time when he finally breaks up with his cheating girlfriend Follows is a game of cat and mouse that they both want but both dont want!

    There were parts where you just wanted them to get together already and it was so frustrating. Asher was a great character, with his hot body and great looks he was also very insecure after having to avoid talking to women for so long because of his ex. Once he finally decides to move on her discovers that the grass isnt always greener and maybe groupies isnt the way to go! Trixie is the hot lead singer in an all female band. She seems to have courage and is very talented. My main problem with her is I realise she is curvy and she seems proud of them but then she gets bitchy about people when they go with thin women or mention her being bigger.

    She was always off with Asher and sometimes I really didnt see the need for it I got most of it but sometimes it was just a bit much. But all in all I enjoyed this book. Sep 23, Michael rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Serious despressives who need that final little push. This title left me speechless. I feel less intelligent and capable of understanding literature than I was beforehand. It combined two of my least favorite treats into one colossal mound of refuse.

    Self-published romantic books, and women who have obviously never experienced sex yet feel the need to graphically describe it with unnecessarily floral language. My problems with the book don't end with it's mere existence, though that is a pressing concern. I despised it's shamefully one dimensional This title left me speechless. I despised it's shamefully one dimensional stereotypes characters, and it's limp wristed attempts at portraying the feeling of sudden and overwhelming love and lust.

    There is no way I can believe that anyone would find either Trixie or Asher fantastic names for cereal mascots not for actual human beings relatable, believable, or attractive. These caricatures are grotesque facsimiles of people. The incredibly hot rockstar that has beautiful women fawning over him, yet loves his girlfriend and falls head over heels for a short curvy the author feels it necessary to remind us of the fact that Trixie is curvy and every man she's been with has made her feel uncomfortable of the fact ad nauseam woman who seems to hate him.

    And the short, curvy ball of sexual energy that is just looking for that right guy to help her find herself. Trixie is a blatant replacement for the author herself who feels the need to uncomfortably comment on Trixies weight and attractiveness repeatedly. I hated every second of reading this. The most offensive part might be the final section of the story where the author proceeds to spell out her sexual fantasy in the most clumsy and hilarious manner. I implore anyone who enjoys or is interested in rough sex to read about Trixie and Ashers first encounter and try not to laugh.

    I give this one star for explicitly mentioning condom usage during sex scenes. View 1 comment. Oct 16, Char 1RadReader59 rated it really liked it. Rocking Her Curves was a cute short romantic love story. Asher is a tall lanky handsome hard rocker drummer from the Wilder Side band. Trixie is also a hard rocker she is shorter way shorter, full figured with curves, nice curves.

    So they will be seeing each other so he heard. He would really like to get with her now that he broke up with his gir Rocking Her Curves was a cute short romantic love story. He would really like to get with her now that he broke up with his girlfriend but there are a few problems with that. One, she will not have anything to do with him because she heard he still had a girlfriend and two, he was told from a band mate that her and her band would be joining them on tour as their opening act. They have a lot in common one thing being their love of music and the other being state boarding.

    Not to mention she sees that this kind of clumsy shy geeky guy is handsome as well as has some game. When something happens to the schedule things take a turn. I enjoyed this book it was very sweet how they both watched each other from afar. Both though each other were hot but still saw the faults and wanted each other in spite of them.

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    They took on the positive and kept looking forward. You get a HEA with this one. This was part of the Rockstar Romance Box Set got it from netgalley. Aug 28, Snarky Mom rated it liked it. I'm a Mom. I'm past the "new adult" stage of life. Trixie is the lead singer for a band that opens for the band where Asher is the drummer. The "rock stars" have an achromatic view on sex -- don't touch Trixie, but grab all the groupie sex you can. And Trixie is no better - she has Jack as her hook-up while in town - is that like having a girl in every port?

    So even though Trixie and Asher are attracted to each other, neither acts on it - Asher because he's unwilling to get involved with their opening act and Trixie because she thinks Asher is still with his ex-girlfriend. There's a lot of staring There is some hot sex within the book and a basic plotline - so if you want something for a quick read, this would be a good choice! Will I be reading it again? Um, probably not. Just didn't do it for me.

    Please note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Nov 18, Saskia 'follow my shoes' Smith rated it it was ok. I liked the characters but at times i felt it was rushed, and some parts felt unfinished. The story line is ok, but it didnt grasp me in the way Id liked it to. But once he learns the truth of who I am and what I did, will he stay or turn on me like all the others? The faster I rise, the harder they want to see me fall. Never played a place that had a bar and all the particular magnetism that goes along with it?

    Not sure I buy it. The rise of the Black Eagles was meteoric, from band practice in the garage to global stars almost overnight. But when Luke Black disappears without a trace and Melissa wakes up in a hospital bed after a savage attack, her perfect world is shattered and their lives are plunged into a potentially deadly crisis. With going in jags? With having a bad album and then recovering?

    That made it really hard to read, and I mean really. Not that this is a bad book.

    My Cats Review The Bubble Backpack

    If this self-destruction is your thing, go for it. You might like it better than I did. Woo hoo! This series looks like one no smart Rock Fiction lover should walk away from. One of those couples with an explosive chemistry who are SO hot, they have problems getting past it to do the hard work of a relationship. Jackie Collins, sit up and take notice because Emily Snow is on the scene with what might be the first series with as many half stories as full stories.

    You know, the books numbered. The Devoured series features Sienna and Logan. They come together and part in the first couple of books, but in the final one, they get over themselves and try to make it work. That always leaves me with that moment of hoping really hard that author Emily Snow will get it right. Only one way to find out, though, so bring on the Devoured series!

    Stay updated via RSS. Hendrix and Jagger, huh? Is our cleverly-named author maybe a 70s rock fan? Like this: Like Loading Another DNF. Not really sure what to say about this one. Gonna have to read this one, too. Or why Abel has to be saved. Look: Abel Gunner is a rock-star with legendary skills both in and out of the bedroom. Gotta read it to see! If box sets are your thing, have at it. Sizzling romance that rocks! So, bring your lighter and get ready to toss your panties on stage!

    Well, Jett was. Here you go. My Thoughts. Graphic artist Laney Hudson fell in love in with her high school sweetheart, made plans for a wedding and then her boyfriend left her right before the big day. When her mother decides to get married in Hawaii, Laney is recruited to deliver the wedding dress from her home near New York City. Scoring an upgrade because of the dress, Laney expects to be asleep until she has to change planes in Chicago. In the first class lounge, she sits at the only open seat next to a business man using every single outlet and the two end up seated next to each other which leads the crew to assume they are engaged.

    A little white lie and a snow storm creates a life changing event for both of them. He also realizes that he connects with Laney more than he ever did with his wife-to-be. Stuck in a Chicago hotel for a day, the two connect more than either thought possible. Laney and Noah become truly honest with each other because they expect to never to see each other again. I appreciate the fact that she is made more human by the end. Overall, this is a swoon-worthy read, perfect for Valentines Day. Those little details just make a book a great read.