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You need to take the prescription to a pharmacist. Some GPs can send prescriptions to a local pharmacy.

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You can ask the surgery if this service is available. For some medication, you may be able to collect a repeat prescription at an agreed time from your surgery, without seeing the GP. If you have a disability, ask your GP and pharmacist about arranging to deliver the prescribed medication to you at home.

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Usually, in a practice, several GPs work together in a surgery, clinic or health centre. To see a GP in a practice, you need to register as a Health Service patient with the surgery. To register with a practice, ask the receptionist if you live in the area the practice covers and if they accept new patients. If the practice is willing to accept you as a patient, you need to bring your medical card and fill in a registration form HS , or for people from outside of UK or people who have been out of the UK for more than a year HS22X which the receptionist will give to you.

If you live over a certain distance away from a practice, or if it has closed its patient list, the practice may refuse your application.

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If a practice won't accept you as a patient, they should give you reasons for their decision. They must not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, social class, age, religion, sexual orientation, appearance, disability or medical condition.

General Practice Management Toolkit

The General Registry Office will give you this when you register your baby's birth. Bring this form to the GP's surgery to register your baby as a patient. Check details with the surgery to arrange a home visit. You have the right to change your doctor's practice without giving a reason. It is helpful to tell your current practice that you are leaving. Chat with us about our simple telemedicine solution for providers. ROI included.

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Welcome to the eVisit Resources A resource for physicians, practice managers, and other healthcare professionals. Improve Your Patient Collection Strategy Patient collections is an ongoing headache for many doctors, especially with the rising number of patients on high deductible insurance plans. Offer After-hours Virtual Visits Ok, everyone knows that doing after-hours patient visits can increase revenue. Motivate Your Staff Your staff are your most valuable resource.

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Build a Better Appointment Schedule Optimizing an appointment schedule is one of those projects that seems a fine balance of art and science. Reduce Missed Appointments No-shows and late cancels can cost your practice tens of thousands of dollars each year. Consider a Concierge Model For some doctors, especially those with a high Medicaid population, concierge may not be an option.

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Request a demo. Grow your system, profitably. See why the largest systems in the US choose eVisit. Talk to one of our telemedicine experts. Get weekly tips to build a profitable practice.

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Katie Singer offers some tips. The funding practices are seeing trickling into their accounts appears to be depleting. So how can practices ensure they keep ahead of the game by keeping their finances at a maintainable level.

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There is little that can be done to increase core funding other than ensuring you maximise your enhanced services income where possible. One area that is key to review on a regular basis are the costs of the practice. The two areas where overspending are most common are administrative staff and clinical staff. The following tips can help:. In recent years, the term merger has become well-known in general practice, especially for those single-handed or small practices.

A merger, simply put, is when two practices come together. A merger is also a way of practices being able to share skills and staff as well as creating other cost efficiencies.

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There are complications surrounding mergers and practices should ensure they consider the issues carefully. Not just to ensure the environment is adequate and that all partners are moving towards the same goal, but to ensure that financially the new merged practice will be stable. Practices looking to merge should consult their accountants and speak to a lawyer. If you have agreed to merge, a new partnership agreement is key to ensure any issues arising on merging, such as how the profits are shared, can be brought to the table and discussed early on.