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Guess I don't know what's, left to say But hear me out All of the dreams of, yesterday Keep breaking me down What's on the outside, can you say Or am I getting carried away.

Goodbye Again

It's in your mind It's in your eyes So it's goodbye again It's way past time For one last try So it's goodbye again Goodbye I'm getting on, but what's the use You know how I get I can't decide which is the truth At least not yet I got the feeling, that it's you What can be said, alone in this room No It's in your mind It's in your eyes So it's goodbye again It's way past time For one last try So it's goodbye again.

Who wants you now? Maybe somebody else I'll wait around Maybe you'll forget you were ever here Maybe forget you were ever, never here. I'm on the outside, looking down What do I see? So much of this cold, in the ground Where would i be?

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Fred Ballard , Mignon G. Ron Clark.

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Inge Morath - On the film set of "Goodbye Again". 1960.

Cast Size Cast Size 8m, 4f. Additional Info One of the gayest and most successful comedies of the New York season of Produced by Arthur J. Beckhard at the Theater Masque. Here we have to do with a popular lecturer on tour in one of the inland cities, showing how his desire for a ceertain amount of personal freedom gets him into all sorts of trouble both with his own friends and a number of local persons.

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