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Biden: ‘This is not your father’s Republican Party’

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  • Joe Biden Has Been Saying 'It's Not Your Father's Republican Party' For Years.
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Biden: This Is Not Your Father's Republican Party

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Your father’s Republican Party has vanished. His Democratic Party has, too - The Boston Globe

Asian Voices. HuffPost Personal. But Lieberman strongly supported the Iraq war, a position that by made him persona non grata in Democrats' eyes. Lieberman's ostracism confirmed that the once-robust national-security wing of the Democratic Party — the home of Cold War hawks like Harry Truman, Jack Kennedy, and Scoop Jackson — was defunct. Democrats, the original party of peace through strength , became the party of disengagement and retreat. Liberal Democrats in the s believed in color-blindness — they agreed with Thurgood Marshall that "racial criteria are irrational, irrelevant, odious to our way of life.

Your father's Democratic Party was an ardent defender of Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East. No more: Liberal Democrats today, reports the Pew Research Center , are much less likely to support Israel than to support its Palestinian enemies. Two decades ago, a popular president fought hard for a North American Free Trade Agreement, signed the Iraq Liberation Act, and kept his promise to " end welfare as we know it.

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He cut the top capital-gains tax rate from 28 percent to 20 percent. He resisted same-sex marriage. He codified economic sanctions against Cuba. Bill Clinton is still popular with Democrats. But in a party that has shifted sharply leftward , there's little room for the centrist positions he upheld as president.