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In my time, for instance, we talked of Fight Club , The Matrix , and Lost in Translation because they were temporally unique expressions of grappling with the experience of human beings immersed in their own alienation. It is evidence of our neurosis that his take on politics was viewed by some as nonchalant.

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Nothing could be further from the truth. It is only through the lens of our obsession with the ultimately uninteresting triumph of one fatally flawed ideology over another that Peter Lawler could be viewed as nonchalant. He was too fascinated by the way politics revealed deeper truths about being human — far too fascinated to be overly concerned about who happened to win an election.

He did not, after all, choose politics as his academic focus by accident. It was the political philosophers who intrigued him the most because it is in politics, the ultimate cauldron of human relationships, that the strangeness of humanity is laid bare. His common observation that everything is getting both better and worse at the same time was not the indication of a man unconcerned with the trials and travails of human life or a rejection of the importance of political policy and social action.

With this pithy observation that history is a process of progressive regression he was calling us out of our utopian reveries to face the reality that we are wanderers, not conquerors. He was, in fact, constantly engaged in the endeavor to make us face up to our lostness because until we do, until we start from the point of our alienation, our willful efforts will only continue to careen us through a path of accidental successes and failures, which only serves to enhance our malaise.

He was showing us that politics or more precisely, the exercise of power is not our savior.

He needed no ideological shelter to preserve his thoughts from threats, because it was not his thoughts that centered his life. You can threaten premises upon which argumentation and academic careers are built and you can threaten the hopes of political triumphs by challenging ideologies. You cannot threaten love. When you love wisdom you also love those who pursue wisdom and Dr.

Lawler had the extraordinary ability to see, even through the most obnoxious of challengers, the searching mind in each of us.

Peccadillo and Quirk

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I love the perspective this post brings.

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