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The monument is small and has not received additional federal funding due to its new designation. Instead, it's getting money from private fundraising and a budget share with nearby Lyndon B.

Barack Obama Is America's Greatest Land Protector President - Pacific Standard

Johnson National Historical Park. At the opposite end of the spectrum, Obama's declaration of , acres of Los Angeles' San Gabriel Mountains seems to have brought little change—and a lot of disappointment—to the area. Porta Potties and interpretive signs were covered by graffiti. Ravens pecked at dead snakes and squirrels that had been run over by drivers along a two-lane road. That's unfortunate, as the San Gabriel Mountains were placed under protection with an especially important mission in mind: The mountains are close to the homes of millions of minorities and children in Los Angeles who otherwise have little access to natural areas.

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Conservation groups say the problem is that the Forest Service isn't treating the mountains any differently than it did before, leaving old problems unsolved, the Times reports. While that has stimulated the local economy, officials could still do more, according to New Mexico State University economist Chris Erickson , who told KRWG the mountains "are a completely undeveloped asset.

Some plans for interpretive signs and guided hikes are already underway, the Los Angeles Times reported in January. Meanwhile, the designation may have staved off another type of development. While only time will tell what happens with the California desert's newest national monuments, the sites will surely be watched by a number of conservation organizations that lobbied for their status change, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Conservationists want to protect existing wildlife corridors and re-introduce lost species back into the area. The president made non-proliferation a centerpiece of his administration. What happened? The President's State of the Union address hints at a deepening anxiety over his legacy—and what we can expect from the rest of his term.

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News in Brief. Social Justice. McKinnon said.

Recreation is only one source of affinity within a White House culture, people there say. Obama veterans describe a camaraderie forged over a grueling campaign and a merciless nine months at the White House. It is not about gender, they say, but shared experience. Other women in the administration say that any discussion of White House culture should account for how politics has long been dominated by men but is now more inclusive.

Dunn said that she recently hosted a baby shower for an administration official and that no men from the office were invited. She is comfortable with that — just as she is fine with never playing basketball with the president. Tell us what you think.

Obama's post-presidential life: what does his second act have in store?

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Who Is Barack Obama?

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