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Gillian was one of the ladies encouraged to attend one of our Standing Together groups. Initially, Gillian was reluctant to leave her flat or attend the group. One of my Standing Together team members suggested she should come and see what it was like. This was the beginning of Gillian turning her life around and improving her mental health.

You Are Not Alone

It was amazing to see the change in Gillian; from being depressed and desponded to being happier and more confident. She was able to talk about her experiences and share memories of the life she had prior to it being taken away from her. Gillian made new and long term friendships. She looked forward to the group activities and meeting her new friends.

You are not alone: student stories of mental health | Education | The Guardian

In fact, she became an active member of the group. It is through your continued support that we are able to run programmes such as Standing Together and make a difference to the lives of older people like Gillian. Our programme changes the lives of vulnerable older people by helping to reduce loneliness and isolation. For nearly one million people over 65 in the UK, this scene is not in their imagination. It is their life.

Depression: personal blogs and stories

Help us help people like Gillian With your help, we can help people like Gillian break out of loneliness, into a better life. Donate now. He shared this story about Gillian after meeting her on our Standing Together project in south east London. Loneliness , Older people. A homeless man ended up talking me down. So what did I do?

I got in my car and drove home and continued to try to control myself. But I knew it was too late. I knew that my control was long gone. So I admitted myself to the hospital shortly afterwards. I can say without a single doubt in my mind that it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I suffered for years and will for potentially my whole life. But from what?

Alone in the crowd - How loneliness affects the mind and body

I knew that this was not normal. I was diagnosed with severe PTSD and bipolar disorder. I got the bipolar from one of my parents which put me in an already fragile state so the abuse I endured throughout my life made it really easy for me to develop PTSD. Most people only develop it after witnessing a life threatening event or had their life threatened themselves. But abuse, especially in children, makes it really easy for PTSD to make itself a home inside your mind.

I had a crappy childhood and one crappy relationship along with two very sick parents. If it gets any worse, I will have to go on disability. When my doctor told me what was wrong with me, I cried. Some of the memories I think about for days. I wrote this because I want to share my experience with others who are also suffering and are still trying to push themselves through the tough times.

No one deserves to live like I did for so long. I encourage everyone I meet now that is suffering like I have to go get help. I was so against help for so long because I was so misinformed and I think a lot of people who grew up like I did are misinformed as well. I was always told the medications change who you are, they make you feel unlike yourself. That is not true.

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If anything, my medication made me remember who I was and gave me the ability to be myself again. Again, going to the mental facility was one of the best decisions I ever made. I recommend everyone who suffers from any mental illness to take that route first. You may experience insomnia that makes no sense because you are sleep deprived. You may struggle to connect with your baby.

You may cry or want to cry all the time. You may feel angry and lash out at others.

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You may have feelings of guilt that you are not doing enough or that you are not enough. You may struggle to remember things, even things just said to you. We are sharing experiences we have had, women in our family have had, our girlfriends have had, and stories we have heard from others. The end result is: You are not alone.

Finding the right support for your postpartum depression is key. For some, going to a therapist and learning coping skills during this post-baby time is helpful. For others, getting on medication alleviates the symptoms enough to feel like themselves again.