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*Lucy'*s Based on Bad Science, and 6 More Secrets About the Film

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For this type of film you don't need a star, you need an actress. Besson first got the idea for Lucy nearly a decade ago, after meeting a woman who he thought was trying to be an actress but was actually a neuroscientist. They spoke for hours and "I was fascinated by this subject.

I wanted to do it, there was no way I would give this script to anybody else.

It wouldn't be a Besson movie if there wasn't at least one balls-to-the-wall action sequence. Lucy 's takes place in broad daylight, as Lucy leads a wild car chase through the streets of Paris. So how did he send Lucy and friends from the Arc de Triomphe to Place de la Concorde—two of the busiest places in the city—without plowing through huge crowds? He waited until the Feast of the Assumption of Mary, a time in France when everyone leaves the cities—like Fourth of July in the States.

That was fun to do.

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Most thrillers have a quest for power, Besson explains, and there's usually a bad guy who wants it and a good guy who wants to prevent them. In Lucy , an average woman gets the greatest power imaginable and has no choice but to try and pass on her knowledge which is virtually infinite by the end. They want to destroy, they want to steal, they want to conquer. But at this level of power, the only thing she can do is pass it on.

I think it's such a lesson, because that's exactly what the cell—which is the first image of the film—that's what the cell is doing, just passing on everything she knows to the other one. Luc Besson left directs Scarlett Johansson in Lucy. Luc Besson's Lucy is based on a lie. View Comments.

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  • *Lucy'*s Based on Bad Science, and 6 More Secrets About the Film!
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