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That is why I said to her: you die tonight! No one can understand me. Crowds Of loutish drunks, not one could think In his most morbid nights of drink Of turning wine into a shroud. Scum of the earth, this doltish crew, Like iron mechanisms all, Never, in winter, spring or fall Have understood what love can do. Love with its dark, enchanting pains, Troupe of anxieties from hell, Its flasks of poison, tears as well, Its rattlings of bones and chains! And sleep as any dog would do! That cart with heavy wheels, the truck Loaded with rocks and city muck, That runaway I welcome to.

Ma femme est morte, je suis libre! Nous sommes tous plus ou moins fous! Petrov: Je vis bien aime, mon amour, viens. Czarina: Dans te bras, je vis bien aime, mon amour, viens. Viens, douce mort! Seigneur, protege nous.

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Dieu aies pitie de lui. Petrov: Seigneur, a genoux, ales pitie de moi. Dieu, te benisse, Le seigneur protege mon amour.

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Ecoutaez ma priere, Dieu, te protege mon amour. Adieu, Adieu. Petrov as he is dragged off Le Seigneur protege mon amour du mal. Portege la, Je vais mourir, Dieu te protege mon amour. My heart is unable to cry, To mourn the death of the noble Czar Who has [departed? God forgive me!

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May his assassin be rewarded with eternal life. But I, his unrepenting wife, My immortal soul is in danger. Grusha: Why should you cry over the death of a tyrant?

L'Assassin habite au 21

Tyranny died, not the Czar. Oh my country, my Russia. God has freed you. Petrov is dragged in.

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Czarina: Petrov! Dear God!

L'assassin qui revait d'une place au paradis (French Edition)

Dubrovsky: The Czar is dead, Long live the Czarina. Czarina must go out on the balcony to acknowledge the cheers of of the crowds below. Czarina to Petrov Quickly defend yourself, or you will die! Dubrovsky: to Czarina You hesitate? Sign in the name of the Czar! Petrov: God has given the world Liberty and honor. Czarina: You will surely die, dearly beloved. Dubrovsky: Yes! Czarina: My heart, too, will die. Petrov: I am giving my life so the people may live My life has earned the ultimate reward of my death.

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