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Step 5 : Remount the body on the dummy 40mm spigot in a four jaw chuck. Bring up the live centre in the tail stock to align the body in preparation for final shaping and finishing This will also remove any jaw marks and indentations. Step 6 : Mark your preferred pattern on the body and turn and shape accordingly. Step 7 : Sand and finish with your preferred material. The project sample was sanded with grit, grit and grit papers.

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Step 8 : Mount the top in the four jaw chuck with the 24mm spigot facing out. Align with the live centre, then check-fit the spigot into the 24mm hole through the centre of the body. Adjust the spigot accordingly until slightly loose fit achieved. Turn the top to 57mm diameter in preparation for final shaping and sizing.

Making a pepper grinder

Drill 6mm hole through the centre of the top. Also check that top and body match diameter where they join Step 10 : Mark preferred pattern and then shape and finish. Part at nominated mark, check that all grinder kit parts fit as required. Then reverse mount the top into the dummy block in the chuck with pre-drilled 24mm recess, make any necessary adjustments to length or fit and then give a final finish to the top.

Step 11 : Assemble the grinder. Fit small plate to 24mm spigot on the top.

How to Make a Pepper Mill

Use shaft provided to ensure plate is centred Pre-drill screw holes if using hardwood. One side is mounted using one of those pointy chucks that you beat in with a hammer, and the other is the usual live-center. It only takes half an hour or so to get the piece round and believe it or not, this is for the base only. I do like seeing some spalting showing through. It is a good idea to leave the piece a little long at the outset just in case I'm trimming off enough for a tenon on one end.

Drilling the Blank

A few minutes later the tenon is made and the excess is cut off. Boring is a bit of a challenge because once the Forstner bit is chucked up, there is not much length for boring. A 4" extension for the Forstner bit will go more than half way though the pepper mill blank. Minimum speed on a lathe like this is around rpm, which means it is very easy to smoke a drill bit, and even easier to smoke a Forstner bit.

Step 2: Cutting Stock for a Pepper Mill

I took a number of breaks to let the bit cool down. Boring ended up working very well considering the piece had to be flipped once to bore the other end. The match-up was almost perfect!

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Now for the pepper mill top The top I had to cut separately. This is the pointy chuck that you hammer in to get a good grip on the wood. The other end uses the live center. This won't take long : A few minutes later, time to cut the piece which will fit into the pepper mill body.

Boy these have come down in price. Digital measurement, English or Metric and it will come in handy for the pepper mill. Measurements need to be fairly exact.. Leave it a little wide at first.

Stave Construction Pepper Mill

It is better to end up with a fit that is a bit too snug because you can do something about that. Not much you can do if you have a loose top, except to turn another one. Holding a marker to the wood and rotating the shaft is an easy way to obtain a straight line. The material to the left of the mark will be turned into a tenon, which will be used to hod the pepper mill top while drilling the 7mm hold for the metal shaft. The final mill-top lengh is perfect.

How about that! Flattening out the bottom of the pepper mill top. Drilling the hole for the shaft doesn't take much time at all. A good tight fit! You may see a little mold when you unwrap the piece, but it is still green and there are no cracks.

How to turn a small pepper grinder

Next, the body is mounted and the piece is cut down to size and the tenon is removed. Time to assemble the pieces. The instructions recommend the use of a Jam Chuck, as shown on the left in order to keep a snug fit while turning the mill as one piece. So far so good. I think I can get a little bit fancier than this This looks about right.

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