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So do you. Previous Post True. September 30, at am. Kris Camealy. September 30, at pm. I love this!!! Katie A Place to Dwell. October 1, at am. October 1, at pm. October 2, at pm. Wonderful post! This is exactly the positive thinking I needed to be reminded of. You are so right. I hope I can at least tick some of them off my list. Again, your blog is so inspiring. Xx Maike. This is such a great post. This is exactly why I started my blog- I needed an outlet for creativity! Thanks Emma! Much appreciated. What a great and true post! I am a long reader of this blog, but never left a comment.

I always liked your articles on inspiration, goals, motivation and so on, but never felt like saying anything, but this rant is just something that I need so much right now. Emma, you put it all so nicely that it moved me. Thank you. Thanks for this! Agreed, this time of year can be tough! Def pushing forward and making these resolutions a reality.

Thank you for this post! It definitely can feel dreary this time of year especially where I live in Utah with all of the winter smog! This really is a great post and came at the perfect time for me. I have been saying for the past 6 months someday I will do this. But I realized the timing is never going to be perfect so I just went for it!!

Thanks for keeping me inspired. This has been my focus lately too! Amid planning for a move and possibly working two jobs, I still want to make time to do the creative things I love. Thanks for reminding me that it takes work! A million times yes! Thanks for this. We go searching for it and making actual actions on it.

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  6. Idea can come to your mind but if you never work on it, it can never come true. Emma Thank You so much I need that — I definitely do not thrive in the winter!

    3 Reasons to be Inspired by Nick Vujicic, a Man with No Arms and Legs

    I love studying Aryuveda I think you would love it too! Here you can find which foods, spices and oils work best with your body type. So inspiring! We find ourselves cleaning whenever we are home too. But it is the first step for us in our process to simplifying and organizing our lives and blog.

    Thanks for the post. Sometimes a little encouragement helps. We all have our down days. So inspiring and true! My best friend forward this blog to me and I love it.. How inspiring because I am going through that change now.. Thanks B. YOU ladies are inspiring! It really is so helpful to see girls like you who are achieving your dreams, because it reminds me how capable I am as well.

    I loved reading this. Last January after wanting to sew for years, I forced myself to take a beginning sewing class and it literally changed my life — I sew almost every day now, have become decently skilled, and most importantly, it connected me to my creative spirit in a way nothing had before. I just had to choose to start. This is a brilliant post and has really made me think about what I want to do this year.

    How To Live an Inspired Life and the reasons for doing so.

    Thank you for the inspiration! It sometimes is scary to start doing what you have always dreamed about, but it is definitely worth it to start working on your goals now. This words are so true and just made me get more strenght to not give up on blogging and doing the things I love,although it sometimes gets hard with all de daily life stuff!

    Thank you Emma! Love your post totally inspiriting. I was waiting for inspiration in the form of praise to hit me in the face. Its only now that I let myself be inspiration once again after I removed myself from that stubborn child like state of mind and decided to go back to what I love. Totally needed this. Would love you to check it out! You girls are my inspiration! After finding your blog on web I am drawing, painting, textile stamping and dreaming every day! Red velvet mix, chocolate melts. Thanks to you, I finally looked like I knew what I was doing in the kitchen!

    Totes plan on using that again! Thank you sooo much!! This post it just what I needed! The dark cloudy weather has gotten me down a bit lately. Im ready for spring! I just wanted to drop in and say that this was one of your best written articles so far. Thank you for posting this! Great points! I think starting now is most important to me because I tend to procrastinate so, so much.

    You guys just keep on coming with the fabulous inspiration! Thank you for reminding me that every day has potential! I love this post because I feel the same way. Great post! Thanks for posting! It really can be hard to keep inspired and I am always amazed by you and all your teams ability to keep generating new and fantastic ideas for content and crafts! Thank you so much for this article.

    Thank you for writing this! This post has my wheels turning. I love it! He leido vuestro post con mucha atecion y me ha parecido muy ameno ademas de bien redactado. No dejeis de cuidar este blog es bueno. Beautiful post! I really needed to hear that. Especially the part about not waiting. Fill in the blank. It never will be! You and Elsie are such an inspiration.

    Sometimes I find my life really frustrating and I often forget that feeling good much more is a head thing than caused by the circumstances I wish I was living in. Awesome post! This is just what I need today on this snowy day where all I want to do is put off everything I need to do. What a wonderful and inspiring post. This was a great kick in the pants post! Thanks so much for this post! It was definitely the pick me up I needed to the start of the week… especially in the middle of winter!

    Nice job!

    Thanks for this great reminder Emma! Sometimes, especially when the weather is so terrible, it is easy to become withdrawn and feel like your creative spirit is crushed, but it is important to keep on acting like the sun is shinning! I have been working on setting long term goals, and shorter term goals.

    It has really been helping me. I set goals for ever week based on my monthly and yearly goals. It really helps me to keep what is important to me in check and to make sure that I am really doing what I want to be doing. Thanks a lot lovely, You are truly living an inspiring life, though you are thriving for an inspired life. I would say you live an inspiring AND inspired life! Impeccable timing with this post — thanks!

    See a Problem?

    Thank you so much for this post! This post could not have been timed better! Definitely something I needed to hear today. Thanks for sharing! Pulling myself up by the bootstraps and keep on going! Very motivating. I started to make jewelry for a benefit for a friend of a friend. Its to raise money for his cancer treatment.

    Now my mind is buzzing with creativity! I love your post.


    Absolutely…setting goals is the best thing. I have two small kidlets and am extremely busy but every night I dedicate myself to working on the things that mean a lot me and will help me get to where I want to. Life is too short and nothing is too hard. Thanks for being so lovely! A great post and beautiful pictures, as well. Start now — that is something I should tell myself more often and then actually do it! I hope I can manage it this year — I just need to use the times when my baby girl is napping to create and not for cleaning….

    I recently started thinking about this myself, a topic I talk a lot about actually, but I have found something that has really worked for me. Instead of hoping and wishing one day I would have my ideal career, I thought the only way I will get there is if I put myself into the mindset of that career and believe that, although I may not get paid to be this person, I still AM this person. I am just so thankful for this post. Winter is always tough for creativity. These are great tips, Emma!

    This is exactly what I needed to hear right now. I love your writing Emma, keep it up! I sooo needed to read this today! In his research, Robert Emmons has found that being grateful has significant physical, psychological and social benefits. People who practice gratitude often report better immune systems, better sleep, and more positivity.

    They also feel less lonely, less isolated and more generous. For Nick, being grateful means focusing on what he has, what Emmons calls an affirmation of goodness : there are good things in the world, and we have received some of them. After Nick is done with his speech, he is joined on stage by two Singaporeans. The first is Aishah Samad, a year old ex-Singapore national shooter who contracted a severe bacterial infection in July which eventually led to the amputation of her arms and legs.

    The second is Jason Chee, a Navy serviceman who lost both his legs and his left arm in a shipboard accident in December As CEO of non-profit company Life Without Limbs , driven by a firm belief in God, Nick hopes to inspire others that hope prevails despite challenges and obstacles in life if one can still find the strength to overcome them. In this spirit, he shares his plans to set up a training academy to train speakers to share this message, and extends this opportunity to both Aishah and Jason.

    Researcher Stephen Post suggests there is a strong positive correlation between altruism or helping others and well-being, health, and longevity. In a recent study by UnitedHealthcare and VolunteerMatch, of American adults, 89 percent responded that helping has improved [their] sense of well-being and 78 percent reported that it helps recovery from loss and disappointment.

    In setting up Life Without Limbs , Nick reaches out beyond himself, supporting love and hope in others. Brown, B. Emmons, R.

    Living an Inspired life with Lorna Jane Clarkson

    Personal goals, life meaning, and virtue: Wellsprings of a positive life. Keyes Ed. Post, S. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Vujicic, N. WaterBrook Press. Not seeing the pictures for the book links?