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This is no re-edited contemporary army manual. The Zombie Killer Handbook is original, terse, focused, detailed with personal experience, always logical and laced with dark humor. It is a guide for offensive operations against the undead written by a pragmatic, knowledgeable and articulate combatant. Fictionally published in as a training manual for new recruits to the contract ZK force, it consists of a collection of essays on tactics, missions and threats in the Dead Zones, transportation, uniforms, equipment, weapons and even some social commentary.

The essays are all reluctantly authored by a famed, and perhaps infamous, ZK officer called Captain Soo-Z. Little of this unlikely pony-tailed heroine's life before the apocalypse is revealed but it becomes apparent that she is Asian born, of slight stature, not out of her 20s, solitary and guarded in personality, deeply religious and violent in temperament and action to the extent that would be alarming anytime other than a zombie apocalypse. She distinguished herself in the pivotal battles that saved Elizabethtown and afterward carried the fight to its undead and living enemies with messianic zeal.

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Now in charge of the ZKs stationed at Outpost 7 on the eastern perimeter she is as much feared as respected. Beyond the fascinatingly detailed accounts of the ZKs harrowing work in the Dead Zones, her essays give the reader a glimpse of the sensibilities and values of a post-apocalyptic survivor turned warrior.

Life in the Dead Zone for any length of time can do a lot of psychological damage. You develop major trust issues to say the least.

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Published: Dec Buy from our partners. Not satisfied with merely surviving a zombie apocalypse, struggling daily for sustenance, hiding from danger for the last of your pathetic days?

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The backdrop for this story is the aftermath of an infectious zombie apocalypse that decimates the world population in A rural Kentucky city Elizabethtown is transformed into a fortress for humanity thanks to the combined efforts of survivors from the region. Taking the name Live-E-town, this survivor enclave stands up a para-military force of contracted Zombie Killers known as ZKs. These resourceful mercenaries defend Live E-town's borders and make war on the undead and human raider bands that inhabit the dangerous Dead Zones.

Their offensive operations have pushed a perimeter out five miles into the farmland surrounding the town, diverted and exterminated scores of undead herds, suppressed most of the raider groups, rescued thousands of survivors, and recovered hundreds of tons of survival critical resources. The author uses the increased popularity of zombies in our society to drive home this point.

We are the zombies-drones who robotically go about our routine, driven by lust and greed and undeniable urges to do evil. I think vampires would be a more apt representation of our dark, greedy, evil side. Because while zombies do represent undeniable urges in us, they are mindless feeding machines that for the most part, in most movies and literature are not evil, but just forces of nature.

Book Review: The Christian Zombie Killers Handbook by Jeff Kinley

Evil requires thought, and zombies do not have thoughts. They just do what they are designed to do. If each of us had an inner zombie, I seriously doubt we could resist its urges, since they are not based on any sort of debate on whether we should be good or bad people. Zombies just do what they do, with no compunction and no guilt.

Again, I would propose that the vampire-tormented by its desire to drink blood and to kill, while at the same time corrupting others as it does so, is more of an apt metaphor for original sin.

Zombie Killer Handbook, 2nd Illustrated Edition: Frank Jardim: Books

Doing battle with our inner vampire makes more sense to me. This was not a book for me, thought I might find it interesting to discuss the concept of the inner zombie with the author, as well as zombies in general.

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This is a book that can and will find the right audience, though I suspect that quite a few people will never be attracted to its message. Even so, for the right person, this book has a very compelling message. This entry was posted on January 17, by patrickdorazio.