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The Spanish spoken in the Dominican Republic has its own accent, vocabulary, and colloquial expressions.

Dominicans are also known for speaking fast and loudly. The accent of Dominican Spanish speakers shares some features in common with other Caribbean Spanish speakers. Dominicans also have the habit of shortening common words and phrases.

Regions of the Dominican Republic

Similar to its people, the Dominican Republic is also geographically diverse—from mountain ranges to jungles and open plains. Each region has its own customs, accent, and expressions. The beaches are beautiful, as this is the Caribbean Coast of the country. Tourism is higher here than in any other region. In La Romana, and especially Punta Cana, you will find the largest hotels and resorts in the country. Many Dominicans from all over travel there to work.


Unlike in the rest of the country, El Este is much quieter and docile. The largest region is El Cibao , which spreads through the north, northeast, and central parts of the country. There you will find the longest, highest mountain ranges and fertile land. El Cibao has the most recognizable Dominican accent. Many people live in rural areas in this region, which is home to many popular Dominican musicians and artists.

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Tall buildings, endless traffic jams, and music echoing from cars are common sights and sounds in El Sur. Stores, known as colmados , line the streets and you can hear Dominican hip-hop, salsa, reggaeton, bachata, and dembow music. The Spanish spoken in this region is full of slang that changes constantly, riddled with both American and Puerto Rican influences. To learn more details about the accents of each region, enroll in Dominican Spanish The free trial includes a detailed description of the differences in accents between the south, east, and northern regions of the DR.

The Dominican Republic has hundreds of unique words and expressions. Although you may hear some of these phrases from other Spanish speakers or in popular Latin music, they are unmistakably Dominican in origin. He is so full of crap , he said he was coming to work and he never came. When a beer is cold and the exterior of the bottle is white due to freezing, but the inside liquid is not frozen.

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