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Show less. Available in some locations. Like A Child to Home. Wally Rose is a social worker who emphasizes more on doing the right thing rather than following rigid rules, but the social care system leaves little choice for the adolescents in his care. How Poetry Saved My Life. After winning a Lambda Literary Award in for her first novel Sub Rosa, Amber Dawn takes readers on a deeper journey to her earlier experiences as a p Show more After winning a Lambda Literary Award in for her first novel Sub Rosa, Amber Dawn takes readers on a deeper journey to her earlier experiences as a prostitute on the streets of Vancouver.

The author provides an insightful account of her life through poetry in her role in the sex trade and her subsequent coming out as a lesbian. Up and Down on the Downtown Eastside. Depicting the lives of those who live in Downtown Eastside, this novel features the harsh realities of the homeless, the poor, and the drug-addicted in Va The heavy issues presented in this novel are juxtaposed with lighter humour to keep this book a fun read. The Door Is Open. Mirror on the Floor. As they spend their nights roaming the pubs of East Hastings and Main Street, by chance Bob meets a young woman by the name of Andrea, for whom he develops a rather deep attraction and because of that, comes to see her everywhere he goes.

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A few somethings are not ready to settle down, either with their careers or love. This novel taps into the lives of women caught between their young adult years and adulthood.

The Vanishing Track. Most of the threats have been sexually violent or have made insinuations about Gangadharan's sexual conduct. Lurking insidiously within the threats, she says, is a potent objection to a woman telling men's stories. I've written from a male angle and they've said a man helped me. I've never been to Singapore but I spoke to those who have and I visited the Ford factory so that I could describe it. I was not here in postwar Britain, I'm a middle-aged Asian woman sitting at home, so the attitude is: 'How could she write about that? On East Ham's High Road, black, Asian and white residents all claim to care little for the controversy.

East Side Story

A white newsagent who has owned the shop for over 20 years argues the case for freedom of speech: "Otherwise you'll get restrictions that disregard the intelligence of the reader. The manager of Newham Bookshop says she received a letter from the Malayalee Association "suggesting I don't stock the book and asking me to speak to them".

She is remaining neutral, she says: she sells the novel but chooses to keep it under the counter.

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Meanwhile, Newham Library is still assessing whether it will stock copies. Saying 'I don't like it' is not a good enough reason for us not to keep it. Plaistow police have arrested two men for threats to kill Gangadharan, though no one has been charged. She is now too afraid to leave her home.

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She has stopped her community work and her health has deteriorated, she says, but she insists she will not apologise. I can't be confined to writing about an Indian woman looking after children and going to the temple. My books can be found in your local library. If not, the library resources can attain them for you. My literature helps young adults who are in street gangs to see that they do have a future.

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My new book, Forgotten Memories , which is also my autobiography and a sequel to East Side Dreams, will be released August 1, However, it is available now. You will enjoy reading them. You have to order them! As a writer, I tried to produce books that are suitable for all ages.

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  • My books are written without profanity so that young people, as well as all adults, may read and enjoy the stories that are shared. As you will see by visiting here, I will tell you about my books and how you may order them.

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    You will also learn a little about me and what my books are about. The stories emphasize excitement and drama, expressed in a manner that does not offend. I know you will enjoy them as well as my other releases.