Manual Panther Tattoo Designs

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This is a beautiful rendition of a panther. Subtle details like the position of the cats ear separate this tattoo from its counterparts. The ears are pointing backwards like the predator is about to pounce, while touches of blue in the eyes, gums, and whiskers bring the piece together. This is obviously a house cat smoking a joint.

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A silhouette of the back of a house cat is livened up with the use of a mandala pattern. This life-life piece illustrates a black and gray portrait of a panther framed with swirling design.

Panther Tattoos

The incredible detail in this piece is a testament to the talent of the tattoo artist. This tattoo shows a panther fighting snake, and for some reason both animals have concernedly bulging eyes indicative of a thyroid condition. A remarkably well done portrayal of the snake versus panther motif. This amateur portrayal of a panther wearing a skull necklace lacks detail. No shading is used in the head of the panther and the disproportionately sized skulls are indicative of an inexperienced artist.

This panther is obviously concerned about the dagger pierced through his skull in this traditional piece. The black panther has an ornate knife shoved through his head and the head of the cat is surrounded by roses. I love the details and concept of this piece. A Californian panther sports a pair of wayfarers and a hat with the brim bent up. The head of a panther is overlaid a blue rose and spiderweb motif. Spiderwebs were prevalent in prison tattoos and represent the wearer being trapped. This tattoo is an example of a simple concept with exceptional execution.

20 Panther Tattoo Design Ideas For Girls To Repeat

The placement is the best part of this tattoo. This abstract piece creates the outline of a stalking panther with a series of black lines and a pair of vibrant, green eyes. For example, the eyes of this panther are noticeably lopsided and take away from the tattoos aesthetic. This oddly constructed tattoo portrays a creepy smiling face reminiscent of a cabbage patch kid wearing a headdress composed of panther faces.

This hand tattoo uses traditional coloring and styling to depict a bear. The animals are surrounded by a striking orange pattern and look upward towards a scroll design and a key. This panther is depicted in a tribal style, using bold black lines to create the image.

Angry Panther Tattoo Designs For Men and Women

While the panther looks somewhat vicious the tiger has an amused look on his face. A black and gray rendition of the popular snake versus panther motif. This stylized black panther is depicted knocking a bird from the sky while wearing a medallion with a heart. The piece is surrounded by red roses that add a nice touch of color. A twist on this popular image shows the cat with a turned head and a menacing expression. This colorful tattoo portrays a solemn house cat wearing a Native American Headdress.

This tattoo shows a lotus flower with a mandala pattern potted in the head of a black panther. This tattoo is cluttered and non-cohesive. None of the subject matter correlates except for the fact they are all done in a traditional style. A traditional image done in non-traditional style. This tattoo shows a panther and snake fighting and colors the piece with vibrant reds and blues. Exceptional detail is portrayed in the panthers brow line and facial features. This traditionally styled panther is digging his claws into a bright, yellow rosebud.

A mediocre rendering of a panther with three toes is embellished with a red flower. The big cats portrayed in a traditional style and accented with two flowers apiece.

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  8. A panther head is accented with bright colors and a tribal patterned collar. The panther is traditionally colored while the grim reaper is depicted in black and gray. I have no idea what this tattoo is supposed to represent. The side profile of a panthers head is shown behind a few fingers with red nail polish. You will see one design of a spider web and another of a panther face. While full-size panther tattoos have their own look yet panther face tattoos are also advised to those who are looking for a medium to small size tattoos.

    You can try a panther half sleeve tattoo design and the best way to try it by showing a panther climbing up a tree or your arm. Like all other traditional tattoos, panther tattoos too can be done with a dagger tattoo design which is shown slaying their head.

    You can try a panther tattoo with a flower tattoo design too but make sure the color of the flower perfectly matches with the panther. Nails of a panther are its important feature so I would advise you to show a panther tattoo design with sharp pointed nails.

    Panther Tattoo Design Options

    Here is a different take on traditional panther tattoo design where the panther is shown wearing a suit. You will also like the eyes of this panther tattoo. You can have a temporary panther tattoo design made using just watercolors.