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Organise a quiz night, sell waffles or take part in a fun run and ask friends to sponsor you.

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There are ways to help raise some funds to support our work. Donate directly Did you know? It costs only 10 euro to have a girl attend a Dare to Dream event. To date, most of our work is self-funded or with support from family, friends and our Facebook community. We are enormously grateful for every contribution.

Donate here. Sabine has Belgian roots and an African soul. She partners with people and organizations in journeys of personal and professional change. Sabine founded Dare to Dream in based on the belief that every girl on earth deserves the chance to make her dreams come true.

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Her motto with the project? If you learn, teach. Petunia is publicist, author and professional coffee drinker. Since its inception, over 50 mentors have mentored more than high-school students across South Africa. Toggle navigation. You feel terribly overwhelmed. Now what?

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Written, designed, and illustrated by Stacey Dyer, AstroWed stems from her experience planning her own offbeat wedding, her knowledge from the tech industry, and c A childhood marred by tragedy. An uncertain future. One summer that changes everything. After losing her mother in a tragic accident, Hannah Tatum grows up wanting nothing more than to be a good girl. At twenty-one, she has her whole future planned out.

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Ricky Green is a restless teenager with a penchant for trouble. When the Beatles invade America, Ricky and his three friends form a band, hoping to reap fame and fortune.

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But amidst the profound cultural and political upheaval of the sixties, the Wild Ones struggle to find their footing. Twenty years later, Ricky attends his first high school reunion, perhaps seeking an opportunity to rewrite Until now. The Caelans are a nonviolent and technically advanced people who long ago conquered anger and interstellar travel.

Virtually indistinguishable from us, they hide in plain sight.

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They live in our neighborh When dark forces threaten the fates of Gods and men, a troubled psychic may be their only hope. Shilpy Chopra finally has the ordinary life she always dreamed of: a quiet job at a Sydney bookstore, good friends, and then there's Dusk - her perfect and devoted boyfriend. Except Shilpy is a seer, and able to see things that are far from ordinary. When a figure from Dusk's past visits she discovers There they will conduct assassinations and other covert operations in support of a drug trafficking channel that will ma The daily suffering of the Palestinian people is seldom mentioned in mainstream media, therefore, the author takes you on a journey to one of the most volatile parts of the Middle east to tell you the story of the ordinary people of Gaza.

Gaza, a land where joy BawB's Raven Feathers is pure and simple. It kickstarts moments of self-reflection and inner peace, drawing on nostalgia while pushing the reader to live in the present and dream of tomorrow.

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  • Alternating brief chapters of prose with perfectly rhythmic, adult rhymes, this book holds appeal for the masses. Evangeline May Sinclair is an intelligent young woman with a promising future in a large corporation. Though she has every reason to be happy, she has always felt insubstantial and out of place. But does this world, which holds the only man she could ever love, actually exist? One day, a bored little boy finds himself inside an old clock store. And while the boy is generally uninterested in most of the old and dusty clocks within the store, one particular clock strikes up his curiosity.

    And then everything changes for this bored little boy.


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