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Dabei umspielen sich die beiden Gitarrenvirtuosen mit interessanten harmonischen Wendungen, wundervollen Akkorden, Melodielinien und reichen Verzierungen. When four highly talented soloists on various instruments and from different nations get together, it produces, among other things, a homogenous ensemble with a fascinating radiance. In the process, the two guitar specialists produce interesting harmonic turns of phrase, wonderful chords, melodic lines and lavish ornamentation. Refined technique and musical variety are what elevate this CD to a gem in the arena of guitar music.

Keinesfalls zu akademisch, doch ebenso weit entfernt vom Mainstream. Mani: mridangam, konakol, R. Volle Punktzahl. The German guitarist and composer Ralf Siedhoff and the Spanish flamenco guitarist Manuel Delgado have enjoyed a close musical friendship since Istanbul CD Order No. Turkish cities and sites are poetically and musically depicted. They range from Istanbul to Izmir in the south, all the way to the Lycian coast.

This musical meandering through Turkey makes stops in cities as well as small villages, on sun-baked earth, in abundant bowers, beside the roaring sea. He is accompanied by Ingo Lohr playing meditative sounds and oriental rhythms on guitar on the ramble through Turkey. Come along for the journey, and let yourself be enchanted by the southern climes. Brillante Unterhaltung Kongenial begleitet auf der akustischen Gitarre.

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Congenially accompanied by an acoustic guitar. Nice songs. Laila CD Order No. Der Wahre Jakob oder Johannes Kirchberg. With his unmistakable tonality, he concisely describes topics like love and friendship. Denn der sympathische Musiker hat sich auf vielen Konzerten und Festivals mit gelungenen Interpretationen von Muddy Waters- und Robert Johnson-Klassikern, als auch mit authentischen Eigenkompositionen einen hervorragenden Ruf als versierter Blues-Gitarrist und Song-Poet erspielt. Heute gilt er als einer der versiertesten Blues-Musiker Deutschlands. The association with the birthplace of the blues on the other side of the Atlantic certainly makes sense.

At numerous concert and festival appearances, his convincing renditions of blues classics by Muddy Waters or Robert Johnson, as well as his authentic-sounding original compositions, have garnered the likeable musician an excellent reputation as an accomplished blues guitarist and song poet. Today he is regarded as one of the finest blues musicians in Germany. As his rich, powerful vocals, accomplished fingerpicking, tasteful use of open tunings and slick bottleneck playing amply demonstrate, having a feeling for the blues is not a question of where you were born.

An individual is giving his life for a song, here, and he succeeds in making many of them in his life — without a master plan, without selling his soul. Stories Interviews Testberichte Workshops Reportagen und vieles mehr!

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Erscheinungsweise: zweimonatlich. Mehrfachteilnahme ausgeschlossen. Versand und Porto innerhalb Deutschlands. Verpackung und Porto, das Jahres-Abo inkl. AGS Ausgabe verpasst? Einfach nachbestellen! Das trifft es perfekt. That is a perfect summary. Even though there are many other aspects of this songwriter, who, to paraphrase him, would like to marry his mother tongue with his Anglo-American musical roots.

The trained music pedagogue, who made his way to the guitar via the piano and the saxophone, exhibits his outstanding abilities as a singer and guitarist, composer and writer who really draws in the listener with powerful imagery. Another Rohman trademark is his slide playing on a lap steel guitar, which blues fans will especially appreciate. Liveliness, intimacy and authenticity: these may well be the best words to describe Markus Rohmann.

Jakob hat dort seine Fans, die er mit Charme, Lockerness und Spielfreude gewinnt. Jakob has his fans there, and he attracts them with his charm, his easy-going manner and his love of playing. Denn jetzt geht es bequem von zu Hause aus! Ihr Online-Ticket. We want to change that. Now you can watch in the comfort of your own home! Holen Sie sich Ihre Lieblingsgitarristen nach Hause! For our Online Concert series we produce live shows and air them at pre-arranged times as an online stream for the Acoustic Family. During the stream you can also chat with other viewers online or ask questions of the musicians.

In order to view the concerts, all you need is an access code, which you can order. You have complete freedom of choice over which artists you wish to watch, as your personal access code gives you admission to whichever concerts you desire. Just visit our online shop and order your access code or online ticket. Take your favourite guitarists home with you! Dabei kommt es ihm zwar auch auf Technik an, aber der spielerische Ausdruck und die musikalische Tradition seines Landes steht bei ihm im Vordergrund. Passionate devotion, profound musicality and great virtuosity are the three attributes that one associates with the Russian classical guitarist.

The erstwhile student of his mentors Nikita Koshin and Alexander Frauchi has, in the meantime, turned into a master guitarist with a mature tone and great expressive powers. He works as professor at the Moscow Music Academy and has won many international competitions. Alle musikalischen Wege stehen Nathasja van Rosse offen. Specials Neu! But once you hear how proficiently and innovatively Hoffmann approaches the mandolin, you will quickly understand the association with the guitar idol who died in As Hendrix did with the guitar in his time, Hoffmann uses his mandolin to break out of the confines of all the usual genres to steer towards unknown musical shores.

Pop, jazz and world music converge here to form a sonorous mix of instrument, voice and electronic modulation. A DVD with minutes of playing time. The popular fingerstyle guitarist presents some of his best fingerstyle pieces in this DVD-workshop. The influence of guitar greats such as Jerry Reed, Merle Travis or Chet Atkins is wonderfully woven into his compositions, and Michael explains his pieces slowly in German and English, in such a way that one can learn a lot even without a lot of previous guitar experience.

To play like Jacques Stotzem! Jacques Stotzem explains two of his compositions extensively and in detail, optionally in German, French or English. Oasis — one of his favorite compositions. Play along bar by bar. Heart Of The Night — a new and delightful ballad that promises to become a bit of a hit. The charming Frenchman explains how he achieves this on this DVD, using two of his pieces as examples — an easy-to-follow step by step presentation in German, English and French.

He speaks about the specialities of his technique and provides a simple introduction to his style, which is greatly influenced by musicians such as Merle Travis, Chet Atkins or Marcel Dadi. In the past few years, the Scotsman John Goldie has played his way to an outstanding reputation with arrangements of rock classics. Seite FP v 15,-. This is a treasure trove for all fingerpickers and a wonderful opprtunity to extend your repertoire. Er hat sich seit seiner Jugend dem Blues, Boogie und Ragtime verschrieben.

Dabei reicht die Spanne des Schwierigkeitsgrades von leicht bis schwer, so dass fast jeder problemlos mitmachen kann. He adopted the blues, boogie and ragtime in his youth already. In detail, he explains the pieces and exercises and opens our ears to the music of the old country blues masters. The technical level ranges from easy to difficult, so just about everyone can join without a hitch..

Either you will reach the limits of your abilities and will be very motivated to continue , or you can begin a little later on. Grammy award winner Mark Hanson is one of the most active authors of instructional literature in the USA. On this DVD he shows how to create your own fingerstyle arrangements of well-known tunes. Beginning with the choice of the right key, he leads the student slowly through all the stages of making up an arrangement.

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Und dies alles in Deutsch und in Englisch. The Canadian Don Ross has become leading figure like no other of an entire guitar generation. The technique used by the likes of Andy McKee, for instance, is based by and large on the music of Don Ross. On this DVD, the master gives a personal demonstration of how this works. And this, all in English and German. One of the most popular European fingerstyle guitarists provides a relaxed and easily understandable introduction to his music.

Exercises for both left and right hand round the whole thing off. New perspectives for your right hand! FP v 24, A fascinating journey through the world of flatpicking technique from the perspective of Italian guitarist Beppe Gambetta. The trip starts with the necessary technical preparations, finger training and exercises, as well as covering back-up and accompaniment. The DVD is rounded off by an introduction to improvisation and a selection of typical licks.

But Beppe Gambetta also manages to combine the Mediterranean tradition with American roots music such as swing, blues, ragtime and bluegrass to create an unmistakeable fusion which highlights his abilities as a composer and singer as well as a guitarist. In addition to his splendid guitar technique, he possesses boundless vision as a composer, has a delightful singing voice and an unforced charm, which has made him a favorite of audiences all over the world. With Italian roots in his blood and American roots music in his heart, Beppe Gambetta is an energetic virtuoso who is able to present his musical passions in a perfectly harmonious form.

The technique itself is not immediately audible in his music. This new method, which uses the fingers of the right hand like a plectrum, does open a whole new realm of possibilities for virtuoso performances. Walter explains his technique step by step in a series of exercises and pieces, and he also offers advanced guitarists extremely attractive prospects.

When the American Tim Sparks speaks about the music from his homeland, listeners hang onto each of his words. Wer rockig-bluesiges Akustikgitarrenspiel mag, kommt an Dave Goodman nicht vorbei und liegt bei dieser DVD genau richtig. In his uncomplicated and easily comprehensible manner he explains his approach to blues licks, solo construction, song accompaniment, phrasing and grooves. The DVD is rounded off by a selection of exercises.

Hier wird auf unterhaltsame Weise die Essenz der Musiktheorie vermittelt, auf die es im praktischen Gitarristenalltag und bei einer Probe wirklich ankommt. Begriffe, mit denen andere Methoden beginnen Obertonreihe, Tetrachord usw. In Vol. Eine Harmonielehre ohne Noten? Musik wird zwar mit der Hilfe der Standard-Notation aufgeschrieben, aber wer ihre theoretische Funktionsweise und damit Musik im Allgemeinen besser verstehen will, der kann sich diese Erkenntnisse gleich mit dem praktischen Bezug auf das Gitarrengriffbrett aneignen.

Learning music without knowing how to read notes? Is it possible? Peter Autschbach shows that is indeed possible. Anyone who ever wanted to know how music functioned theoretically and was always worried about facing all that dry material will be well served here. Peter teaches the full course in harmonics in two volumes in a congenial and easily understandable manner. Jeder Band inkl. Peter Autschbach, who completed his studies at the Cologne Conservatory of Music with distinction, has a broad musical vocabulary.

In the studio as well, Peter Autschbach demonstrates a high level of professionalism and creativity when recording CDs and various types of instruction DVDs.

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Two part guitar workshop for acoustic, classical and electric guitar. Each DVD has an instruction book whose contents are above and beyond the scope of the usual transcriptions. On this DVD, top jazz guitarist David Becker explains how to deal with chords, dividing them into triads and other fragments. That would be a bit like learning irregular verbs without knowing how to use them in sentences.

This DVD shows how these forms are fitted together in any given key. Chord solos, accompaniment and soloing are all covered in clearly defined sections. FP v 28, The Guitar Of Peter Finger. CD, only in English nur in engl. Verschiedene Gitarrenstimmungen kommen zum Einsatz. On this DVD he presents diverse arrangements of jigs and reels. In individual chapters he shows — in slow motion and in an easily understandable way — the detailed tips and tricks which makes the pieces easier to play.

Various different guitar tunings are used. A series of finger exercises round off this workshop, which is suited to guitarists with some knowledge of fingerstyle guitar. Gitarrenworkshops von. Included are 3 example pieces in Bossa Nova, Samba and Choro styles. Und weil ihm niemand eine Entscheidungsnotwendigkeit einredet, entwickelt er eben Fingerstyle wie Flatpicking zu meisterlicher Reife. Being able to spellbind an audience of a thousand with Celtic guitar music is a rare gift - and one that mathematics major Tony McManus only discovered out of classroom boredom.

And with no one around to talk him into deciding between fingerstyle and flatpicking, McManus simply developed top-level mastery of both. Performing in pubs, he was soon to launch a worldwide career as a guitarist in utmost demand. FP v 14, In den vier Trios werden spieltechnische und rhythmische Grundlagen vermittelt, die mit Freude leicht gemeistert werden. Der erste Satz des Werkes ist im Bolerostil komponiert, der zweite ein poesievolles Rezitativ.

Play-along CD Best. Sie sind bereits ab dem ersten Unterrichtsjahr einsetzbar und von sehr leicht bis mittelschwer progressiv gestaffelt. CD Best. The musical spectrum around the subject of Yuletide ranges from Christmas songs to gospels, from traditionals to film music. FP v 9, Woody Mann had his first musical schooling in the living room of Rev. Gary Davis, the now legendary blues, gospel, and ragtime guitarist. Mann went on to record and perform with modern day blues masters Son House and Bukka White as well as contemporary innovators including John Fahey while he continued his classical musical studies at the Juilliard School and jazz improvisation with the noted pianist Lennie Tristano.

He has recorded extensively, performed throughout the world and is widely recognized as one of the leading teachers and authorities of traditional blues music. Zugleich erarbeitest du dir noch neues Repertoire. AMB v 22, Die Stilrichtungen der Fingerstyle Bluesgitarre 96 pages, music and tablatures, incl. AMB v 21, What is remarkable is how he can draw from several styles and techniques within a single song and have them blend without the feeling of inconsistency.

Acoustic Music Books, Wilhelmshaven Best. Musikalisch und didaktisch hervorragend! CD included. Solos and Duos 48 pages, music notation, incl. AMB v 19, Das Lehrwerk vermittelt die Grundlagen des Fingerpickings einfach und effektiv. AMB v 21,90 96 pages, music notation, incl. Zum Selbststudium geeignet! Deep Purple: Highway Star.

ZZ Top: La Grange. Judas Priest: Rock Forever. Mit eigenen Bands wie der aktuellen Formation Terminal A. Infos: www. KG Bestell-Nr. Techniques included are: basic picking, syncopated picking ideas, open and altered tunings, approaches to improvising within a tune, rhythmic concepts, playing off chords, and ways to develop swing and groove. The accompanying CD features slowed down and regular speed versions of each song.

Playing these 40 original compositions in the styles of Big Bill Broonzy, Rev. Gary Davis, Robert Johnson, Charlie Patton and other traditional Blues masters is a direct and easy way to learn blues guitar and learn new repertoire. Each song is composed as a clear and playable example of a particular style. The songs illustrate the techniques clearly and offer basic tools for understanding blues guitar. Ein Standardwerk.

Sie haben ein Notenbuch nicht gefunden? E-Mail: order acoustic-music. Bis zu vierzehn spannende Workshops pro Ausgabe, alle wichtigen Gitarrenstile und Spieltechniken, in Noten und Tabulatur. Zum Verschicken fast zu schade. Bronze M - Light Gauge Art. EJ 18 , , , , , Art. Slowhand auf seine Martins. Die Finger-Tone Fingerpicks von Propik sind besonders angenehm zu tragen. Durch doppelte Laschen split wrap sehr komfortabel zu tragen.

Xavier Saint-Just pseud, of Georges Neczpal age unknown was a 20th-century French artist, painter and illustrator. He illustrated ads for many of the top magazines during the s and s. Among the best-known of Saint-Just's art works are his Bambi paintings which were commissioned for a children's book by Felix Salten, they have been reproduced on everything from clothes and handbags to cigarette lighters. The Caves on the Red River. Published Magnard The Mischievous Kitten. Published London, Ward Lock, The Adventures of Bambi.

The Goats and the Bridge - by the Brothers Grimm. It is a followup to the film Bambi. The film mainly takes place after the scene in the original Bambi film where Bambi's mother dies, and before the scene wherein Bambi is shown as a young adult buck. The film is mainly about The Great Prince of the Forest, who has to take care of Bambi after his mother is killed.

The rest of the film mainly focuses on Bambi's efforts to earn his father's love for him. Plot After his mo. Next to th. The German Albatross Books had pioneered the idea of a line of color-coded paperback editions in under Kurt Enoch, and Penguin Books in Britain had refined the idea in and had one million books in print by the following year.

Pocket Books was founded by Richard L. Simon, M. Penguin's success inspired entrepreneur Robert de Graff, who partnered. Kurt Wiese April 22, — May 27, [1] was a German-born book illustrator. Wiese wrote and illustrated 20 children's books and illustrated another for other authors. Biography Wiese was born in Minden, Germany. Wiese lived and traveled in China for six years,[2] selling merchandise as a young man. He spent five years as a prisoner, most of them in Australia, where his fascination with the animal life inspired him to start sketching again.

His first critical success was with the illustrations for Felix Salten's Bambi in A memorial on Bebelplatz, site of a Nazi book burning in May Empty shelves are visible through a window in the pavement. This list includes both authors whose entire literary production was officially banned in Nazi Germany and authors who were only partially banned. Authors, living and dead, were placed on the list because of Jewish descent, or because of pacifist or communist sympathies or suspicion thereof. In May and June , in the first year of the Nazi government, there were book burnings.

These book bans compose a part of the history of censorship and a subset of the list of banned b. The original film had a character named Wilby Daniels transforming into an Bearded collie after putting on a magic ring, whereas the remake presents a character named Dave Douglas transforming into a Bearded Collie after getting bitten by a sacred dog.

When a work's copyright expires, it enters the public domain. The following is a list of works that enter the public domain in Since laws vary globally, the copyright status of some works are not uniform. Authors entering the public domain Authors entering the public domain in Europe With the exception of Belarus, a work enters the public domain in Europe 70 years after the creator's death, if it was published during the creator's lifetime. The list is sorted alphabetically and includes a notable work of the creator that entered the public domain on January 1, The European roe deer Capreolus capreolus , also known as the western roe deer, chevreuil, or simply roe deer or roe, is a species of deer.

The male of the species is sometimes referred to as a roebuck. The roe deer is relatively small, reddish and grey-brown, and well-adapted to cold environments. The species is widespread in Europe, from the Mediterranean to Scandinavia, from Scotland to the Caucasus, and east to northern Iran and Iraq. It is distinct from the somewhat larger Siberian roe deer. Distribution and related species Within Europe, the European roe deer occurs in most areas, with the exception of northernmost Scandinavia north of Narvik and some of the islands, notably Iceland, Ireland, and the Mediterranean Sea islands; in the Mediterranean region, it is largely confined to mountainous areas, and is absent or rare at low altitudes.

Scottish roe deer were introduced to the Lissadell Estate in Co. Florian is a American romantic drama film directed by Edwin L. Marin, and starring Robert Young and Helen Gilbert. Plot A young groom, Anton, has grown up in Austria a friend of the duchess, Diana, despite their differences in social class. Anton trains a gifted stallion, Florian, for her father, the emperor. Archduke Oliver is the intended husband for the emperor's daughter, but he is killed in battle. When war ravages the country, Anton is able to assist Diana in crossing the Switzerland border to safety.

But he is arrested on returning home. The horse, Florian, is sold to Max Borelli, a carnival worker from New York City who takes him there, then treats him abusively and eventually sells the horse for a fraction of its worth. Anton is freed and, accompanied by Dr. Hofer, his veterinarian, travels to New York to begin a new life. While he is there, Anton manages to find Florian, return him to good health and make him the splendid horse he used to be. Diana becomes aware of their presence and all ar. The studio has produced 57 feature films, beginning with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs , one of the first full-length animated feature films and the first one made in the United States; its most recent film was Ralph Breaks the Internet Four feature films are in development, with Frozen 2 on November 22, , and three untitled films set to be released on November 25, , November 24, and November 23, Whittaker Chambers, born Jay Vivian Chambers April 1, — July 9, , was an American writer-editor and former Communist spy who in testified about Communist espionage, thereafter earning respect from the American Conservative movement.

After early years as a Communist Party member and Soviet spy — , he defected from the Soviet underground and joined Time magazine — Under subpoena in , he testified about the Ware group in what became the Hiss case for perjury — , all described in his memoir Witness. Youth and education Hartley Hall at Columbia University, where Chambers boarded in the s Chambers was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,[2] and spent his infancy in Brooklyn. It refers especially to the development of modernism in the Austrian capital and its effect on the spheres of philosophy, literature, music, art, design and architecture.

Background Characteristics of the Wiener Moderne Significant personalities and works Philosophy Ernst Mach was an influential philosopher of science and physicist. Ludwig Wittgenstein made important contributions in analytic philosophy and philosophy of language. Sigmund Freud caused a revolution in psychology through the foundation of psychoanalysis. He published in dated his famous book "The Interpretation of Dreams". Architecture The architect Otto Wagner w. This is a list of children's classic books published before and still available in the English language.

Before that, books were written mainly for adults — although some later became popular with children. In Europe, Gutenberg's invention of the printing press around made possible mass production of books, though the first printed books were quite expensive and remained so for a long time. Gradually, however, improvements in printing technology lowered the costs of publishing and made books more affordable to the working classes, who were also likely to buy smaller and cheaper broadsides, chapbooks, pamphlets, tracts, and early newspapers, all of which were widely available before In the 19th century, improvements in paper production, as well as the invention of cast-iron, steam-powered printing presses, enabled book publishing on a very large scale, and made books of all kinds affordable by all.

Scholarship on children's. Barthold "Bart" Fles February 7, — December 19, was a Dutch-American literary agent, author, translator, editor and publisher. Life and career Barthold Fles was born in Amsterdam into an assimilating Jewish family. His father, Louis Fles, was a successful businessman and an activist against religion. Barthold had a tense relationship with his father, who wanted him into his business, while the young Fles was mostly interested in reading. Barthold read in Dutch, German, English, and French, anytime and at a tremendous pace.

He did study business at a vocational school and found employment at De Lange publishers. In he left for the United States.

Lawrence L. Career He was born in Los Angeles, California. This list of fictional ungulates in literature is a subsidiary to the list of fictional ungulates and list of fictional animals. The list is restricted to notable ungulate hooved characters from various works of literature. This list includes deer, moose, cattle, giraffes, camels, donkeys, sheep and zebras, but excluding horses, pachyderms and pigs, which are listed in separate lists.

May Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer A reindeer originally from the story 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer', later adapted to a song, a television special, and various derivative works. Felix Salten's Renni, as drawn by Philipp Arlen, This list of fictional dogs is subsidiary to the list of fictional animals. It is restricted to notable dog characters from the world of fiction. For mythological dogs, see Mythological dogs. Literature Prose and poetry Comics Media Film live-action Television live-action Film animation Television animation Animation Song Only songs with dog characters are included in this section.

Not metaphorical dogs or songs with "dog" in the title. It's worth noting that the lyrics do not make it clear whether Bingo is the name of the dog or the farmer. My Mom occasionally asks me, what I'm thinking about, and I can only answer "Absolutely nothing, I was almost asleep but learned to have this look on my face, so no one in office realizes".

About the earlier discussion about DVDs: Do code free players in the States really work with all sorts of dvds? I remember that I once asked for that sort of player and was told that they do not really play every region but they're only prepared to make it possible to work with disks with a different code, something you can't change yourself but has to be done by the seller or, as I assume, the producer.

What is indeed possible, at least with disks that are not copy protected, is to make a playable - even if not very high quality - copy on the computer. Disk drives can be changed to other region codes several I think 5 times. German musicals that should be available are "Elisabeth" and I think to remember that there's a film of "Phantom of the opera" with German and English sound. But maybe your student is looking for something rockier. Comment Sachs: region-free DVD players do play dvds from several regions. When that one broke, I bought a normal one and just changed it to region free myself.

DVD player on the computer normally have a limit of how often you can change the region until you cannot change it anymore. Lara, once you figure out how to look awake at work please share trick. After all this date will not re-appear for another millenium Re: James Mason. Yes his tone or melodie. Not so much his accent. Rather the way he stresses syllables. He always seems to breath out rather than in, or like he's got a blocked nose. I think he sounds oddly disgusted or like he's in pain.

It's the same in Lolita. Whenever he says "Charlotte! I will check out Cary Grant and Will Shatner now Kennst Du "Linie 1"? Falls nicht, sollst Du das kennenlernen! Made in Berlin. Ich habe das Musical vor vielen Jahren ein paar mal am Grips Theater gesehen und es war fantastisch. Hat mich total umgehauen, wahrscheinlich weil ich es damals nicht erwartet habe.

Seit wann bist Du im CC?

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Das freut mich. Das ist interessant. Ich hatte sie nie gesehen. Sind das bestimmte Kirchen, die Lutheran Church, wahrscheinlich? Tut mir leid, wenn das schon besprochen wurde. Hoffentlich haben wir Advohannes nicht auch wieder abgeschreckt und er wartet nur auf ein ihm interessanteres Thema. Bei CC-Neulingen scheint es irgendwie in Wellen zu kommen gehen? Ich kann echt nicht nachvollziehen, dass wir die einzigen potentiellen Kunden sind, aber so scheinen die Marketing-Leute zu glauben.

You never told us. Comment Regarding the context of freezing cold, I guess they are tabs. Comment Oh, I get it now Yes, that would make more sense. I really saw hm wrapping deep-frozen chickens in bubble-wrap and was intrigued. Comment I am quite sure you are right, Emil, but the first image I had in my mind were chickens wrapped in bubblewrap - and I thought: why on earth would she want to do that??? Comment Yeah I saw my tabs and thought - does not look right. Faucet always sounds so fancy to me I only know the system of turning off the water supply for outdoors, making sure there is no water in the pipes and that's it.

Although I am quite sure that where I grew up there was some basic insolation for water pipes, even if they would only take care of watering the garden. Do you say insolation if you refer to the stuff you put around pipes? Comment Ins u lation. Comment Hi, wupper. Yes, I visit the CC sporadically, but I disclosed my credit card number and my shoe size no more than a month ago.

But I have learned in this short time that there are some old not literally meant! Only later at the job I begun to refresh it in a learning-by-doing manner. But as a contribution to the popular book reviews are audiobooks accepted too? Strange book and I am not sure whether I would finish it if I had to read it. I hope I will find the time on Christmas. Has anyone read it yet? But say what you want — I'm sure I will love it like the most books of John Irving. Ein frieren? A different word? I just talked about it this morning, but I still can't remember the correct German word.

Mein Hirn friert auch. Advohannes, I once went to a reading by John Irving, and he was exactly like I expected him to be from his writing. He seemed like a really nice guy. I was at the post office this morning and, while waiting, had a clear view of the digital calender, and I also thought this day should be special somehow. Would have been nice to give birth today, but that's kind of difficult to arrange on short notice :. Comment Wasserleitungen frieren ein. I started In one person - not that far yet but sounded good enough.

Ah, Gibson edited: John Irving is pretty good at his readings. Although I found the price rather steep although it was a birthday present but I did enjoy it. I also once went and heard T. Boyle - very enjoyable, too, but very different. Soll dieser Vorgang wirklich fortgesetzt werden? Ich wusste gar nicht, dass "bubblewrap" Luftpolsterfolie heisst, und so dachte ich, hm--us macht etwas Weihnachtliches, das sie dann mit Luftpost verschickt weil ein "l" fehlte : Allen Schnecken ein nettes Wochenende!

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I saved this job this year as I collected enough rainwater and did not use the faucets outside. The rainwater bins have been emptied some weeks ago. A lot of traffic on the road in front of my house, seems that there was an accident on the highway and people are trying desperately to use a diversion to get to work. Comment Safe driving, waltherwithh! Driving on icy roads is not nice :- Take it slow and be careful. And don't be as stupid as my boss-who's-not-really-my-boss it's complicated , who left her winter tyres in Heidelberg and has been driving on summer tyres through the snow of the last few days.

This morning, she started at four in the morning so well before streets are cleared and strewn with gravel or salt to finally drive to Heidelberg and have her tyres changed. If she ever gets to Heidelberg with these road conditions :- And of course, if the police see her, she's going to be in trouble. But our balconies look beautiful, with the snow-capped flowerpots and a pristine blanket of white on the floor.

Comment What did I do on I stayed in bed in order to recover from a night mainly spent in the bathroom ;- I may have caught the Noro-virus. Don't worry, I'm feeling much better now :- About hm's roosters and taps: She must have been talking about roosters as soups made of faucets are not that tasty! Others may disagree?! I can't think of any good literal translation, so I'd suggest: Hast Du mit dem Zug einen interessanten Ort ein interessantes Ziel or maybe was Interessantes besucht?

Not wrong but in my opinion "welche" instead of "einige" would sound much more idiomatic. I suppose "Bis Comment Interesting! To my both versions sound correct. Es gibt doch diese Bratfolie Ich muss meine Eltern fragen.. Comment I wish you a speedy recovery, Lara! In Germany, as a tenant you are responsible for the protection of the water pipes in your house. That is not so much of a problem if you have a good heating system. In my last flat, however, I was still heating with coal-burning stoves and when we had a very cold winter many years ago I caused some minor damage.

That was a typo. Comment I know about some problems with outside pipes, so I am glad about my oldfashioned system which helps. Though in my area it is not getting that cold, usually; but who knows. In our "Schrebergarten"-communities the waterpipes are usually turned off by the end of October. It also depends a lot where the pipes and tubes are running through a house. Mine are in general in inside walls, but I know places where the tubes are in walls facing the North and then some Nothern wind can already give some trouble. Perhaps a regional thing? Got some veal not so easy in Germany anymore , so I can cook real Wiener Schnitzel one day during the holidays and perhaps Saltimbocca or something alike.

Many Germans seem to be afraid about hormones Another dish might be venison or deer or boar. I do not belong to the "goose-fans" NOT ventilators! But I have some pieces of duck in my deep freezer. May the holidays come! Comment but I wonder if your students would like it. Oder von den Junggebliebenen! Ich habe sogar ein schlechtes Gewissen. In Januar ziehe ich um, vielleicht fange ich schon nach Weihnachten damit an. Der Umzug ist nicht freiwillig, aber es musste so sein. Die Wohnungssuche war sehr anstrengend und hat viel Zeit gekostet, aber jetzt habe ich das alles endlich hinter mir.

Die neue Wohnung ist ein Kompromiss. Time will tell Es wird sich zeigen? Passt das hier? Jetzt mach ich erstmal Schluss. Oh, yes the Stammtisch was a really good day. When I was younger, so much younger than today I was wondering about it. I was convinced that the change of the seasons is a benefit and summer weather the whole year would be boring. I hate the idea of wearing heavy uncomfortable coats and boots until March or April.

Stop that, Hannes! BTW wupper: "Es wird sich zeigen" is perfectly fine here. I keep my fingers crossed. Comment Ha, gerade wenn man einen Juristen braucht, kommt einer wie gerufen. Die O-Posterin hat den Faden leider nicht als? Aber hoffentlich klappt es trotzdem, vielleicht sogar besser als erwartet. Comment Advohannes: Prost und hoffentlich schmeckt der Grog. Naja, Ende des Jahres wird man nostalgisch. Du hast recht mit den Klamotten. In der Schule merke ich das im Unterricht. Vielleicht bestelle ich Linie 1.

Die gefallen ihm sehr gut. Von wem stammt nur der Vorschlag? Hallo, Hannes. Da kriegt man Lust auf Kakao, oder? Comment One of my problems: jumping between AE and BE :- Friends in both areas and I sometimes use the word which comes into mind first. Today a trip to Netherlands mi, hopefully no ice on the Autobahn. I am going to pick up 'company' for the holidays. Will keep you posted about the ride. Will Return Sunday but have PC-access Remarks: ich bin nicht ganz sicher, was du mit dem liegenden Frost meinst?

Die Sonne ist schon auf gegangen. Comment Hallo zusammen. Es ist endlich so weit. Meine Schwester zieht am Wochenende um. I wish all sick snails a good recovery and all tired snails a good sleep and sweet dreams! Have much fun at the removal and with the little baby! And, of course, with the Little Hobbit! Young at heart is what the lion suggests. I wish you all the best for the removal! Advohannes: Thank you for the beautiful poem by Heine! The way to work takes twice the time. Comment A short hello from Hanover railway station.

I'm on my way back from a project discussion in Konstanz. Unfortunately the plane from Zurich was a few minutes late, so I missed a train and have to wait for the next one. On the S-Bahn here in Hanover I once again heard "Exit on the left side in the direction of travel" and I was once again wondering whether it is correct English or not.

There even is a quite old thread on that issue, but it seems that no ENS has replied: related discussion: Ausstieg in Fahrtrichtung links Maybe you want to comment here? Genau wie in Japan, wie ich es im verlinkten Faden gerad lese. Zitat aus der heutigen Detroit Free Press: " 'Who in their right mind needs to carry a gun in a school, day-care center or stadium? Als Lehrerin finde ich es keine gute Idee, Waffen in Schulen zu erlauben. Es gibt schon zu viele Waffen in den Schulen. Comment 'Who in their right mind needs to carry a gun in a school, day-care center or stadium? And why is the right to carry a gun wherever you go superior to the right of innocent children not to get killed by a madman?

There are two things I do not understand about American society, the other being the vehement refusal to have compulsory health insurance. Comment And why is the right to carry a gun wherever you go superior to the right of innocent children not to get killed by a madman? As for Amy and penguin that law does not make sense to me, but in all fairness it should perhaps be said that supporters of such a law will probably claim and some of them will even believe ;- that those guns would help to protect the children.

I strongly disagree with that conclusion, but I'm afraid that it is not completely wrong to say that weapons sometimes can help to protect innocent people. In my non-American way of thinking I know that's a simplification I strongly believe that the government and its institutions should reserve the monopoly of the use of firearms for such purposes. Comment in all fairness? Wie manche schon wissen, bin ich Lehrerin in einer amerikanischen Schule.

In dem Dorf, in dem ich arbeite, gibt es viele Einwohner die gerne jagen und Waffen besitzen. Es gibt keine Zeit, um Fragen zu stellen. Er muss blitzschnell einen Entscheidung treffen. Hmmm, das funktioniert prima. Nur zwei Menschen sind tot. Leider gibt es ein Haar in der Suppe. Wahrscheinlich gibt es nie einen solchen in meiner Schule.

Wieder sind zwei Menschen tot. Aber gott sei Dank bin ich in meinem Klassenzimmer sicher. Comment I hope I did not give you the impression that I support the idea of having more guns in schools. I definitely don't! Amy's examples show that there will be many situations where the guns not only do not help, they actually cause more harm. There are many more examples and I am absolutely convinced that more guns in schools would not reduce the number of such incidents nor the number of casualties.

Nevertheless, I still think that some of the supporters of the bill have good intentions and actually believe that more hidden guns in the schools would prevent crimes as seen in Newtown. The problem is that they are very wrong. Even worse, such a law would not only not achieve anything good, it would actually cause many new problems. So, I'm clearly against such a law. All I wanted to say was that some of the supporters will probably believe that it would be a promising way to check the number of innocent children killed by madmen.

To say it again: I strongly disagree with that suggestion. Comment The gun discussion in the US always reminds me of the speed limit discussion in Germany. Having no speed limit is dangerous, stressful, expensive and bad for the enviroment, there are next to no good reasons for it, but none of that matters. It's a part of the German psyche and logic doesn't come into it. Whenever I want to shake my head about the gun laws, I remind myself that every country has issues like that. But I still don't understand it. Amy's scenario says it all. As far as the trains are concerned: I guess that's a very German thing.

If they simply said: "Ausstieg links", I guarantee lots of people would turn round and say: "So, jetzt also links" and find that hilarious. Or accuse DB of being imprecise. Or something ;. Funny that you should mention that, Gibson. Welch ein Zufall? Das ist genau das Beispiel, das auch mir eingefallen ist. Bis auf wenige Ausnahmen sind sie erfolgreich. Aber man darf die Leute, die gegen diese Macht an? Ich habe keine Statistik zur Hand. Gegen die NRA kommen diese Leute aber nicht an. Comment I am more of a silent lurker than a contributor these days, but I would like to say that I am following the discussions with interest and that I'm really very pleased to see wupper here again!

Don't really feel like contributing to this discussion, a little too disturbing, my child is also five years old Let me just say that I understand what you were trying to say with the comparison of the gun issue with the speed limit issue, but still, the one is hardly as dangerous as the other one Just two more days to go until the holidays until the end of the year - cannot wait!

Comment Maybe that I am getting into a "shitstorm" now, but my opinion as a German to the US-opinions on driving is completely different. I hate most speed limits! I think I am a very responsible driver, but when the highway is empty, the street conditions are ok and weather permits, I like to have a traveling speed of app. Of course it is ridiculous when people speed in fog or rain or on slippery roads, but in most cases it is really a question of responsibility. I exclude drug use of any kind as this is already NOT responsible acting.

I hear the argument: it is not the gun that kills but the bearer, some thing with cars. Driving for miles and miles with 70 mi is so boring and tiring One might even fall asleep. Sorry if I tipped on some toes. Comment waltherwithh: There is at least one US driver sharing your disdain of speed limits and he sings about it: Sammy Hagar.

Comment Good morning, I don't dare participating in your weapons discussion. But it is sad that something so bad has to happen before people think about the weapon laws. As for the speed limit thing I agree with walther. When the streets are full I prefer driving slow er and when they are empty I drive as fast as I'm feeling safe and having everything under control.

Comment Kein Kommentar, nur Korrekturen. Sorry if I ste pped on some toes. Comment Well.. I doubt that anyone making the 2. Comment I just learned from the online edition of the Kenyan Nation that more than That petition asks President Barack Obama to produce legislation that limits access to guns. Apparently that is a new record for that kind of petitions. Comment Well sounds for me like a kindergarden action. Comment Driving for miles and miles with 70 mi is so boring and tiring I wonder why it is less boring to drive faster.

Of course, you may argue you're quicker at your destination. But when you drive for many hours I'd guess the effect is exactly converse: You start at a higher speed and think 'I have to be more concentrate because I drive at a really high speed'. But the more concentrated you are, the quicker you'll get tired, lose concentration and the higher is the risk to get into a dangerous situation. I drive as fast as I'm feeling safe and having everything under control. I'm sure you do. But there are enough people who overestimate their own skills.

It's like with all rules and laws. They're not made for those who are responsible and reasonable but for those who are not. You're right that it isn't really a big difference when, due to rain, ice, snow etc. But then, how many drivers do even respect this limitation? But the situation would become even more dangerous by those who do not respect any rules at all, because they think they're so good drivers and invulnerable.

So all that can be done are compromises. If everyone would be reasonable and aware of their own limits, rules like this wouldn't be necessary. But unfortunately that's not what mankind is known for in many cases. Comment SCNR: on half orfull automatic weapons. I think they're totally orfull, not only half ; [On second thought: Does this even work in AE?

Or are you all wondering what I'm on about? Comment la. If You may be right when you predict that gun laws in the US will not be changed so soon. However, we should not use such a patronizing and condescending tone when we comment on this issue. As Gibson has explained we Germans also have our peculiarities that are difficult to understand for others. I think it is okay to disagree with the American view although it is questionable that such an American view does exist, when you know one American you do not know all of them ;- but doing that without trying to understand the cultural background is not the way to go.

Comment Doch, doch, Gibson. Ich habe geschmunzelt. Keine Sorge. Jeder hat so seine Ansichten und das ist gut so. Sie sind einfach verschieden. Und nein, das hast Du nicht gemacht. Das ist mir klar. Dann bleibt kurz darauf doch alles beim Alten. In Newtown wurden waren? Das ist doch eine neue Dimension.

Man kann ihre Ansichten schlecht finden, aber das ist nun mal so. Und ich habe sie aufgemacht! Hallo, Goldammer. Ein Gesuch? Aber du hast auch Recht, harambee, es ist immerhin etwas. Und weil die Demokraten noch wissen, wie sie es im November doch geschafft haben, trotz vieler Erwartungen. Ich finde auch, dass eine Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzung ein guter Vergleich ist. Na, auch Drogen, aber trotzdem. Kaum fassbar. Ja, Gibson, um orfull als awful zu lesen sollte man eigentlich BE-sprachler sein, aber ich habe es trotzdem kapiert.

Good question, I would probably say "Petition" or "Eingabe". About Pandora's box: I think we all are aware that the topic is a delicate one. I hope, however, that we have so far treated it with the caution it requires. If any of my posts have offended any of our American friends I'd like to ask for your forgiveness. Comment An "Petition" habe ich auch gedacht.

Oder nicht? Schaden kann es bestimmt nicht. BTW: Did you all know that there are more than 6. Quiet sure much less than in the US, but from my point of view there is no reason to believe that only Americans are weapon fanatics. Comment harambee is that English??

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Ja, ist es. Vielleicht refined manners, good behaviour. Was Du geschrieben hast, ist nicht falsch. Aber: I 'll give you Auch wenn sie auch tot ist. Ich denke auch, der Junge war wohl geisteskrank. Sehr traurig. Comment Hi, Jepito, eine Weile nicht gelesen, wie geht es dir? Comment I just found something completely amazing: "When men in horseless carriages go under the sea to France, then shall Scotland rise again, free from all oppression.

I don't believe in any of this, not least because predicting the future would mean that the future is fixed, something I don't want to believe, but I'm still speechless. I can see that somebody with a lively imagination predicts 'horseless carriages', but to go to France under the sea?? And now we have the referendum in That is intriguing, don't you think? Comment Seriously, these comments may be funny if you look at what happened from afar, but it is not if you are in the US and are getting reminded of what happened several times a day.

Can you guys please stop the word plays? I know it is not written in ill-will, but I for one cannot laugh about it at the moment. I don't like to contribute in whatever discussions on politics or something specific in other languages than my own - this seems to get more complicated than it would be perhaps in German. In my company there are often discussions about religious topics and I try to keep out of these things I don't want to argue with people who are - not only in my point of view - fanatic.

Only my 5 cents. Comment I strongly agree with Dixie I just followed up the CC since yesterday and would have commented on those postings myself if Dixie hadn't done it. Comment hm--us: Sorry.. Comment Hi hm, I'm fine. There was just so little time since february. Or do we have a new new orthography? There are not kangaroos in Austria neither. Comment Just mounted my own Christmas present in the bathroom: a new cabinet with mirrors.

I need two in my bathroom as I usually do my own haircuts. One of the old ones fortunately, the one at the rear wall had broken lampshades and of course this type was not available anymore. I just found a nice one, of course the holes in the wall did not fit with the new size, so it was some challenge, but it is done Comment Carly-AE : A tiny time-machine just big enough to bring packs of Dentyne gum back from the past.

Comment Hoppla! Falscher Faden. Ich wollte eigentlich wichteln. Es war interessant zu lesen. Der Autor zitiert sogar Hannah Arendt. Aber die kommende Volksabstimmung? Oder bin ich da schlecht informiert? Comment Frohe Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr, falls ich vor nicht mehr vorbeischaue!