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Following the sin of Adam and Eve, the imagery in Genesis 3 changes. Shame, guilt, fear, degradation, and humiliation are suddenly present. The brightness of life changes to darkness, and the melody is depressive and melancholic. Sin is a curse that brings terrible consequences; it is like an avalanche—starting seemingly as nothingness but eventually tearing down everything that is beautiful, valuable, and meaningful, destroying life completely. It is only a matter of time before this destructive force becomes plainly visible. Where there is wrong thinking, it follows automatically that there will also be evil behavior.

Sin breaks down all kinds of meaningful relationships and brings only misery, suffering, separation, and complications. What was originally very good is now corrupted and marred by sin. However, their eyes were not opened in the way they anticipated. Adam and Eve actually suffered a great loss. They began to perceive the reality of life differently after they lost their innocence vs.

The rupture in their relationship with God, meant that their very nature was corrupted, resulting in a broken relationship with their own selves and each other. When Adam and Eve saw their nakedness, for the first time they felt a sense of shame and guilt. They felt miserable and experienced remorse Gen. Genesis , 10 reveal that when God appeared in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were no longer physically naked, because they were covered with fig leaves vs. Though clothed, they still felt naked. Thus, this nakedness was greater than a physical phenomenon, As a result of their broken relationship with God, they acquired a sinful nature, which their posterity would inherit vss.

For the first time, Adam and Eve felt that bitter burning insight about themselves. It was more than a feeling of shame about bodily exposure, because their fig-leaf cover could not cure it.

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The term used in Genesis 3 denotes elsewhere in the Old Testament a shameful exposure of nakedness Deut. The nakedness Adam and Eve experienced after sin signifies inner nakedness, being unmasked, a consciousness of guilt, total shame, loss of integrity, feelings of degradation, defeat, ruined innocence, and the disappearance of light. The trust of innocence is replaced by the fear of guilt. After sinning, people did not become stones or automatons. We are not able to save ourselves. We are lost, broken, alienated, and condemned to death.

Love for sin and inclinations to evil are now superimposed on us and are an integral part of our human nature. Their disobedience caused by a broken vertical relationship with God resulted in their separation from Him Gen. They were hiding in shame, guilt, and fear.

Why Sex is the Best Argument For Creation (and Against Evolution)

Consequently, all human beings are born with an alienated and antagonistic attitude toward God and are naturally afraid of Him Eph. They now experienced the pain of a broken relationship Gen. Their sense of themselves and their relationship with each other is shattered. Eve blamed the serpent for the seduction.

Adam blamed not only Eve for giving him the forbidden fruit but actually blamed God Himself because He had given her to him. Self-vindication causes one to find fault outside rather than within oneself. Death was not a primary theme in Genesis 2, because the God of Creation is about life and abundance. It is transformed into a terror which puts everything in question. It is not God, but the serpent who has made death a primary human agenda.

Sweat and fatigue would become part of that endeavor. On the other hand, the troublesome work was a blessing in disguise, a means for stopping the avalanche of evil caused by idleness, and a learning process in how to do what was right and to help develop character. Such a translation and understanding is problematic for several reasons:. According to this interpretation, Adam and Eve were like God in their capacity to discern what was good and evil, but by sinning they lost this faculty, the sensitivity for detecting evil and lies.

This indicates that even a taste of sin destroys the capacity to discern between good and evil. After experiencing the flavor of disobedience, humans love sin. God never intended for them to possess this kind of knowledge, since it would cause them to lose moral discernment.

He is the Light, and there is no darkness in Him John , 5; 1 John , 7. A forbidden knowledge of good and evil is related to the experience of sin. Good and evil are defined realities, and the first pair should have followed only what was good. For humans to obtain moral discernment through eating the prohibited fruit would in itself be a contradiction of terms. If humans fail to cultivate the vertical dimension of life, they will live like animals and ultimately behave like brute beasts.

The ground would produce thorns and thistles, and would be exploited and corrupted Gen. Sin brought climate change The chill of the day necessitated clothing. Fear also appeared within the animal world Everything good, meaningful, and beautiful became corrupted by sin Gen. A wide range of contemptible behavior followed: a the first murder is committed in the context of worship by Cain; b bigamy begins with Lamech , initiating the degradation and exploitation of women as well as polygamous relations; and c anger, rage, and revenge are introduced in the stories of Cain and Lamech Genesis 4.

People do not gain immortality by eating the forbidden fruit, but stubbornness. One of the terrible characteristics of sin is that sinners deny their real condition, so signs of lostness are not discerned and accepted. Sin leads us to deny the truth about our own sinfulness. Hope appears in Genesis 3 in the midst of hopelessness.

However, sin cannot be undone, the clock cannot be turned back, and reality cannot be reversed. Covenant theology is the key to an understanding of sin and salvation. The Lord always takes the first step and is the Initiator of our salvation. God confronts evil and responds to it as the loving Creator and gracious Judge. First, God comes to Adam and Eve with grace. Because of divine, undeserved grace, they could live Rev.

Although sinners are lost, God graciously calls them back to Himself, just as He called Adam and Eve. This is a principle revealed in the Bible from the very beginning—humans sin, but God takes the initiative and invites them back to Himself. Second, God provides a tangible garment fraught with symbolic meaning Gen. As the nakedness of the first couple was more than a physical phenomenon, the garment thus represented more than physical clothing. By giving them a garment of skin, He thereby signified that He covers sinners with the garment of His righteousness 1 Cor.

Third, God creates enmity between the powers of good and evil Gen. This theme of the Great Controversy introduces the imagery of war and tension. Because humans have embraced sin, God helps them by introducing enmity toward evil, thereby enabling us to hate sin. Fourth, God promises to send the Seed of the woman vs.

Worship in Spirit and Truth

Thus, God planned ahead for the solution to the problem of sin. His solution is decisive and victorious, but also very costly, demanding, and full of suffering. God did not abandon humans to the power of evil. He deliberately chose a course of action that would defeat our enemy even though He knew that it would cost Him His life. God acted to prevent them from continuing on perpetually in that condition. He would bring victory over their enemy and secure their salvation.

If they turned to Him in faith, His victory would be theirs. Sixth, He teaches humans how to worship Gen. On that occasion, God gave insights into true worship, which involves the cultivation of a genuine relationship with God. Seventh, God provides the gift of faith, the ability to cling to His word as an affirmative response to His kindness. What a disappointment when he became the first murderer. Humanity would need to learn painfully how to trust the Lord and to patiently and consistently follow Him and His will. Faith brings victory. Saving faith is not an innate quality of believers, and not our achievement but rather a gift of God Eph.

At the same time, it must be stressed that we are responsible if we do not believe, because faith is communicated through hearing the gospel Rom. This is a biblical paradox. There is no way we can on our own overcome sin; only God can solve the problem of sin and give us victory over it through His supernatural power. Victory comes from an external source as a gift from God through faith. We can fight against different symptoms of sin, try to overcome wrong habits, but what we really need is a transformation of heart, the experience of a new birth, and a pure heart John , 5 , because our real problem is our sinful heart.

Wherein the first Adam failed, the Second Adam won Rom.

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What humans lost in the Garden of Eden, Christ came to restore at the Cross. Our new true identity and must be shaped and built according to the victory accomplished by Jesus Christ. God did not leave us to the power of Satan and sin. The solution to sin involves not only forgiveness, but also the renewal and restoration of the image of God in humanity and freedom from slavery to sin sin addictions. A new life is Word- and Spirit-oriented Rom. Those who do not live according to the flesh but according to the Spirit, and who are led by the Holy Spirit are sons and daughters of God Only when we surrender to God, decide for Him, and allow Him to be God in our lives do we experience the difference of a new life.

So, we need to fight every day for a close relationship with God so that nothing can take it away from us Rom. Only Jesus can give the true joy of a new victorious life The good news is that Jesus Christ regenerates and changes our hearts John —5 , forgives all our sins 1 John , 9 , liberates us from bondage to sin John , 32 , and transforms our lives I John —3. If the Son gives freedom, we are indeed free. Sin began with pride but is defeated by humility.

Richard W. US December 6th, Lita Cosner December 9th, The literal word in Hebrew is 'rib'. Denise P. Another thought after reading the reader comments: If memory serves me correctly, doesn't Dr. David Menton point out in his excellent human anatomy series that the rib can actually grow back? Chris W. GB December 5th, I'm ignorant about this. If Jesus had half of His genetic material from Mary would that not negate His 'being without sin'? Would love to know the answer to this one.

Regards, Chris Westbrook. Christian G.

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  • CA December 5th, Hi Lita, thank you for another excellent article as we all have pre-conceived notions. Should physically resurrected wicked be immortal without access to the tree of life in New Heaven and New Earth? Eric S. GB December 3rd, Hi, I've heard Adam's rib explained as "the rib of a ship". Meaning the central part of the ship. God used this to separate the female side from Adam to create Eve. Lita Cosner December 5th, As interesting as this idea is, the plain meaning is that God used a literal rib. Terry P. AU December 3rd, But how long before Eve was Adam created?

    Was it really on the sixth day as we have always assumed? I will provide a partner for him. He brought them to the man to see what he would call them, and whatever the man called each living creature, that was its name. Thus the man gave names to all cattle, to the birds of heaven, and to every wild animal; but for the man himself no partner had yet been found. This kind of wrecks the conjecture that the six literal days of creation should be interpreted as ages six ages of evolution. Lita Cosner December 3rd, I believe you misunderstand the translation of Genesis which you are using.

    God created Adam on Day 6 after the land animals. In the various places you cite, the clearest translation is "God had created" or some variation thereupon. Chandrasekaran M. The last paragraph of this article gives a glimpse of the self-talk Eve might have had about Cain and Seth and God who created her. Eve would not have received the promise with faith if she had thought that God was a task master or not reasonable or joy-killer in spite of her not trusting God.

    Knowing my nature which I got from Adam and Eve, I think that Adam and Eve received the promise with faith and thought one of their sons would bruise the head of Satan in their lifetime. But God was waiting for the fullness of time. So, Adam and Eve would have rejoiced when God took Enoch even though they had to wait for the fulfillment of the promise. I do not think Adam was without a rib all his life but I think, the Bible does not say this, that God left the scar of removing the rib on Adam as a sign that Eve was created from his rib unlike all other women.

    The last Adam who is the risen Savior has imprints of nails and a spear. Robert S. But this power of destruction did not lie in the fruit. To be sure, Adam sank his teeth into the fruit; but in reality he sank them into a thorn, which was the prohibition of God and disobedience to God. This was the real cause of the evil, to wit, that Adam sins against God whose command he ignores. He follows Satan.

    The tree of knowledge of good and evil was a good tree, bearing the choicest fruits, but because the prohibition of God is joined to it and man does not heed the prohibition, it turns into the deadliest of all poisons. Stephon L.

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    Thank you for that article. I have always wondered. Adam and Eve did not eat from the Tree of Life, or they would have been immortal. The reason it was imperative to remove Adam and Eve from the Garden once they sinned was so that they did not eat from the Tree of Life and become immortal in their fallen state Genesis Nevertheless, he is still a man, a complete unit. We cannot refer to a man as being a heart, a kidney, or a nose.

    A man has a nose, but he is not the nose and the nose is not the man. Some say that the subject of the Bible is justification. Justification is included in the Bible, but it is no more the subject of the Bible than a man's nose is the man himself. If we would know what the subject of the Bible is, we must see that the Bible tells us of eight men, beginning with Adam in God's creation through Jacob with God's house, Bethel, and that following this we have the tabernacle and the temple in the Old Testament and the reality of the tabernacle and the temple in the New Testament, consummating in the New Jerusalem.

    Revelation 21 says that the New Jerusalem is the tabernacle of God and that God and the Lamb are the temple in it. Hence, the New Jerusalem is the ultimate issue of Bethel. Note: We hope that many will benefit from these spiritual riches. However, for the sake of avoiding confusion, we ask that none of these materials be downloaded or copied and republished elsewhere, electronically or otherwise.

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