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An error was noted in measure This document will replace the previous incorrect document attached to PR and A version of the document highlights the correction and is followed by a clean version. Note that pages from the letter to Dehcho First Nations were missed and the complete letter is now posted as PR The Tlicho Government's final decision on the Board's Recommendations of the Report of Environmental Assessment and their decision on the modification of measures. Document List - Minister's decision and final measures Displaying 7 documents.

Note to File, Correction to Measure A story is told of a frog that was wondering how he could get away from the cold winter climate. Some wild geese suggested that he migrate with them. The frog planned to hold on to the reed with his mouth.

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In due time the geese and the frog started on their journey. Soon they were passing over a village, and the villagers came out to see the unusual sight. It is therefore very foolish to boast about oneself. The one who boasts thinks that he knows himself well. But how can anyone really know himself? If he does, he is just like an examiner who grades his own exam paper; or like a high court judge who judges his own crime. For this reason, Paul dissociates himself from those who were boasting about themselves. He said in v. But some members were more impressed with the foolish boasting of the false teachers.

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They had been deceived by them and were now in danger of forsaking the truth which Paul had taught them to follow these teachers. And so for their sake that Paul had to do what he disliked most — to talk about his own accomplishments, and even to share about a spectacular personal vision he had of being caught up to heaven. All these, which take up most of the next 3 chapters, may seem as if Paul was boasting. But it was not done to elevate himself. He did it only because he loved the Corinthians, and it was necessary for their own good to convince every one of them not to believe what his opponents were saying to discredit him.

Compare themselves with others.

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The Pharisees often fooled themselves like this. The only true standard we should ever use to measure ourselves with is Christ. He is the only One we should compare ourselves with.

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Only then will we have a realistic view of ourselves, and realise how far short we really are. However, instead of comparing themselves with Christ, the false teachers at Corinth compared themselves with others who were just as sinful as themselves. Thus they would remain foolish, and would never be able to rise above their own false standard of measurement. The third foolish thing which they did was to…. Claim credit that belongs to others. They were boasting that the Corinthians had made good spiritual progress as a result of their ministry. But this claim was totally unfounded.

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Everyone knew that Paul was the real spiritual father of the Corinthians. He was the one who had laboured in their midst for 18 months to lay the foundation of their faith. Thus the false teachers were wrong to take credit for what Paul had done. Please be careful of being deceived by such people. Some have nothing at all to glory in, but resort to using the work of others to boost their esteem before men. Our church office sometimes receives email requests for financial help from people overseas who claim to be doing some Christian work.

They give very glowing reports of their ministries hoping to gain our support. But in many cases, diligent inquiry reveals that very little of what they claim is actually true. We must also beware of those who bask in the glory of others.

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They love to talk about the great seminaries they got their degrees, the eminent theologians who had taught them, and the godly pastors they are closely associated with. But can all that make them good ministers of Christ? The only Person that a godly minister would want to be very closely associated with is the Lord Jesus Christ. Like Paul, he would regard all his gains, all his awards and all the recognition he receives but loss, so that he may win Christ!

This leads us now to the third and final thing for us to remember in evaluating any minister, or even in evaluating ourselves:. This is the true measure of a minister — not his external appearance nor anything that he says about himself.

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  5. Firstly, A true minister loves the Gospel of Christ. This is clearly seen in the hope that Paul expressed in v. A true minister knows that the Lord Jesus has entrusted the Gospel to him. Therefore he wants to teach it and defend it faithfully so that people will have the truth of the Gospel that can save them and edify them. He labours hard and makes all necessary personal sacrifices just to build them up with the Gospel. He prayerfully uses every possible means to communicate it well.

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    A true minister will exert all his energies and resources to make Christ known, so that everyone may grow in their knowledge of Christ, in their faith in Christ and in their love for Christ. Secondly, a true minister glories only in Christ. This is another fruit that Christ-centred character produces in his life, as can be seen in the words of Paul in v. Whatever gifts, graces or successes he has, he attributes them all to Christ and gives thanks for them! His greatest desire is to exalt Christ, not himself.

    Nothing brings greater joy to him than to see Christ pre-eminent in all things. A true minister seeks to be meek and gentle, like Christ. He does not want to terrify those he ministers to, or destroy them. A true minister emulates the humility, meekness and gentleness of Christ Himself even in dealing with those who are against him. Salvini then intervened, saying: "I respect the pain of a mother, I embrace her son and condemn any form of racism.

    He followed up on this point by adding that: "The lady must respect the request for security and legality that comes from Italians. Blocking vessel pilots and stopping illegal immigration is not racism but security. The issue at hand, of course, was a racist death threat with a swastika to accompany it - but as far as Salvini is concerned, that is a "request for security and legality.