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It took us a ridiculously long time to figure out that the outer planetary skin is moving and sliding around; plate tectonics was not generally accepted until the midth century! We're still not sure exactly how the inner dynamo works, how rolls of convecting, conducting material in the outer core generate our planetary magnetic field. There's also so much mess after 4. Speaking of other worlds, we're not even sure we understand where the Moon came from, maybe it was a giant impact, maybe not.

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For an allegedly clever species on a small rocky planet this is a bit of an epic fail. We can't prove or solve many of our own mathematical conjectures and problems: Ouch. Lest mathematics thinks it can escape this festival of ignorance, just remind yourself that there's a long list of unproven, unsolved problems and unproven conjectures. Here, take a look. All in all, best kept firmly brushed under the carpet. Another glass of sherry professor? We don't know how to make an artificial intelligence: I'm putting this here because it's a perennial problem, and one that speaks to both our desire to understand ourselves if you can make an artificial being you may find the secret sauce behind your own intelligence, even if ultimately it's just an emergent phenomenon as well as to understand what might be 'out there' in the vastness of the cosmos, wrought by billions of years of alien evolution, and really quite depressed by it all.

Although we've come a long way with our machines, it's not clear that predictive text or automated suggestions for shopping and movie streaming are really assembling information in any way that resembles how our minds generate ideas. This is truly a frontier. The conclusion? There's an awful lot we don't know far more than just the examples here. But the point is not to get despondent, because this ignorance is a beautiful thing. It's what ultimately drives science , and it's what makes the universe truly awe-inspiring.

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After the hundreds of thousands of years that Homo sapiens has loped around, the cosmos can still elude our fidgety, inquisitive minds, easily outracing our considerable imaginations. How wonderful. The views expressed are those of the author s and are not necessarily those of Scientific American. Caleb A. Scharf is director of astrobiology at Columbia University. He is author and co-author of more than scientific research articles in astronomy and astrophysics. You have free article s left. Already a subscriber?

Sign in. See Subscription Options. Scharf Caleb A. Load comments. Get smart. Our hunt for life on other planets is based on what it looks like today, but early Earth used to be so different. What if we are missing some vital clues? But that is flawed — and a new plan promises answers in our lifetimes. First hints are emerging of a universe that existed before our own: an alien world of chaos where time, space and geometry were yet to form.

The universe is well-stocked with black holes large and small, but none in medium. Strange dwarf galaxies might hold the answer. A shoestring experiment in the Australian outback has seen the signal of the very first stars — and a weird effect astronomers are struggling to explain. Home 10 mysteries of the universe.

See also: Lorentz transformation. Main article: Shape of the universe. Main article: Fine-tuned Universe. See also: Galaxy formation and evolution , Galaxy cluster , Illustris project , and Nebula. Main article: Dark energy. Main article: Dark matter. Main article: Matter. Main article: Particle physics. Main article: Hadron. Main article: Lepton. Main article: Photon epoch. See also: Photino. Timeline of the Big Bang. Big Crunch Big Rip Heat death of the universe. Main article: Solutions of the Einstein field equations. See also: Big Bang and Ultimate fate of the Universe. Main articles: Multiverse , Many-worlds interpretation , Bubble universe theory , and Parallel universe fiction.

See also: Eternal inflation. Main articles: Creation myth , Creator deity , and Religious cosmology. Further information: Cosmology. Main articles: History of astronomy and Timeline of astronomy. Astronomy portal Space portal. See Theory of relativity. Retrieved April 30, Cosmological parameters".

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