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Loved this Yes ,I did find it needed about 15 minutes more than cooking time stated Either the temperature or the cooking time is way off. Very underbaked.

I'm not sure why there are so many bad reviews, I gave it a go so I could see for myself because the Mary Berry recipe I used always sank at the end and I know other people that have the same problem, although I usually always go for MB as a norm and mine turned out so lovely and moist, I have an electric fan oven and I put it on steam bake at I added a handful of chocolate chips to it too just to use them up. I followed the recipe religiously apart from using soft stork from a tub instead of butter I was gentile when folding and I added a bit of egg with a bit of flour two or the times before folding in the rest of the flour.

I'll be using this recipe again for sure. I baked for 35 mins. Amazing ,best banana cake I've ever made moist and fluffy. Needs longer in oven though. This cake is beautiful in flavour and when cooked right can be very light and fluffy. However, the temperature and baking time for this is WAY off!!

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I have baked this cake twice now and have had the same issue of it cooking very fast to the point of almost burning on the outside and being completely raw on the inside. I have realised that the best temperature is actually around for the oven and baking time will need to be at least 50mins depending on what your using as a tin and whether you have doubled the mixture. Cooking with something like Anchor spreadable has also helped make my bakes vey light and fluffy which is another tip! Once you have hacked the cooking time, it is very easy to make and a definite crowd-pleaser.

Would you advise using salted or unsalted butter? Can this recipe be made gluten free? What would I need to substitute? Thanks for your question.

You can substitute the self-raising flour with gluten-free self-raising flour. Sometimes a little extra moisture is needed in the batter so add a splash of milk at the end of step 3. Thanks for your suggestion.

What are the Ingredients for Butter Cake?

If you want to switch to a brown sugar we'd suggest light brown soft sugar rather than demerara which is courser. I've just made this and the kids love it. Can I freeze it? Hi yes, you can freeze it. We put freezer information above the nutritional information at the top of our recipes. You'll see a blue star plus any additional instructions. In this case, we suggest freezing the cake un-iced. Has anyone substituted the butter for marg before, I've got flora buttery at home and no butter so was thinking of using it but worried the high oil content will make it watery and it won't come out as good, anyone tried it?

I've just tried using vitalite - bread hadn't cooked through properly. Bit disappointing. This took about 45 mins to bake and for some reason did not rise so well. Looked good on the outside, skewer came out clean, etc.

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But when I cut into it it was way too moist so I'm not sure if it was the recipie or something I did? I really love this cake. However it takes at least 55min to cook. After reading comments I added 50g more flour, 1tsp ground cinnamon. I used medium eggs and baked at C for about 1hr.

When this Sort of Chocolate Cake is Perfect

It turned out light, moist and very tasty. I have some dates and will add them next time I make it, also next time I will leave out the baking powder, it isnt needed.


I add a handful of chopped nuts, it turns out really nicely! I baked this for closer for 50mins Pricked the warm cake with a skewer and poured the drizzle over it. Has anyone tried using apple cider vinegar instead of white vinegar? Just found this recipe while looking for a simple vanilla cake: can it be made in a bowl and baked in a bundt pan?

You just do it the same way with the depressions and mixing then pour into the prepared bundt pan.

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When it got updated, it pulled out the amounts for some reason. My apologies! Okay I know this sounds crazy, but we refreshed the recipe and when we updated it, it actually pulled out the amounts. I just added them back in. So, I made this with pure whole wheat flour and added Almond essence instead of Vanilla.

It was brilliant! For the top, I crushed some almonds and roasted them. Them I got some date palm sugar, water, a pinch of salt and a few drops of the Almond essence and cooked it until it became sticky and topped the cake with that. Oops, sorry. I also added the Almonds to the sticky topping as I cooked it. In case anyone wanted to know. I basically make it the same way I make my chocolate wacky cake, minus the cocoa powder.

That means, for a full cake, I use 1 Tablespoon of vinegar, and 6 Tablespoons of oil.

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I aways mix the dry separate and then add the wet, gently, just until mixed. Do NOT overmix!! I love to make it in the microwave. It takes about min. I just do a half batch and bake it up in my microwave brownie maker that I got at the Dollar Store, but I also have a small Pyrex dish I use sometimes, too. It was a huge hit. She is super proud of her, she did a great job. Your email address will not be published. We want to be friends! Join our super cool Facebook group here where we spill all the latest tea, and you know, just have fun.

Instructions Preheat oven to degrees. Pour water over the entire thing and mix until smooth. Subscribe Today All the awesomeness direct to you. Comments I made this also with freshly milled soft white whole wheat flour; used date palm sugar it in so it was darker.

Can this recipe be made in cupcakes?