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It inspired Hermann Hesse not only to write some of his most famous novels like Siddhartha, but also to create watercolour paintings. In the s Hesse had become so famous, an volume complete edition of his works was released. Hesse himself was inspired by Japanese zen-buddhism. Vom 1. April bis zum Hesse selbst war vom japanischen Zen-Buddhismus inspiriert. Culture and relaxation, these two words describe the museum best. About 16 per cent of its visitors are recurring guests. Next to the exhibitions the museum offers readings, concerts, guided hiking tours or exciting lectures.

Juni zum Beispiel liefert die Japanologin Dr. Details zum Jahresprogramm finden sich auf der Museums-Webseite. Anna and Gabriele Braglia have always shared a great passion and love for art and the foundation brings their instinctive choices when it comes to collecting pieces of art, both from national and international artists, to life. Put simply, it was often love at first sight and the decision-making of which new piece to acquire could have almost been seen as being fairly spontaneous, from the outside. But in fact, the Braglias showed great expertise and knowledge for their shared passion.

Picasso to Balla and Modigliani and thus building an outstanding collection. In , the Braglias decided to share their passion and hence promote art itself to a wider audience through a large exhibition space. This space is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technologies for the preservation and display of this important collection, that now includes well over pieces. That is how the Braglia Foundation was finally born. The Braglia sons, Riccardo and Enrico, were also on board with this heartfelt family mission, and still support the Foundation to this day. Over 40 art works by Zoran Music are part of the collection, including oil paintings, drawings and 20 watercolours.

The German expressionism collection is also of particular importance. During the mids, the Braglias visited the Art Basel and almost coincidentally noticed works by Paul Klee. Love at first sight, this marked the beginning of their ongoing passion for German expressionism. As a result, they continuously visited many exhibitions focusing on works of this art movement and bought a large number of important pieces. Vibrant expressions of colours, lights and feelings are the trademark of this period. Paintings, drawings and sculptures from Italian and International artists of the 20th century are presented in a thematically organised way.

The Braglia Foundation also hosts additional exciting exhibitions as artistic director Gaia Regazzoni Jaeggli points out. From Kandinsky to Nolde will certainly be a true highlight for any lovers of German expressionism and those who would like to discover it. Thanks to the temporary merge of the two collections, visitors will gain a comprehensive and somewhat unique insight into this fascinating and vibrant art period. The Braglia Foundation not only showcases remarkable and important art works but also adds a certain personal flavour and atmosphere. The spirit of the founders Gabriele Braglia and his late wife Anna fills this special place and the collection is a celebration of both the art and their inspirational passion for it.

Bottom left: Emil Nolde, Familienbild, , Oil on canvas, 68 x A foundation and related museum collect and exhibit historical objects — machines, products, pictures or diaries — to make history more tangible for visitors. The Ballyana Industrial Heritage museum offers visitors an authentic atmosphere and industrial history to touch: It is allowed to hold and touch many of the objects and the exhibition addresses all senses. Abegg is the president of a foundation that was established in , and runs the museum.

Old industrial machinery is rattling in the background, because here machines are not only exhibited, but staff members also demonstrate how they work. The collection opens every first and third Sunday of the month between 2pm and 5pm.

Stadionplan hannover

Pre-booked guided tours are possible at any time. Industrial, company and family history are closely connected here. Even though Bally today is mainly known for its shoes, originally the company started as weaving mill and for the first 50 years exclusively produced ribbons. Shoes only came into focus after The Bally family originates in the Austrian Vorarlberg. The first Bally moved to Switzerland around and started trading with ribbons. With a ribbon weaving mill and shoe factory they laid the foundation for an industrial empire and a world-renowned brand.

The company and family history is presented in all its facets. After originally fabricating shoes to supply other retail shops, from onwards the company systematically opened its own shops. At that point Bally already existed for more than years and was led in the fourth generation. Still today, Bally stands for luxurious bags, shoes and accessories. Die Sammlung ist jeden ersten und dritten Sonntag des Monats zwischen 14 und Industrie-, Firmen- und Familiengeschichte sind hier eng miteinander verbunden.

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Schuhe standen erst nach im Fokus. Mit der industriellen Bandweberei und der Schuhfab-. Main image: Habsburg Castle. Top middle: Scenic guided tour. Top right: Interactive breakfast table. Middle: Restaurant. Right: Habsburg Castle. Today, adults and children can experience this unique history at the original site in the Canton of Aargau. Habsburg Castle majestically towers above the landscape and already denotes power and dominance with its appearance.

In this castle the noble gentlemen lived with their servants, and here their rise to become a world dynasty began. Auf diesem Schloss lebten die adligen Herrschaften mit ihren Bediensteten, und hier begann ihr Aufstieg zu einer Weltdynastie. Today, visitors can immerse themselves into this history at Habsburg Castle. In one can even join the breakfast table of the crowned heads. Audio installations reveal who exactly sits at the table and why the Austrian emperor and the Russian czar were welcomed as guests around In and around the castle six audio stations reveal facts at the touch of a button, about the Habsburgs and their rise to become a global power; an experience for the entire family.

Last but not least, Habsburg Castle is situated amidst a beautiful hiking region and thus, is perfect for afternoon trips. How about the almost two-hour-long hike to nearby castle Wildegg, for example? Experience where Albert Einstein single handedly changed our understanding of physics Today Albert Einstein is recognized as one of the most important scientists of all time. But when he came to Bern he was still at the beginning of his research, struggling to make ends meet while working on pioneering papers. It is open to the public.

Among them were The existence and size of atoms, The special theory of relativity and the later Nobel-Prize-winning The light quantum hypothesis. Albert Einstein spent an essential period of his life in Bern: In February he moved there after applying for a position at the Federal Patent Office. Still unemployed until June , he survived as private tutor for physics and mathematics. When he finally had a steady income, he married his girlfriend Mileva Maric in early January The apartment on the second floor, where Einstein, his wife and later their first son lived, is today open to visitors.

Even before moving to Bern, Albert Einstein engaged with the most fundamental questions of physics. This period — an incubation time, in retrospect — erupted in Even though Albert Einstein worked 48 hours a week at the office, in only six months he finished five pioneering papers. The Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein with the Hilti Art Foundation offers a diverse programme of contemporary and modern art. The impressive black cube right in Vaduz provides spacious exhibition rooms on two floors. Two years ago the three-story white exhibition building of the Hilti Art Foundation was added and today visitors are invited two explore both places.

The collection is showcased in temporary presentations accompanying the major changing exhibitions of international twentieth and twenty-first century art. That was the year IWC manufactured its first Pallweber pocket watches, as they were known. These revolutionary timepieces displayed the hours and minutes in digital format with large numerals on. The sight of the display discs jumping instantaneously to the next position in no less fascinating a spectacle that it was back in You were born in Speyer and grew up there too. At the moment you live in Berlin.

Why is that city your chosen home? Steinbach: Berlin never sleeps, especially my neighborhood — Prenzlauer Berg. But just like in every metropolis, there are less beautiful corners.

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But the city also lives through its contrasts. What do you love about this specific role? Steinbach: This figure permanently offers situations of conflict and makes this role interesting for me. However, I really like the fact that she can be courageous and a fighter in exactly these moments. Why has Tatort been an integral part of German life for decades? Steinbach: I think that the dominical TV evening, that usually has over nine million Tatort viewers, has become a nice tradition for many.

Even during the broadcast, one can already see a lively exchange on social networks. Tatort, Kriminal Theatre — it seems as if thrillers and crime stories are your favourite genre. How do you choose your roles? Steinbach: Yes, but it only seems so. The audience enjoy it immensely and roar with laughter every time. This is the major difference to filming. Here, you only know whether the audience actually likes it after broadcasting.

The many TV series that are based on. But in general, I think that the roles choose me. What can we look forward to in ? Steinbach: Maybe a role in a different genre! Does the one, absolute dream role exist for you? But playing a doctor, perhaps in a series, would be a pleasure for me — maybe also because I originally wanted to study medicine and taking care of others is somehow in my blood too.

What wishes and dreams does Sandra Steinbach still have? I believe that we should never stop dreaming and wishing and that we thereby and while realising our dreams, should never let ourselves be intimidated. Peace on the inside, peace on the outside. Learn to breathe again, that is it. This year Europa-Park presents a variety of new developments and structural changes.

There will also be an additional virtual reality experience from MackMedia. This means there will be two attractions in one ride. The two-story floating bistro boat on the lake invites visitors to recharge whilst watching a spectacular water fountain show, which runs several times per hour accompanied by French music. This winter season, Paddington has made himself at home at Europa-Park. The minute-long energetic and interactive show in the Greek themed area puts the cuddly bear and his favourite dish, the marmalade sandwich, in the centre, and ensures superb entertainment.

And once the 15 European themed areas have been explored, five park-owned themed hotels invite guests to relax. Im Inneren des Hotels hat sich allerdings viel getan. Daher wurde auch im Jahr. Das Zimmerangebot umfasst sowohl komfortable. Des Weiteren ist Juist Thalasso zertifiziert. Verschiedene Saunen, Dampfbad, Tecaldarium und ein herrlich designter Ruheraum laden zum relaxen ein. Nachhaltiger kann rundum Erholung nicht sein. Situated at the heart of Germany, the highly accessible spa town is within easy reach from all directions.

Bad Nauheim has welcomed many famous visitors in its history: Sisi, Empress Elisabeth of Austria, for example, took a strengthening cure here in Nauheim resident during the period of his military service at the US army base of Friedberg from to Together with his entourage, he resided both at the Villa Grunewald hotel and a private villa.

But the. The combination of architecture, art and gardens impressively represents the art nouveau principle of creating a synthesis between fine and decorative arts. Spa guests enjoy the curative powers of the healing waters in original surroundings and interiors. Formerly used for classic bathing cures, natural mineral saline today is mostly used for wellness-applications as a new expression of health awareness. The bath-. Original furniture from the beginning of the 20th century surrounds the tubs made of African afzelia wood.

The impressive architectural heritage honours the healing powers of the water through its splendid interior and loving attention to detail. Crowned with a golden dome, the counter with waters from the Kur-, Karls- and Ludwig springs forms the centrepiece of the ensemble. Rose village There is a saying about tulips stemming from Amsterdam, and roses stemming from Bad Nauheim. The Steinfurth part of town houses the oldest rose village in Germany.

Over time, the hot mineral springs turned the town into a wealthy place of significance. While the salty springs were discovered and used by Celtic settlers already, Franconian colonisers re-established salt extraction from onwards at a medieval settlement with 13 salt boiling units. Originally built to enhance salinity levels, five graduation buildings with a total stretch of metres reach ten metres high. Water was absorbed from the brine trickling down from the large surface of blackthorn walls.

The Nauheim graduation works count as the oldest of their kind in Germany. In the following decades, Bad Nauheim grew into a renowned spa for cardiac and vascular diseases for prominent guests of the European nobility as well as the national and international bourgeoisie. Health-conscious thinking became part of the life reform in society. By merging nature and architecture, they created an urban masterpiece in the spirit of the modern age. Colorful events draw colorful crowds Due to both its early and recent history, Bad Nauheim draws a diverse crowd of spa guests, families, art nouveau enthusiasts and rockabilly fans, as well as rose lovers.

A jubilee exhibition at the rose museum, running from 27 April to 30 November will accompany the event. In July, the Rose Festival 13 to 16 July will attract thousands of visitors again with a rose parade, rose exhibition, rose. Last but not least, the Art Nouveau Festival 7 to 9 September will take visitors back to the grand old times: Transported to the turn of the 20th century, spa guests and art lovers alike can admire the wide repertoire of art nouveau craftsmanship at the artisan and restorers market, visit exhibits and lectures on the movement, or enjoy a ride in a hackney carriage amidst penny-farthing cyclists.

Relax in beautiful surroundings South Tyrol is known for its natural beauty, breathtaking mountain sceneries and overall serenity. Because of this, it seems no wonder that many wellness hotels and spa temples call the region their home. With their extensive relaxation, wellness and leisure offerings both hotels are a place for all those that love the exceptional. Additionally, both are situated next to the hole golf course Passeier. Meran and offer picturesque views of the Passeier valley. Ausserdem liegen beide am Loch Golfplatz Passeier.

Meran und bieten einen malerischen Ausblick auf das Passeiertal. In the Andreus Resort, wellness enthusiasts can look forward to a large sauna area with 11 different saunas and show infusions from the infusion world champion Helli Haller and team. Furthermore, a large sports pool, an indoor and outdoor pool that is heated all year, a swimming lake and an outdoor-panorama whirlpool are part of the 7,square-metre-large spa and wellness area.

A novelty is the Fitness and Energy Tower which houses a gym, a cardio room and a meditation-yoga temple. The adults only relax zone on the roof terrace offers a relaxation room and an infinity brine pool with mountain views. Die adults only relax zone auf der Dachterrasse bietet einen Ruheraum und einen Infinity Solepool mit Blick auf die Bergwelt. In the five-star Gold Lodge visitors can look forward to 30 suites, a large wellness and spa area, a Mediterranean garden world, a natural swimming lake with integrated infinity pool, the Nature Sauna World and great food.

A highlight is the panorama meditation temple on the roof terrace for yoga or pilates with mountain views. Special offers: Book four nights, get one for free valid from 3 April until 19 May. Book seven nights, get one for free valid from 16 May until 15 July. Wir machen dort auch Grillfeiern. Dieser kluge Satz wird im Naturhotel Rainer hochgehalten. Fleisch stammen von einheimischen Bauern und vom eigenen Bauernhof. Strom wird aus den Wasserkraftwerken vom Tal bezogen.

Finding the perfect setting Looking for a suitable venue for your next conference, business meeting or large-scale event? The Rheinloft is the number one event location in Cologne. Right by the Rhine with fantastic views of the Rhine-skyline and the Cologne cathedral, the Rhineloft Cologne makes event dreams come true. The Rheinloft Cologne has anything the heart of the event organiser or attendee could desire, from the roof garden to the cooking studio. The modern design with Mediterranean flair offers the perfect setting for top parties. It is equally ideal for business events, big anniversaries, Christmas parties or weddings.

In the two cooking studios with professional equipment, team-building events or live cooking shows can take place. Sturmfreie Bude vermietet Event Locations, die jede Veranstaltung zu einem echten, kreativen Erlebnis werden lassen. Business as unusual, sozusagen. Sturmfreie Budes Konzept des sorglosen, kreativen Freiraums geht auf! Sturmfreie Bude bietet Ihnen den Freiraum, den Sie suchen. The Isarpost in Munich is a unique event location, which cannot be compared with any other in the city. With space for up to people and a comprehensive service it offers the right atmosphere for every event — from a festive gala dinner to conferences, from concerts to book readings.

The historic Isarpost with its rather diverse and complex history is a listed building and has the according charm. At the same time the Isarpost provides up-to-date event technology. The banqueting hall offers space for up to people. The Isarpost Eventlocation team also functions as an event agency that advises and supports customers from the first planning stages until the end of an event. Because all three rooms are interconnected, they offer the possibility to combine different topics and setups: Champagne reception in the foyer, a festive dinner in the banqueting hall and afterwards music and dancing in the event hall.

An exceptional event location: Right where German telecommunication originated Situated in the middle of the German capital Berlin, between Gendarmenmarkt und Stadtschloss, the representative Telekom building is a unique place for events and celebrations of all kind — from conferences to galas or political events. The Deutsche Telekom Representative Office in Berlin Mitte allows the opportunity to take a step back in time and to the origins of telecommunication: It is the oldest building that still exists in the German capital from the early times of telecommunication.

Even during that time the building featured the newest technology, like a pneumatic post that allowed sending messages through the building — fast and effectively. Contemporary critics praised the extension building that opened a short time later for its architecture and the overall elegant effect. The building was heavily damaged during the Second World War, so that only parts of the original building still exist today, like the classy atrium.

Originally built as a representative operating room with. For more than years now, the building has been a monument to technological innovations. The light-flooded atrium is a flexible venue with a large, free-floating LED screen and flexible stage elements, as well as state of the art sound and light technology.

Energy-saving LED strips are fixed above the windows and 70 additional design lamps create an atmospheric lighting mood. Darstellbar in individueller Farbgestaltung. Der Lichthof — mit wiederhergestelltem TarazzoBoden. KML VISION: Automatic image analysis for life sciences Various areas, ranging from research for medical purposes, to water and air analyses, require a close study of a vast number of images, often of microscopic nature. Not only is an expert required to correctly analyse said images, but the process to finish this comprehensive task also takes many hours.

This means customers only pay for images that have actually been analysed. IKOSA has a modular structure, making it easy to add individual solutions and use them immediately. The platform is accessible either through a standard web browser or a defined interface. This approach allows for flexibility and easy integration into existing tools such as microscopes or viewing software, to name but a few. Making state-of-the-art technologies for automation available in such a straightforward way is absolutely unique in the market.

The two founders Michael Mayrhofer and Philipp Kainz were dedicating themselves to researching automatic image analysis at the Medical University of Graz, when they realised that there was a huge demand for this field of application in a wide range of various industries, such as the biomedical field of tissue analysis. Here, enlarged images have to be scanned for any abnormalities or specific cells, often still extremely small and hard to spot. It is a complex and tiring task, that requires the trained eye of a costly specialist and still by default makes it prone to mistakes.

Since then it has been their heartfelt mis-. To find out more, please visit the following websites. With more than 20 successful foundings per year, Science Park Graz is not only the strongest business incubator in its field but has also been around since The motor behind successful tech brands such as the audio start-up USound, the worldwide provider for robot-assisted rehabilitation Tyromotion, and the SunnyBAG solar rucksack manufacturer, is now also heading in the SouthEast European direction.

Supported by industrial, public and regional funding bodies as well as by the European Space Agency ESA, the Austrian incubator forms the backbone for visionary founders with global ambitions. Startups with highly innovative business ideas and the skills to promptly implement them are the most important players at Science Park Graz on its road to success.

Deeply rooted within the economic and scientific power region of Styria, the incubator also benefits from a strong network of corporate and industrial partners. Since then, SPG has doubled its performance. Seither hat der SPG seine Leistung verdoppelt. Through funding, coaching and strong international network support, our team works hard to trigger your full entrepreneurial potential. So apply now! Here, international trade visitors will be able to examine the innovations and new products of the hardware industry. The International Hardware Fair Cologne is a must for anyone that is interested in the latest developments from the tools, industrial supply, fasteners and fixings, fittings as well as home improvement segments.

This underlines the significance of the trade fair for the entire international hardware industry once more.

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An important theme here is digitalisation, which will confront the hardware industry with big challeng-. The tools segment will once again make up the core competence of the trade fair. Around 1, exhibitors including Gedore, Hazet, Stahlwille, Wera and Witta Werkzeuge will be presenting their innovations and latest developments from hand-held tools through to machine tools in Halls 1 to 4 and in Hall Henkel , Toyo Tires 1. David Abraham. Christian Streich. Mike Frantz. Schwarzwaldmilch, Badenova 1. Thomas Doll. Marvin Bakalorz. Heinz von Heiden, HDI 1. Julian Nagelsmann.

Kevin Vogt. SAP , Prowin 1. Ralf Rangnick. Willi Orban. Red Bull , CG Immobilien 1. Peter Bosz. Lars Bender. Barmenia Versicherungen, Kieser Training 1. Sandro Schwarz. Stefan Bell. Dieter Hecking. Lars Stindl. Postbank , H-Hotels 1. Manuel Neuer. Deutsche Telekom , Qatar Airways 1. Boris Schommers. Hanno Behrens. Domenico Tedesco. Gazprom , DHL Express 1.

Markus Weinzierl. Christian Gentner. Bruno Labbadia. Josuha Guilavogui. Volkswagen , UPS 1. Jupp Heynckes. Tayfun Korkut. Heiko Herrlich. Boris Schommers interim. Qualification to Champions League group stage. RB Leipzig. Qualification to Europa League group stage. Qualification to Europa League second qualifying round. Mainz Schalke Qualification to relegation play-offs.

Relegation to 2. Robert Lewandowski. Yussuf Poulsen. Kevin Volland. Another point of interest is the Old Town. In the centre are the large Marktkirche Church St. Nearby is the old royal sports hall, now called the Ballhof theatre. On the edge of the Old Town are the Market Hall , the Leine Palace , and the ruin of the Aegidien Church which is now a monument to the victims of war and violence.

Johannis are located. Gehry , the specially designed Bus Stops , the Opera House , the Central Station , the Maschsee lake and the city forest Eilenriede , which is one of the largest of its kind in Europe. With around 40 parks, forests and gardens, a couple of lakes, two rivers and one canal, Hanover offers a large variety of leisure activities. Some points of interest are the Planet M. The fairground can be reached by the Exponale , one of the largest pedestrian bridges in Europe. The Hanover fairground is the largest exhibition centre in the world. Many of the Exhibition Centre's halls are architectural highlights.

Furthermore, it offers the Convention Center with its 35 function rooms, glassed-in areas between halls, grassy park-like recreation zones and its own heliport. Two important sights on the fairground are the Hermes Tower Another tourist sight in Anderten is the Hindenburg Lock , which was the biggest lock in Europe at the time of its construction in The Tiergarten literally the "animals' garden" in the district of Kirchrode is a large forest originally used for deer and other game for the king's table.

Some other notable towers are the VW-Tower in the city centre and the old towers of the former middle-age defence belt: The 36 most important sights of the city centre are connected with a 4.

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This so-called Red Thread marks out a walk that starts at the Tourist Information Office and ends on the Ernst-August-Square in front of the central station. There is also a guided sightseeing-bus tour through the city.

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In , The majority The Historic Museum describes the history of Hanover, from the medieval settlement "Honovere" to the world-famous Exhibition City of today. The museum focuses on the period from to when Hanover had a strong relationship with the British royal house. With more than 4, members, the Kestnergesellschaft is the largest art society in Germany. The museum hosts exhibitions from classical modernist art to contemporary art. One big focus is put on film, video, contemporary music and architecture, room installments and big presentations of contemporary paintings, sculptures and video art.

The Kestner-Museum is located in the House of 5. The museum is named after August Kestner and exhibits 6, years of applied art in four areas: Ancient cultures, ancient Egypt, applied art and a valuable collection of historic coins. It features mostly exhibitions and projects of famous and important artists from Hanover. The Kunstverein Hannover Art Society Hanover shows contemporary art and was established in as one of the first art societies in Germany. There are around 7 international monografic and thematic Exhibitions in one year.

The State Gallery shows the European Art from the 11th to the 20th century, the Nature Department shows the zoology, geology, botanic, geology and a Vivarium with fishes, insects, reptiles and amphibians. The Primeval Department shows the primeval history of Lower Saxony and the Folklore Department shows the cultures from all over the world.

The Sprengel Museum shows the art of the 20th century. It is one of the most notable art museums in Germany. The focus is put on the classical modernist art with the collection of Kurt Schwitters , works of German expressionism, and French cubism, the cabinet of abstracts, the graphics and the department of photography and media. Furthermore, the museum shows the famous works of the French artist Niki de Saint-Phalle. The Theatre Museum shows an exhibition of the history of the theatre in Hanover from the 17th century up to now: The museum also hosts several touring exhibitions during the year.

The collection of the works of Wilhelm Busch and the extensive collection of cartoons and critical graphics is this museum unique in Germany. Furthermore, the museum hosts several exhibitions of national and international artists during the year. The Polizeigeschichtliche Sammlung Niedersachsen is the largest police museum in Germany. Textiles from all over the world can be visited in the Museum for textile art.

Carpets and objects from the orient can be visited in the Oriental Carpet Museum. Another "best buy. How to pursue research in the various fields of Germanistik handbooks, bibliographies, lexika, periodicals and newspapers, libraries, archives and museums relevant to Literaturwissenschaft , universities, research institutes, literary organizations and prizes.

Handy introduction to the field. A handbook that tries to cover all possible areas of literature, such as Brief , Drama , Predigt , Politische Dichtung , and is useful for this reason. Notable scholars among the contributors, e. As a paperback, a good buy. A handbook of "thematology," deals with such topics as literary characters e. Useful, sometimes a bit opinionated. Useful, because it "has everything" authors, titles, themes, characters.

Short articles, not signed. Good for those who don't know German.

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A study guide for grad students, covering linguistics, literature, literary periods and genres. Strong in bibliography. A book that leads one to other useful works. Gives definitions of terms related to poetry, e. Short, handy, well-written by one person , easy to read. Good for informing oneself about topics such as Mimesis , Literatursoziologie , Lessings Laokoon. The articles are written by a team of ca.

One of the most handy introductions to German literary studies by an experienced librarian and bibliographer. Shorter and more concise than Hansel, also better value for the money. More up-to-date than Hansel. The "Mercedes" of all handbooks on German literature. Signed articles on many aspects, e.

Written by the generation of scholars in the s and 60s. Very solid, but a little out of date now. Another work by Wilpert, who is an experienced scholar and bibliographer. Exhaustive, with many short articles, e. Easy to read, and consistently written. Successor to the earlier "Echtermeier," includes almost all well-known German-language authors and poems.