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Despite the endless array of articles, programs and products promising to enhance our self-esteem, the reality is that many of them do not work and some are even likely to make us feel worse. Part of the problem is that our self-esteem is rather unstable to begin with, as it can fluctuate daily, if not hourly. Further complicating matters, our self-esteem comprises both our global feelings about ourselves as well as how we feel about ourselves in the specific domains of our lives e.

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The more meaningful a specific domain of self-esteem, the greater the impact it has on our global self-esteem. Lastly, having high self-esteem is indeed a good thing, but only in moderation. Very high self-esteem — like that of narcissists — is often quite brittle. Such people might feel great about themselves much of the time but they also tend to be extremely vulnerable to criticism and negative feedback and respond to it in ways that stunts their psychological self-growth. That said, it is certainly possible to improve our self-esteem if we go about it the right way.

Here are five ways to nourish your self-esteem when it is low:. Because when our self-esteem is low, such declarations are simply too contrary to our existing beliefs. Ironically, positive affirmations do work for one subset of people — those whose self-esteem is already high. For affirmations to work when your self-esteem is lagging, tweak them to make them more believable. Self-esteem is built by demonstrating real ability and achievement in areas of our lives that matter to us.

If you pride yourself on being a good cook, throw more dinner parties. In short, figure out your core competencies and find opportunities and careers that accentuate them.

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So, set yourself the goal to tolerate compliments when you receive them, even if they make you uncomfortable and they will. The best way to avoid the reflexive reactions of batting away compliments is to prepare simple set responses and train yourself to use them automatically whenever you get good feedback e. In time, the impulse to deny or rebuff compliments will fade — which will also be a nice indication your self-esteem is getting stronger. Helping others, for example, offers a huge boost to your sense of self-worth.

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Generosity is good for you , both physically and mentally, and studies now show that volunteering has a very positive affect on how people feel about themselves. Other studies have found that religion correlates with a higher sense of self-worth in adolescents. People find meaning in many different ways; think about the activities and interests that feel meaningful to you personally and pursue those activities to build a more positive feeling of self-worth. Researcher Dr. Acting on principles, in ways that you respect, is another important quality to foster as you develop a higher level of self-worth.

Robert Firestone. When our actions do not match our words, we are more vulnerable to attacks from our critical inner voice and less likely to respect ourselves. By challenging your critical inner voice and stopping comparing yourself to others, you can begin to get a feeling for your own self-worth. By pursuing activities that are meaningful to you and acting in line with your own personal beliefs, you can develop your sense of yourself as a worthwhile person in the world even further.

I have been wondering how to build my self worth and have been researching online and this is the best advice I have found. I never thought about the difference between self-worth and self-esteem this way, but it makes a lot of sense. Great post. I totally agree that measuring your own self worth on external things is harmful. Things of the external vary all the time and no one has any control over these forms of measure. True self worth is an internal realization. Hello, I love this article and am attempting to use it for a research essay.

Is there any way that I could gain citation information authors, date of publishing, publisher, etc. Please reply to the email listed as soon as possible. Thank you and have a nice day, Sydney. With all due respect can you not write your own essay, based on your own experience and research. It seems to me one of the indications of low self worth is using others words rather than ones own, why is your experience, and wisdom not valid?

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Im all for quotes and references but wholesale using anothers work suggests low self worth because you are inferring your words are less worth i ncomparison tho whomever wrote the article. But worse than that, there is NO author cited, and that worries me because it suggests Psychalive has stole someones work. This article was written by PsychAlive staff member, Lena Firestone.

Yes this is plagiarism. These ideas are core foundational Buddhist philosophy.


Whoever wrote this is ignoring where self-compassion and mindfulness actually come from. Yes, I would appreciate citation information too. This is an important issue to raise awareness of. Please try again later. Thought I would let you know. Hi there, I find this article very helpfu and inspiringl since I am currently working on this issue myself. So thanks a lot!!! This is quite an edifying post. Peaople many a time erroneously compare their self worth on exterior things which is rather lethal.

This now serves as a real eye opener. Thanks a lot. It is only the deep thinkers who can explicitly juxtapose between self worthiness and self esteem. Shallow thinkers will always see them as a mirage. Good article on many parts but I found one contradiction. You write that self-worth is about who we are, not what we do which is correct.

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Yet later you recommend helping others to boost sense of self-worth. So you recommend doing to boost self-worth. Which for a while could work, but what then when one for some reason can not help others anymore? Self-worth which is largely based on helping others decreases. Yet our value as living beings is always the same, whether we do good deeds, or bad.

I agree. Be seen but not heard. Anticipate the needs of others, but do not burden others with needs of your own. Be good. When all you know is caring for others above all else, how does even more putting others first help you? Consider also that, to build upon and expand a healthy self esteem, self worth must come first. Thus, self worth may be exclusively internal, yet its overwhelming reach and benefit embraces so much MORE — which positively impacts internally as well as externally.

A kind word or simple prayer of reassurance has brought me signigicant joy! As a result of extending joy and hope, your self worth and self esteem both reach incredible heights.

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Comparision is what our employers partake. Why does this article not cite an Author? It would entirely undermine the message if it was stolen. Neve thought about self-worth in this way. Who has the right to tell you whether you have or lack self-worth? Who decides on who has or has no self-worth? How much self-worth do you have? We talk about self worth because the society, culture or the media tell us to measure our self worth in relations to another human beings. The only way to tackle the issue of lacking self worth is to believe that no matter matter how good, genius or evil you are, but you are still a human being and we worth nothing and we are all the same and good by nature.

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But it is what we say or do has uts worth rather than we as human beings. I agree with your view that challenging your inner critic voice is one of the significant aspect for developing self worth. Adding to your views, I believe self-worth is developed by being okay with the way we are. If we are not judgmental about ourselves and love our authentic nature, then we will have developed a sustainable self-worth.

I used to feel a lot low during my late teen years. Feeling scared and low-self esteem was part of me. Reading various books, articles, e-newsletters were very much helpful but only for short term, like for a month or so.