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Packer et al. American Kennel Club.

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I have a 3yr old staffy named Niko, he is the first one that I have owed and had gotten him knowing absolutely nothing about this breed! I wont say that any of my dogs in the past were bad or anything like that, but hands down Niko is the best dog that I have ever had. He is just such a great dog in all aspects of life!


I wouldnt trade him for the world. I couldnt possibly be more satisfied! My family and I grew up eith dogs. Up until 6 months ago, I wanted to rescue a dog so to have company for my elderly parents. So, 6months ago we all went to the shelter and rescued a 4yr staffy.

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He was said to be a stray and was obviously abused but he looked so happy when we got him. Till this day, he has the whole family memorize!!! We are so happy we rescued Leo!!!

STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIER 101 - Everything You Need To Know About Owning a Staffie Puppy

Our family is still grieving our beloved Zeusy Zoo. We never had a dog that we adored and loved more. He was extremely affectionate, fun loving and determined. Anyone who had the privilege of meeting him, was turned into a Staffordshire dog lover. Run free until we meet again on the other side! I just got a 3 month old staffy female she is a joy to have in my house she lives to sleep between me and my wife and just loves to be cuddled.

If I die before this angel I will leave her my condo and that should be enough to make sure she has the best life in the world. Just committed to a 2nd blue staffy female [14weeks] as a forever friend for our 1st blue male [3 yrs]. We let him do the picking, ya thats right- He choose her, he knew it was going to be his friend for companionship when people are away, to help relieve people from the attention he so desires.

I have just bought myself an AM Staffy, she is female and is now 6 months old. She is the most lovable and friendly dog, has a very strong attitude but just have to cuddle her and she does what I want. She will be extremely loved. Hi, my staffie is 14 years old, could be a bit older, she wines a lot, does not want to be alone, also a bit blind and deaf, he still loves walking but arthiritis bothers sometime. I love my baby to death, when is the right time to make a desicion to put him down.

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  • He howls outside simetimes when we are not home, feel so sorry for him. At night he gies outside about 3 or 4 times and then wines again, sometimes think he has alzheimers, dont know what to do. Sounds so much like our Staffy! She passed away about a month ago. She gave us so many great years so we felt that we were fully obligated to put up with her senior issues. She was I have a 6 month old female staffy and honestly the bad stories about them are horrid as all are different its the way they are brought up my staffy stays in house with 2 cats and she absolutely adores them and knows the difference between and adult and child..

    I was surprising my husband with his very first puppy. The breed i was searching just wasnt working out and now we know why. We found our staffy at the animal rescue. He is the kindest, happiest, most gentle dog i know. He is strong but loving. They are very energetic and need to be exercised.

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    • If you have the chance to even meet one do so!! She is great with children, new situations, other dogs, our existing cat who has never met a dog , car rides, having a bath, when we eat she sits in her bed, I could go on forever. She is a lovely pupster with so much love. Everyone who has met her says how amazing and lovely she is.

      Never had a staffie before dont get her for another 5 weeks but cant wait. Most purebreeds have some kind of health problem or another, and you should always do your research before looking to get any kind of purebreed. Since they have a short coat, they only need to be bathed every three to four months, and brushed a few times a week just to keep shedding to a minimum, according to Vet Street.

      This means that fewer people actively search for Staffies to adopt. They are only ranked as the 82nd most popular dog breed, so many of them spend a lot of time in shelters. If you think that a Staffy is right for your family, definitely consider adoption! According to Your Purebred Puppy , these compact and strong animals can leap over a 6-foot-tall fence.

      Staffordshire Bull Terriers: What's Good About 'Em, What's Bad About 'Em

      They also note that, if they are so motivated, they will probably be able to dig underneath one, too. If this concerns you about your own backyard and neighborhood, you may want to take that into consideration. Since these dogs are so dense, it is difficult for them to stay afloat. The breed has been adopted as the dog of choice for those seeking a status symbol, an accessory, and even a weapon substitute. This means they have developed a bad reputation, through no fault of their own. But staffies are all as special as any other dog.

      Staffies are gentle dogs with their own personalities — not the aggressive machines they are made out to be.