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The Tortoise and the Hare and the Jetpack

It only takes a few seconds. Tortoise gets wheels in place of injured legs, faster than ever. Brandon Turkus. Mercedes-Benz made some waves with its Super Bowl spot, showing a new take on the old race between the tortoise and the hare. Now, though, a tortoise in the UK has had its speed increased in a rather different way.

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After a rat chewed off her front legs while she was hibernating, Mrs. T, a roughly year-old tortoise that now boasts a pair of wheels effectively making her rear-wheel drive. She seems quite happy, but it's difficult to tell with a tortoise. T took a minute to acclimate, she's not expecting the tortoise to have any long-term problems. T is still quite young for a tortoise. She could go on for another 50 years — all she needs is a new set of tire every now and again. T in action. Videos video wheels animals tortoise. View More. Original Video Series. We traveled the world in on 8 insane automotive adventures 'The List'.

Supertanks, mech suits and jetpacks galore Translogic's best of View more. From Our Partners. Thank You Thanks for subscribing. In the end, Bugs is convinced he has won, only to see Cecil or one of his kin across the finish demanding the money. Bugs suggests that he has been tricked, and all nine turtles approach and reply, "It's a possibility!

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Avery left Warner Bros. However, he introduced a similar character in named Droopy Dog. Droopy would even take some of his tricks from his slow-and-steady predecessor, such as using his relatives to help him outsmart a wolf. The title is an appropriate pun on "hair". Bugs again challenges Cecil to a race after viewing footage from their previous encounter two years earlier which seems to depict Cecil as having won fairly instead of by cheating Bugs with his cousins. Bugs then goes to Cecil's tree home disguised as an old man a parody of Bill Thompson 's "Old Timer" character from the radio series Fibber McGee and Molly to ask the turtle his secret.

Cecil, not in the least bit fooled by the disguise remarks, "Clean livin', friend.

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  6. Clean livin' And then reveals his streamlined shell lets him win, and produces a set of blueprints for his "air-flow chassis ". The turtle ends the conversation with the comment, "Oh, and another thing Rabbits aren't very bright, either!

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    Not getting the hint that the turtle's story is a humbug , Bugs builds the device and prepares for the race. Meanwhile, a bunny mob learns of the upcoming match-up and places all its bets on Bugs. Do we, boys? However, in his new get-up, the dim-witted gangsters mistake him for the turtle.


    Cecil reinforces this misconception by dressing in a gray rabbit suit and munching on some delicious carrots. The mobsters thus make the shelled Bugs' run a nightmare , ultimately giving the race to Cecil in an aside to the audience, as the rabbits cheer him, Cecil remarks "I told you rabbits aren't very bright! When Bugs removes the chassis and sobbingly reveals that he's the rabbit, the rabbit gangsters remark, in mock-Bugsy style, "Ehhh, now he tells us!

    The final gag is often cut when shown on basic cable television , but can be found uncut on the Looney Tunes Golden Collection : Volume 1. The title is a play of Rapid Transit. Unlike Tortoise Wins by a Hare , this cartoon presumes that Bugs and Cecil have never met before now. While relaxing in a steam bath, Bugs reads about the original fable and, as he did reading the credits of Tortoise Beats Hare , becomes incensed at the idea of a turtle outrunning a rabbit.

    Cecil, also in the steam bath, claims that he could outrun Bugs, prompting Bugs to challenge him to a race again, as in Tortoise Beats Hare , although at least here Bugs receives some provocation. This time, Bugs and Cecil agree to no cheating. Cecil, however, quickly reveals that his shell is now rocket propelled , allowing him to go a surprising combination between fast and slow.

    Tortoise gets wheels in place of injured legs, faster than ever

    Bugs does his best to steal, dismantle, and destroy the device, but all to little effect. In the end, however, Bugs does manage to top the turtle and crosses the finish line first. Nevertheless, it is Cecil who has the last laugh when he rooks the rabbit into confessing to " doing easy "—in a miles-per-hour zone.

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    Bugs is taken away by the police to enjoy his victory — behind bars.