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It has a history. Our ideals of masculinity — the model to which men are supposed to aspire — is very old-fashioned. These qualities were promoted during the high period of European imperialism in the 19th century — when nations sought above all else to dominate other cultures. They learn to feel ashamed of emotionality and vulnerability. Sociologists and psychologists, such as Stephen M.

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Whitehead , or Victor J. Sadler tell us that only by connecting with their emotions can men look at themselves critically and change their behaviour. The idea that healthy men need to satisfy their instinct through sex was commonly accepted as the truth -— the norm regulating relations between men and women. However, emotions, including sympathy and empathy, are actually crucial for healthy social interactions. Thanks to them we understand how other people feel and know how to respond properly -— including responses to sexual harassment.

Many straight men find it hard to reconcile the traditional view of gender with the new approach based on partnership and equality of men and women at home and in work. The sense of failing to perform the male ideal promoted by advertisement, Hollywood films and porn movies can provoke defensive reactions in men — machismo, resentment towards women and all-too often aggressive or abusive behaviour.

Sexism is a huge part of bonding among men who define themselves as heterosexual. Many men also find it difficult to speak out if they object to it.

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Even though this outdated and restrictive model of masculinity actually makes men unhappy, it prevails because the culture at large continues to enable it. Speaking about the masculinity crisis detracts our attention from a real issue: our failure to reform the way we think about masculinity and how unfit it is for the culture in which we now live. When some men feel their status is under threat, blogs such as The Voice for Men emerge producing sexist content blaming women for the challenges faced by men.

By paying attention to these negotiations, the article illustrates how distinct aspects of local conceptualizations of how to be a man are situationally deployed and worked over. Ultimately, the analytical fruitfulness of this notion comes into question in situations where force, instead of consensus, acquires the utmost visibility.

Buenos Aires, Editorial Antropofagia.

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The "middle" years: 1970s — 1990s

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The Changing Definition of Masculinity

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