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The specific book I had and gave to a friend is here. The Joseph P Ferrell books that I found most interesting are listed below with a link to Amazon in case you want to get them:. The book discussing how Hitler most likely died in Argentina is Grey Wolf. My own books of course can all be found on this website by clicking on the top left hand icon, or just putting my name in an amazon search.

The German Physicist whose model of the universe also included consciousness a detail I forgot to mention in the video is Burkhard Heim. And frankly, my fiction series the Overlords of Mars has probably got a deeper and more sensible explanation for how we live on this planet than most people ever suspect. Just click on whichever one you want below and it will take you straight to it:.

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The front and back covers are below and this is a big one, pages of hardcore SF and all at pretty breakneck pace, so it covers a lot of ground. Enough, I think, to begin to seriously think of this as Space Opera that could do well as a film.

Is Human Hibernation Possible? Going to Sleep for Long Duration Spaceflight

More info on the book below the image. Below is some technical stuff on the book, but before that… I am trying to break the mould here by seeing if I can increase the population of female SF fans. Yes ladies, there is not just zap guns and space Nazis in this one…there is lots of romantic drama too.

Not so much of the candle lit dinner variety there is one dinner scene though, honest! This book is not out in kindle yet because the file for that is proving problematic. This image basically has everything fans love: Gore, Martians and dinosaurs! Now, with the Martians in control, they use these men out of time as a way to keep the populace entertained, pitting them against giant, mutated insects in gladiatorial games for the amusement of Martians and humans alike.

If you dig this crossover, you will be delighted to learn that as of May 21st Topps has announced a new 20 card set based on the mini-series.

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I should also mention that within the Kickstarter you can also purchase some of the original art prints from this series. Another artist attached to this series is Jason Chalker a fan of TR! This limited edition print hit the market just before the Kickstarter went underway, so it is not actually part of Occupation. If you want the piece of history you can find more information here , but Jason gave me permission to use the image so I am going to let it fly.

Adam Levine is doing a bang-up job so far, and we eagerly await more news and details. Here is the Kickstarter video, which says everything better than any Earthling can.

Putting Humans in Stasis Is the Best Way of Getting Us to Mars

Bryce Abood is a musician and screenwriter. He has toured 40 states with multiple bands and played on over a dozen albums. Bryce also writes about scripts for never-made movies, often collaborating with a visual artist to produce fake concept art.

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  • Overlords of Mars 2 now also on kindle.
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Overlords of Mars 2 now also on kindle

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