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ISBN I have been homeschooling my oldest daughter for four and a half years now and my preschooler son for a year I have been homeschooling my daughter for four years now. I started homeschool preschool with her when she was 2. I began homeschooling my oldest daughter when she was 2. I started homeschool preschool with my son a few I have been homeschooling my daughter for three years now.


I have been homeschooling my daughter for two years now. Connect To Top. Homeschool September 22, This post may contain affiliate links. Tweet 1. Pin 7. Share Related Items colors curriculum homeschool homeschool curriculum lesson plans preschool preschool curriculum white. More in Homeschool. Our Third Grade Homeschool Curriculum I have been homeschooling my oldest daughter for four and a half years now and my preschooler son for a year Heather Johnson February 11, Needed: clear, plastic cups; fruit of different colors--strawberries, bananas, oranges, blueberries, kiwi, etc.

Dramatic play lends itself to a preschool colors theme any time of year. You can add color activities, however, just having conversation can introduce your colors. Ask a child to set the table with red dishes. Do we have any blue cups?

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Provide chalk for the children to use at the easel. My favorite is to also provide a small cup of water for the children to dip the chalk into. It makes the colors much bolder when they color! As with most of the activities on this page, add the color or colors you are focusing on during your preschool colors theme. Go for a walk outside. Tell the children to talk about the different colors and items they see.

You, or an adult helper, write down the child's name, item and color they see.

Introduction to Color

In advance, cut the paper towel tubes in half so they are the size of toilet paper tubes: I don't use toilet paper tubesjust seems germy to me! Cover each tube half with a different color of construction paper or paint the outside of the tube. Provide the tubes, tweezers and colored pom poms for the children to sort into the correct colored tube.

Use colored macaroni too glue onto poster board for a colored noodle mosaic! Color the macaroni by placing macaroni in containers. Add alcohol colored with food coloring. Let sit until noodles are the color you want. Let dry overnight on paper towels. Do not use if you have any students with tree nut allergies.

She buried the rocks in the sand and provided the egg cartons at the sand table. Provide a board or table game for the children. Limit to 2 or 3 players and one adult helper.

Kindergarten Black History Month Lesson Plans

Some suggestions are listed here My favorites in the classroom! You can click the links to browse and see what Amazon has:. I'm sure there are many more table or board games that will compliment your preschool colors theme! For some of these preschool colors themed activities, especially with ice cubes, try adding small bins at a table for smaller groups of children to take their time exploring! Make red, yellow and blue ice cubes by adding food coloring to water, place in ice cube trays and freeze. In ziplock baggies, place one red and one yellow cube in a baggie and seal.

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Place one red and one blue in a baggie and seal. Place one yellow and one blue in a baggie and seal. Make several sets of these.

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Place them in your sensory table. As the cubes melt they create new colors. Give the children mittens to wear and help to melt the ice by holding the baggies!

How to play 'Blue On Black' by Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Don't limit your science activities just to a "designated" science area! Some of these activities can be done as your art activity, math or at circle time during your preschool colors theme! I have this activity in my folder, but must admit that I've never tried it! If you do, please email me use the contact me button on the left side of this page and let me know how it worked!!! Materials needed: vegetable oil, water, alcohol, food coloring, 16 ounce clear plastic bottles, hot glue gun. When the children play with them, the colors will mix.

When you let it stand, the liquids should all separate again! Materials needed: candle wax coloring; baby oil, water, food coloring, 16 ounce clear plastic bottles. A week in advance it takes 5 or so days for this part to happen : chop or shave small amounts of the candle wax coloring into some baby oil. If you have a writing center idea, send it my way and I'll add it here!

Place one color of cellophane on the window one day. Observe the view with the children and talk about the colors of the items outside now! The tree, the house across the street, etc.

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