Guide How To Fast Dry Fresh Cannabis/Marijuana Buds

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I've tried tons of different methods as none of the first ones I tried ever satisfied me. Now before I start I must state that air-drying your buds is THE best way to dry and curing is certainly advised. Additionally the ideal way to smoke buds right off the plant would be a vaporizer. To all of you I offer my experiences and maybe a few methods you haven't tried before. Ill start simple and go through and share my views. The Oven The only thing I can say to this is 'hey it does work' you can smoke pot dried in the oven.

Taste and potency all goes to crap, but smoke will go out of your mouth as you exhale. If that's all you crave, then this is the simplest way to dry your herbs out, just keep an eye on it. I find oven-dried weed to be lacking in everything, including the high. Mind you it still tastes like crap and certainly not as potent as air-dried, but in a pinch it will work.

Keep an eye on it and go for short 5- 10 second bursts. Dankmaster's Microwave Steam Method A vast improvement in quick dry technology. It does a satisfactory job fairly quickly. Trichomes don't burst and flavor while not great isn't awful anymore -- which is all I can say for any of the previously mentioned methods.

What the method does is use steam to dry out the weed. Then put your cut up weed on the paper towel.

Drying of fresh cannabis buds

Next, take two paper towels, fold them several times and get them wet. Wring out most of the water. You want the paper towels wet but not dripping. Now, you lay the paper towels over the top of the Tupperware making sure that you completely and evenly cover the top. Then take the lid and squeeze it almost all the way on. When I say almost I mean to get all sides and corners on tight except for one corner to allow the steam to exit. Now your ready to put your steam dryer in the microwave. Now set it for a minute and let it go. Take it out and let the steam evaporate out and let sit for seconds.

If the bottom paper towel the one that the buds are on is wet change it. If the two paper towels you were using are dry make sure to re-wet and wring out and put back over top and put lid on in same way. This is the best method if you need the herb in less than 20 minutes. Ballast Drying Method Cut up fresh buds and place them in an envelope evenly spread out. Close the envelope and place it on top of your ballast.

Obviously you need a remote ballast to do this. Built in ballasts typically get too hot. I've tried this a few times. I typically left it on the ballast while the light was on for 2 to 3 hours. As I remember I always kept over or under drying the buds. On retrospect I would say go for a little bit too dry because you can put it in an airtight container and allow the moisture to be sucked out of the stem.

Taste was good for a quick dry, and potency seemed acceptable. My Toaster Oven method Turn your toaster oven onto bake on the lowest setting it has. Take your herb and cut it up small similar to the steam method. Then take the tray you would use to say, toast peanuts and put the cut up herb onto the tray. Turn the pieces of herb over every 5 minutes or so. This typically takes a good minutes but is well worth the wait. When dried right the taste still isn't great, but its the best of the already mentioned methods. The high is great, the trichomes remain intact and the smoke is semi-smooth.

I like it and it works pretty well. The Couch Method And finally, the method that works the best but takes the longest, and sounds the strangest.

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Take a few fresh cut buds and put them in a clean ashtray. I do this the night before I want to smoke the buds. My couch is over a vent in my house and stays fairly warm under there at night when the heat is on. It's been cold lately I just put it there before I go to sleep and the next morning the bud is nicely dry! Not extra crispy and the taste is great. The high is great, its probably 85F under my couch when the heat is on, and over 8 hours it does a great job. This method is the only one that my girlfriend will smoke and enjoy.

The other methods always make her gripe about how bad they make the weed taste. This keeps her and me happy. If you wake up and find the herb just a little two crispy, put in a jar or bag and it will draw a little moisture out of the stem and make it just right. Most electronic devices could be used, TV-monitor, cable box, refrigerator fan etc. Finding the method that works best for you is crucial. I know people yell about not sampling your plant but I think its a good way to tell when your herbs reached that peak.

To all those first trying these methods, I would urge patience and multiple attempts. I didn't get any of them right the first time, but I am glad I kept trying. Then just put them in your car window on a sunny day. Smoke when dry — simple! Break up your bud's, and place them on a 4"square piece of tinfoil. Stir it every 30 seconds. It should take about minutes to dry completely. Heat Plate Method Contributed by: Pharmer The following method has worked the greatest for me when quick drying my buds: Step 1 - get your buds, cut them up reasonably, then stick them on a plate-- make sure they're evenly distributed all over the plate.

Step 2 - get a pot and fill it one-third with water and bring it to boil on the stove. Step 3 - place the mull plate on top of the pot. The steam heating the bottom the plate dries the weed. It should take about half an hour using a medium sized plate covered in weed.

How to quickly dry marijuana plants & buds | Quick drying cannabis fast

When the weed is dry, make sure you don't tip the plate on an angle when getting your weed into your bowl-- you don't want all the steam from the bottom of the plate to drip off and drench your buds all over again!!! The Crystal method To dry, break up your bud into small pieces then put them in a small canning jar with a sealing lid. Place silica gel desiccant packs into the jar with the bud. These desiccant packs will remove the moisture from the bud. Small jars work best because there is less air in the jar.

Auto parts stores sell desiccant crystals similar to silica gel packs for cheap. They turn to goop once moisture has been absorbed, so they need to be put above a drip tray. The quicker ones usually didn't produce good quick dried bud oven, microwave, etc and the longer ones did produce quicker dried buds but not QUICK dried buds When I say quick, I mean I need my buds ready in at least less than half an hour!!!

I found the most convenient, quick, and least destructive way to quick dry weed for me is with a piece of equipment that almost all of us have -- a plain ol' TOASTER!

Dry & Cure Cannabis Buds Like an Expert!

What I do is set my toaster on a low setting Mine also has a 'defrost' setting which is supposed to make it cook for a longer time, although that's not necessary for this method. You'll need to expiriment with your particular toaster to find out which settings works best for you. The goal is to heat the bud enough so that the moisture within the bud evaporates, but without vaporizing or bursting the THC-laden trichs by overcooking them or burning the bud itself! The low toaster settings usually will accomplish this. If there are spider mites you will see webs and the mites walking around; they look like tiny spiders.

King Harvest has Surely Come. Good song by The Band hopefully a good harvest. Greetings mojo, I found AK 47 in Amdam. My guys in Amdam are Greenhouse Strain Hunters.

How to make your weed smelly

Had the pleasure of spending time with Franco and crew. They have a strain called Kalishnakov which looks really good. This is the most amazing shit, it keeps humidity constant regardless, in your jars. Harvest day for Gorilla Glue, a very special day. Trics milky, with only a few amber.

No bugs as winter indoor grow in Michigan completely successful. Recreational cannabis use in Michigan will be on the ballet during the next voting cycle.

drying bud in a oven?????

Happy days. GG apparently is a very popular strain this season. Greetings Jerry, While I prefer sativa dominate strains, I am familiar with both the strains you mention. I am harvesting my 3rd indoor crop of GG and remain very impressed with the results. I go for the laughing, cerebral, above the shoulders experience.

My patients seem to prefer GG as well. Timing of harvest includes milky trichoms, as when I see amber trics, it is time to harvest. GG is a cup winner, and winner in my book. GG is definitely up there. Nice, uplifting cerebral high that coasts gradually into an indica-type sleepy-time feel. Perfect for your last toke of the evening….

Greetings Jerry. I know both strains very well. I was a judge at cannabis cup in Amsterdam 3 times, which was a great adventure. Happy to report that Alaska went rec legal quite some time ago, and that Michigan went rec legal as of Dec 6th this year. Happy that both my home States are now rec legal. Chow for now, Salute. Sounds hard business. Before that i cut any leaves from buds. I dry them and smoke at first when they are dry. I dont understand people wanting to get most potent indica kush weed. Sativas like Strawberry Kush and Durban Poison are the best. But it is pretty darn fun, and the anticipation is way fun, too.

Hello, I am seeking help as this is my first grow. I harvested two plants today and hung them on lines in the shed. I have a fan running. I trimmed one plant today while it was fresh harvested.

How to speed dry cannabis

I placed the buds in a hanging dryer unit made for this purpose. My other option is to place them in the basement new house, good area and dry where the temp stays about 60F. My next question is about making canna butter. I saved the sugar leaves and small buds. Do I need to dry it, or can I just decarb it and then put it in the crock pot with butter?

I have 7 of 8 plants that made it. Thank You for the Info. First time grower. Anyhow question is about the drying process. I got the portion of putting buds in airtight containers, but what of the rest of the plant — big leaves, stems? Curing is difficult not because its hard to fill Mason Jars and open them a few times a day but because I want at those buds.

Awesome read, thanks for all the info! Happy because this means that I will not have any issues. Browse News Categories. News Home.

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Where are you from? United States Canada. Which part of Canada? How old are you? Please enter a valid date. Year No Yes. Sign Up Please enter a valid email address and try again. Leafly Staff. Kief Preston. Chauncey X. Closet Grower J. I agree. Too hi-fi curing is just futile. Working for us!

Hopefully it works for me. Jessica Mae Romero. Thank you for this Leafly! Drying and soon to start curing my first ever crop. Is using a cigar humidor okay? As long as you introduce fresh air daily until the initial cure is done. Maureen Dowd. Buy jars. You will dry out too quickly. TT Underbridge. When you seal the jars, do you need to vacuum the air out? David Willis. Just burp them regularly for the first week or so in order to exchange the air in the jar. For sure — with your Electrolux! Are you serious? That is as dumb as my girlfriend who used the microwave once.

Doug Joseph St Laurent. Abby Hauck. Nick Kiefer. Jarrett Hobart. Joanne Tisei. Can I put my buds in cigar boxes to dry out? GLASS no need to vacuum seal you will be oping them daily. David Marshall. Tommy Finnegan. Art Martinez III. Thx for all the good tips. Ava Edilo. Kendrick Williamson.

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Rock on, freaky bro. Karen Riley Donaldson. Auto seeds are no good. Troy Hendrickson. Other than a crap shoot on sex, nuttin wrong with easter eggs. Led never beats HPS ligth. Jake Flynn. Sell it and buy a new TV bud. Tony M.