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But if Dexter's going to adapt, he first has a lot to learn about Molly, about other people's secrets Get A Copy. Hardcover , pages. Published January 31st by Headline Review first published January 1st More Details Original Title. Other Editions 7. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Don't Want to Miss a Thing , please sign up. This is a great book and my husband and I would recommend this in an instant even though I have not finished it yet.

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What makes you write more serious books to more hilarious books? Michelle They are all hilarious in their own way. See 2 questions about Don't Want to Miss a Thing…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details.

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More filters. Sort order. Enjoyed this light entertaining story from Jill Mansell and well narrated by Clare Corbett. Life in a small town in England with a lot going on. Apr 04, BestChickLit. This is a thoroughly satisfying emotional read and I loved every word. It really was my kind of book, it felt so natural and comfortable to read and right from the very first page I slipped easily into the storyline and quickly connected to the characters.

This is actually a difficult review for me to write because I enjoyed it so much and I want to do the book justice. Dex was a little bit cheeky and very care-free at this point in the book and he was just the type of male character that I always fall in love with. Knowing the tragedy that would soon face him I was intrigued to see how, or if, his personality would be affected. My initial impression of her was that she was a bit of a soft touch but very likeable.

His grief was clear and I think it was written in a sensitive but honest way. View all 3 comments. Once I let go of my romance expectations, this went a lot smoother. Mansell hops perspectives a lot and there are a lot of romantic threads going with three foregrounded. There are two main characters, and the story centers on them mostly, but they make a bare majority of page-space and the story is correspondingly fragmented.

That said, I liked all the side characters and their perspectives didn't suck. And all the romances ended up being uniquely touching in one way or another, and I was engage Once I let go of my romance expectations, this went a lot smoother. And all the romances ended up being uniquely touching in one way or another, and I was engaged throughout. What really made this work, though, was the love story of Dex and his niece Delphi.

Dex starts off explicitly shallow. And he knows it and is fine with that. When his sister unexpectedly dies naming him guardian for the eight-month-old, he has a choice to make—because even though he's nearest kin and named guardian, the child services of the UK aren't so callused as to simply give the care of a helpless infant into the indifferent hands of a partying bachelor.

So Dex can let things take their course and see Delphi go to a fine family. Or he can man up and take charge of her care and change his life fundamentally. Of course he chooses the latter, but Mansell does an excellent job conveying his trepidation and let us know exactly how much that is a close call. Since Dex is charming and charmingly written , it was fun spending time with him as he takes on the challenges of fatherhood and the further step to fundamentally alter his life.

I Don't Want To Miss A Thing

His job was high-charging enough that he's got enough stashed away for him to actually quit, relocate to his summer home in the country, and be full-time caretaker for at least Delphi's initial years. I like that he made this clean break and, well, grew up, frankly. I liked how he dove into his role as father, but also his role as neighbor in the quirky village. This includes, of course, getting to know Molly, his nearest neighbor. What I found strange, for a romance, is that both Molly and Dex spend the bulk of the novel in explicitly sexual relationships with other people.

They blow their first fumbling overtures and thus spend the rest of the novel apart, relationship-wise. I find that off-putting in romance novels and Mansell pulls off a minor miracle that this didn't chafe as much as I expected. One benefit of this is that it allowed Dex and Molly to establish a friendship with only an undercurrent of sexual tension. I liked how solid that turned out. It helped, actually, that there were other romantic threads interwoven here to take the heat off of my impatience for them to get together.

In the end, this is a solid 3. I was occasionally impatient with the diversions particularly the teen Amber who was busy destroying her life and the sleeping with other people still chafed, despite Mansell's skill.

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But I was engaged and enjoyed the experience enough to be satisfied with the read. I'll probably seek out more Mansell in future, though I suspect I'll have to be in the right mood. A note about Steamy : I don't remember if Mansell actually got explicit in any sex scenes. There's mentions, and sex is an important aspect of the story, but I don't recall any details. So they probably didn't happen. My memory is bad enough that I'm not going to say there are none, however Feb 10, Tina rated it really liked it Shelves: audiobook , zreads , chick-lit.

Sometimes you are just in the mood for a light, funny, improbable, quick read. There is an added bonus that there is an almost stream-of-consciousness style to the storytelling so that you are never sure sometimes where the plot is going to lead or even who the next chapter is going to be about. In this one we meet our fun loving, well off bachelor Dex. He is a playboy the type who has slept with women whose names he can't precisely recall. Normally I h Sometimes you are just in the mood for a light, funny, improbable, quick read.

Normally I hate this guy. But this author manages to make this character likeable and charming. That likeability ramps up even more when Dex learns that he is getting custody of his newly orphaned toddler niece. After a smallish pity party, Dexter mans up and completely changes his lifestyle to accommodate the needs of a baby. The adjustment isn't easy and is often funny, but Dex rises to the occasion. Helping him out is Molly his next door neighbor who manages to be be a pep-talker, a baby sitter and the woman who finally makes Dexter think seriously about a relationship. Only problem is, Molly doesn't think Dex has changed that much and shoots him down.

Dex and Molly spend much of the book somewhat involved with other people while longing for each other. If this were a romance novel that would piss me off. But since this is firmly chick-lit, I understand that Dex and Molly's relationship doesn't consummate until nearly then end of the book. In the meantime, as is this author's MO, we have quite a few other couples' romantic antics to witness as well a a few minor plot-lines i think I counted like 4 other plots meandering around this book to fill our time.

My favorite of them is the story of Frankie, Molly's best friend who finds out some rather disturbing news about her husband. This was one of the meatier stories that could have almost been a story in itself. In the end, a veritable Musical Chairs of couples including Molly and Dex get together happily. I do have to mention that there is one point in the story that I laughed, really laughed, out loud. Dex is in a panic because he believes the biological father of his niece has turned up and wants to take her from him.

I thought for sure I knew where the author was taking this. I was wrong. Dead wrong. Dex and Molly hatch a daring desperately funny and possibly illegal plan to keep that from happening.

All I am going to say is Transvetite George Totally fun book that I finished in one sitting. If you are a Jill Mansell fan this is a must read. If you've never read her before this is a fun one to start with and totally indicative of her narrative style.

Dec 15, Andrea rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction. Rounding up to 4 Stars This audiobook is all these things: smiley, cozy, small town, and narrated with British accents I got you with that last one, eh?! When I wasn't listening to it, I wanted to be. Completely satisfying. View 1 comment. Well, it was better than I expected. But I also did not expect to get past the first chapter, so we are talking a seriously low bar here. I'm a sucker for the "crazy playboy becomes guardian of baby" trope and went in expecting to enjoy the predictable transformation and inevitable romance between him and the woman who sticks with him.

In a sense, Don't Want to Miss a Thing did not disappoint. Or maybe it did because it contained sooooo much angst and miscommunication to reach the predictable en Well, it was better than I expected. Or maybe it did because it contained sooooo much angst and miscommunication to reach the predictable ending. But it reached it.

What I did not expect was the cast of characters that came with the story and the POVs and romances that centered around them. This was a seriously long book. It is a weird combination of "typical rom com" and "a few families in a small British village. The paths were so weird. I could not figure out how old anyone was. Besides middle-ish-age romances, there is a teenage girl with major angst and a baby that never cries. Seriously, maybe I need to hang out with more babies, but think there is something wrong with how much the 1 year old gurgles happily to herself.

I feel like this review is getting random but this book was so random. There were moments I liked and moments that felt all over the place. It was so long. Overall, I feel positive towards it. But mostly I do not think I will remember it. Jun 30, Clare rated it it was amazing. It was everything that you want and need in a chick lit novel: witty, fun, well written and pure escapism. Dexter Yates is the guy who gets all the girls but should be avoided at all costs.

He works hard but plays hard. However this all changes after the sudden death of his elder sister Laura who leaves behind an eight month old baby, Delphi. Giving up his well paid job and flat in London, Dexter moves to Briarwood in order to convince social workers that he is a suitable carer for Delphi. He soon settles into village life with the help of Molly and embraces the changes that he has made. They soon get their friendship back on track and Dexter starts to date the local doctor, Amanda, whilst Molly gets involved with the good-looking Vince.

This was a lovely, heart-warming book and Delphi was definitely the star character. What I loved most was seeing Dexter, playboy of the year, fall in love with Delphi as well as Molly. Loved it. Jul 09, Alexandra rated it it was amazing. Really enjoyed reading this one on a recent holiday! Mar 28, Mary rated it really liked it. I don't read chick-lit, of course I wouldn't And a huge happy sigh.

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I think this is probably the best Jill Mansell I've thus fa I don't read chick-lit, of course I wouldn't I think this is probably the best Jill Mansell I've thus far read. Many of the previous books have been marred by unrealistic upbeat teenage girls that have been somewhat irritating, but the teenage girl in this one was much more realistic, and much less irritating, even if she did get herself into a rather nasty situation which it wouldn't even be a spoiler to say she is rescued from, because it is Jill Mansell after all.

So, if you are feeling down and want cheering up, or just feel like curling up with a good book that doesn't require any effort, this is the one for you. Even if you don't read chick-lit. Another fun, quirky, light-hearted novel from Jill Mansell. I love the quintessential British feel to her books. They are a great escape and never well almost never! This particular one has really great "side stories" too so that helped me to bump up the rating.

I was interested in all the villagers lives and how they would all end up. I'm not going to rehash the book blurb as you can clearly read it on the book page. As I've said before in reviewing her books, the morals ar Another fun, quirky, light-hearted novel from Jill Mansell. As I've said before in reviewing her books, the morals are a little loose, but there's never any descriptiveness to their behaviors.

Recommended to fans of British chick-lit for sure! This read was an absolute pleasant surprise. I had seen some of Jill Mansell's books translated into Dutch, so looked up the original EN version, and gave this one a try. I genuinely enjoyed many aspects of this story. There was something very British about it. Remarkably, it was neither too shallow, nor too uppity - It really had the right amount of humor and humanity about it.

The characters gave off an authentic feel albeit featuring in a very "feel-good" story. For a story synopsis and more This read was an absolute pleasant surprise. For a story synopsis and more details regarding the characters I'd refer to the book blurb. I also listened to the Audio-version of Don't Want to Miss a Thing, and the narrator, Clare Corbett did a very good job diversifying the characters by changing her voice, inflection and accent. I was impressed.

One thing I'm sure of : I will certainly read more books by Jill Mansell. I'm glad to add this author to the plus column. Apr 14, Maheswari rated it really liked it. Feb 16, Rebecca rated it it was amazing. A sleepy little village, hidden away from the strains and stresses of the everyday life of the city. Whilst spending some quality time in bed with his latest lady friend, Dexter's phone rings. After checking the screen, he ans "The things that go on in this quiet little village. After checking the screen, he answers the phone to Laura , his much-loved sister, and the mother to just-this-minute born Delphi.

From the moment he picks up Delphi's tiny little body, there's a connection. An unspoken bond that Dex finds completely new to him, but at the same time, enchanting. After spending some time in the hospital room with his sister and new niece, Dex heads off back home. A few nights later, whilst out at a party, Dex receives another phone call, this time, not delivering good news His sister, Laura has passed away, and suddenly, baby Delphi needs a carer. Suddenly thrown into the world of social services, signing forms and visits to his home, Dex doesn't know who to turn to.

He doesn't know any of his neighbors, he doesn't know a thing about babies, and his modern bachelor pad isn't really suitable for a new born. Until suddenly, a bulb flashes bright in his head. He was, before everything turned upside down, looking for a holiday cottage. Somewhere he could get away to now and again. As he visits different holiday homes with his temporarily annoying girlfriend of the time, he comes across a quaint village, known as Briarwood , and just knows that this is the kind of place that he could bring Delphi up in. Meanwhile, Molly is struggling to understand how her ex boyfriend thought that buying her a fish would mend their broken relationship.

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After finally finding the courage to break up from Graham and being landed with a Carp, Molly flings it over her back garden fence and hopes that she is finally rid of it, once and for all. Unfortunately for her, at that same exact moment, Dex and his tag-along girlfriend are inspecting the behind of his new holiday home. After an awkward apology and rushed introduction, the sparks begin dancing between Dex and Molly. Over in the cafe, run and lived in by Frankie , her husband Joe and daughter Amber , is where Molly's weekly drawing classes take place.

Before the family had moved in here, over 20 years ago, it had been used a TV company for an up and coming series called, 'Next to You'. After the show had been a hit, and then had eventually came to an end, Frankie had decided to keep the legacy of the show running, by turning the cafe into a kind of memorabilia showcase. There were photographs and items from the show hung around the rooms, and people still came to visit it,taking photos etc. Now, it was lived in by Frankie's small but lovable family, and eaten in by the locals. Joe , her husband, is out most days and nights working, and Amber is studying for exams.

But, even though all is calm on top of the water, there is a storm raging beneath As a number of characters lives intertwine in this magnificent story, you're absorbed even deeper into it. I'm a huge fan of Jill Mansell's work as it is, and could not wait for this to be released! And let me tell you, it was definitely worth the wait. Just absolutely beautiful! Jul 08, Zel Polev rated it it was ok. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. Honestly, this was a fine book but some things put me off it. I didn't really care for the cheating husband and all the people affected by it. If you're going to throw that bomb, at least address it. No one really confronts him on how scummy he was for cheating on her for twenty years. He had the audacity to justify his actions when he knows full well that he did something wrong. He justifies it to make himself a good guy, telling himself that love just happens.

You know what wold have been nice Honestly, this was a fine book but some things put me off it. You know what wold have been nice was telling his wife that he impregnated someone. Telling her that he had been sleeping with another person while he is away on business. Telling her that he has another family.

Letting the facade go on was just cruel and he had the audacity to tell her not to make a fool of herself. He phrased it as an advice from someone who cares. Yeah right. If he really cared he would have had respect to tell her the truth and honestly, it is so disgusting. I wasn't a fan of how everything played out. Everything somehow goes to happy ending without really addressing the issue. The mistress somehow earns brownie points for being there for Frankie's daughter. How about being complicit in the affair? How about backing off from a married man? His excuse for routinely cheating on his wife was that he didn't want the mistress to be celibate.

She didn't have to be. Or browse results titled :. Contact Homestuck. Streaming and Download help. If you like Homestuck, you may also like:. All kudos to Toby on this surprise smash hit. Undertale's titular track takes it all home after over an hour of quirks and scares before we finally come to know what the story is actually about. There are so many gems here. It's a must buy if you play or played the game. Toby does it again, this man can't keep getting away with this.

Fantastic from start to finish. Has gotten me through many a work day with my sanity intact.